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  1. anonymoushermit

    I believe in them, but I don’t know if they exists for a fact.
    I was meditating once, and had a vision that I was a narcissistic mother, in one lifetime. One of my more darker lifetimes.

  2. Yes I believe in past lives and the lessons that need to be learned. Jupiter in the 7th house natally..I have not partnered as yet. Life lessons had to deal with being responsible ….I have been doing that in this life. I am having trouble with learning to be financially independent….cannot seem to hold onto jobs. Lets see what this Jupiter in Sag will bring

  3. I’m a certified past life hypnotist, and I can say definitely that we have many lives in which the soul learns and grows.Reliving certain past lives can also be highly therapeutic in this life as well…As to proof, there are many instances in which people, often children, describe details in previous lives that they could not possibly have known. For example, the young boy who accurately described flying a particular B-17 that crashed in WW2, and even knew the crews’ names, and their wives names.Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Ian Stevenson have gathered many cases and described them in their books. Also psychologist Carol Bowman, who has been on Oprah…

  4. I do. But I dont think of them as “past”. More like everything exists at once and we can glimpse other points on the space/time continuum. Time is only a perception.

    Ive had several visions, usually in a hypnagogic state.

    That being said, I dont think its that important to investigate. I dont think its that relevant. Maybe mildly interesting, but I dont think it can go that far beyond entertainment purposes.

    Neptune in the 12th maybe?

  5. Yes. And im here now to make peace in myself for what happened then.

    I was Dihya, a queen. My people loved me and i loved them. We were invaded and Dihya made some shit decisions. For some reason i thought if we destroyed the land the invaders wouldnt want it anymore. My people were slaughtered and starved and left with nothing bc of what i did. I was eventually beheaded and i bear the scars on my neck now. I have many known and unknown enemies including my birth family.

    I cant prove anything but i know this to be fact as soon as i found Dihya in history. It has been immensely helpful to me in my understanding of this life’s struggles, childhood abuse, relationships with groups and rejection.

  6. I am personally aware of other lives I have led. So it is fact for me.

    I also believe in concurrent lives – i.e., that we can be simultaneously incarnated as two different entities (human, animal or otherwise).

  7. I absolutely know that I have many past lives. I had a reoccurring dream for decades. When I mentioned it to a friend who is a Shaman and medium, she asked me if I had ever done past life regression because according to Shamanic practice reoccurring dreams are often something from a past life we are trying to integrate into the current life.

    I went through said past life regression and it literally changed my life in so many ways. I regressed all the way back to my very first incarnation of my soul on this planet. I stopped having the dream that very day. Haven’t had it since and this was 2 years ago now. This was at least a monthly occurance before.

    Fast forward a year after this regression and I was deep into a guided Elder Council meditation with my priestess at the time and something from my first life came into sharp focus for me as I sat with my Elders.

    I could tell you so many stories of how I know, how it’s been shown to me in so many ways.

    1. This is interesting to me, because you were able to integrate the information you received. I would like to do this. So far its just like the knowledge is there, but if I dont wrap up that karma, then whats the point?

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

      1. A couple of things I would suggest, a past life regression with a Shaman, and digging into your moon nodes. I had a session recently with a Master Astrologer and she reads mainly the north and south nodes of the chart. It was really eye opening as well.

  8. Avatar

    Past lives has been one of those things that has forced itself on me incredibly strongly in quite pressurised way. At least it feels like that.

    Completely explained by my South Node in exacting detail. The spiritual lesson I had believed I had learnt in that life.

    I also have other people I know who have identified past lives that have been explained by the South node with the same precision. When Neptune crosses my ascendant in about 200 years (JK, Ascendant mid Aries), some of this will become known and obvious.

  9. I think my comment didn’t post because I goofed up. Anyway…

    So, Elsa…do you believe in past lives? Do they show up in our natal charts? What are the markers, and what should we look for?

    Wow, if Astrology can show me some of me past lives it will answer a lot of questions, and help me far more than anything else I’ve tried. I have a lot of questions.

    1. I don’t see past lives in an chart but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.
      I don’t know if there are past lives or future lives. I feel I have my hands full dealing with this life.

      I know I don’t like the idea of people feeling they can act like jerks because they have endless lives to straighten things out.
      That seems a little convenient to me. 🙂
      And not helpful.

  10. I tell myself I don’t believe in them, or an afterlife, but I can’t account for the basic injustice of much of human existence if there is not somehow a law of karma that sends us through many lives in order to learn and grow as souls. I have no idea if this is true, but it helps me accept existence which otherwise is just too mysterious to bear.

  11. There are too many circumstances to learn and experience in life over one life span. I tend to believe we need more time to work out our personal “knots”. The idea that we have been both men and women in the past is interesting. Why in this lifetime do we still carry certain psychological “blocks” until our deaths?

  12. I get pictures a lot. Places, faces, situations that correlate to the present in some way but they are from a different time in history. I can’t say I believe in past lives, maybe it all comes from my noggin and everything that has been collected there.

    Sometimes I just lay flat and let it flow out of me. I want it all to clear and I just watch the show. I don’t try to hang onto any of it anymore, just let it go.

    Where does this stuff come from? Can’t say for sure, past lives, cell memories passed down through the generations? I just like to let it all go anymore.

    Sometimes in conversations within a group, energies of folks not there physically will come up. And we tell the stories and some go, wow you are psychic. It’s not like that though. We refer to those experiences just in passing. It’s kind of the same feeling as I have about past lives. Do I believe it? I don’t know. It’s just a part of our lives.

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