Mercury In Pisces – Faith And The Flow Of Information

pisces fishesI know there is a lot going on right now but all things still  matter. Mercury will ingress into Pisces today. Think in terms of information that flows to you.

I’m talking about ideas the drift in from the ether(eal).  Faith is part of this.

The idea is that if there is something you need to know, it will come to you in time.  Like God or your guardian angel or the universe or whatever you might believe in, taps you on the shoulder and guides you in the right direction.

Yes, you can be misled. But if this happens, the other happens and there you go, you’re back on track.

It’s the same with being confused. You’re confused… and then you’re not!

Do you have Mercury in Pisces? How do you feel about the planet in the sign?

18 thoughts on “Mercury In Pisces – Faith And The Flow Of Information”

  1. I have Mercury in Pisces and really like it even though it’s considered a “bad” placement. I like the dreamy, creative aspects of it. I’ve noticed that a lot of musicians I like have it as well.

    1. I like it too. Music is played and it goes out there, with no edge. I like how thoughts drift in or drift by like fish in a stream.
      I also like the duality of it. You can think one way about something… or the other way. It’s sophisticated in that way.

        1. Mercury in Pisces also…Music is a huge part of my life and what heals for me…takes me to another time and place…my musician friends say to me that they can tell “I get it” when in conversation about a song or a band…
          Doesn’t hurt that I have Jupiter NN and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio 3rd house…

  2. Some people have no idea what I’m talking about when speaking. Others totally get me even though I say things in a roundabout way. What I can’t stand is how directionally challenged I am. I always take the long road and can picture my destination in my mind, but getting to it is always an after thought. I try not to be the one driving In a group because everyone seems to get frustrated with me.

    1. I have absolutely no sense of direction and easily get lost, lol. As far as saying things in a roundabout way, I get it, but in my case, it’s made me an over explainer. I try to be as direct as possible to be understood.

  3. There is some health information I desperately need about a condition that’s making me frustrated and miserable. I hope it flows to me during this period. After almost a year, I need flowing!!!

    1. That’s easy. First, understand it’s emotional. What happened to you BEFORE these “symptoms” of “blockage” started? THINK!
      When you FACE that FEAR, and WORK to eliminate it from CELLS, healing will commence. See “Faster EFT”. Works like a MIRACLE! and FAST! Also, it’s in your birth chart. Healings are GIFTS that must be ACCEPTED.

    1. I have Mercury in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Pisces… hehe I absorb *everything* around me which a plus and a negative, but i wouldn’t change it! I consider myself open-minded and easily accepting 🙂 Also lots of imagination and love to daydream!

  4. I’ve got Mercury in Pisces and appreciate the positive take you have made on this placement when so many others are so negative. Thank you Elsa! It’s complicated in my chart by being conjunct Mars and both are opposite Pluto, I sometimes can get super passionate when I talk about certain (deep) subjects.

  5. I enjoy speaking with people of Piscean traits.

    My earthly communication becomes peppered when tethered to their ideas and replies.

    What about those of Pisces Sun, conjunct Neptune, in Pisces? Are they the living embodiment of fog or steam? How do the generally operate in the world?

    1. The scenario you are presenting, I would suspect, would be an excessive amount of fog or steam. Seriously speaking these Souls would be difficult to define or may not appear to be what they seem to be, a mascarade party.
      Lit with an inner light beam resulting in inspiration from the Divine and given to psychic ability.
      Gives and gives without any regard to reward.

      1. Yes. I’m Mercury in Pisces, 6th House, with Pluto Jupiter Moon in Leo 11th (Whole Signs) Aries Pisces Cusp, 3-22, “The Day of Direct Current” and have been Extremely Psychic since around 3. I have had incredible success with every reading, vision, phenomenon, soul mates, great revelations etc about 63 years now. Have had very skeptical, hard-boiled CEOs cry, or jump up and down with joy from my professional readings. Now I tell strangers on random phone calls with amazon help or phone co calls, anyone I talk to randomly, I get an instant vision of their deepest heart’s desire in about 3 seconds when I hear their voice on the phone. After we are done with MY business, I ask them. And 99.999% of the time is accurate. They really want to have a Brewery. They really want to teach history about their country. They really want to work with children. They really want to be a doctor. (She started crying because extremely afraid of blood, didn’t know how she would cope. I saw her uncle as a top science Professor, all very high IQ family. told her about EFT tapping to cure her blood fears. She was ecstatic to know about this, because her actual prayer THAT MORNING was about how to get over her Fear of Blood!) Another stranger, they really want to teach natural healing because it’s a long family tradition, grandmother was a healer. or…They really want to fly CARE drop missions for the Marines. or… They really want to be a Veterinarian. It just goes on and on. If I didn’t ASK, I would think it’s “just my imagination”, but I always do ask, because I feel it’s a message from God to encourage them to go for it, because if I can feel these energies from miles away, it’s definitely their ENERGY. They always thank me profusely, but I get major intangible benefits, just knowing I can TRUST my INTUITION. I always have, hasn’t let me down yet. You just have to be willing to look like a fool, if “wrong” but do this enough and you learn to trust that “instant hit”.

    2. Interesting!The oldest alive today is 10 years old (born Pisces Sun and Neptune in 2012), so we’ll see. Otherwise, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1861.

      1. Cool to know.

        My son is part of this Neptunian vibe….he has his Sun near exact conjunct to Neptune in Pisces.

        He has several nicknames. One is space cadet. Our whole family is filled with “pilots” and artists.

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