Mars in Libra (Square Uranus and Pluto): The Power Of Neutral

gear shiftMars is known for decisive action.  This is why he’s uncomfortable in Libra, a sign notorious for it’s indecision. I’d know. I have Mars in Libra, natally.

Mars in Libra tends to hold onto anger in an effort to be nice or fair or to be seen as such, of whatever. But when Libra blows – LOOK OUT!  This weekend, I discovered the power of “neutral”.

I don’t know that younger generations (who drive automatic cars) understand “neutral”. When your car is in neutral, you can push the gas, but the car won’t accelerate.

With Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect to Mars in detriment…this may be a good time to put your like in “neutral”.  Because we’ll all so prone to drastic actions at this time. And when Libra swings one way, it tends to swing back in the other direction, with equal vengeance, eventually.

I was talking to satori yesterday, which is where I got this idea. I was quite upset at the time. I’d just had a biopsy to check for cancer.  Further, I was (unexpectedly) referred to have second screening test later the same afternoon. I was quite pissed for numerous reasons. I definitely wanted to act.  But I called for an outside opinion, because come on. I knew I wasn’t in the best frame of mine.

“What do you think is logical to do?” I asked the Pisces.

She told me I should wait to get diagnosed and then plan.  This made total sense. So I slipped my life into neutral. I’m not doing a damned thing until I see what I am facing or maybe not facing. And I’ll ya, it’s a relief. It’s such a relief, I can tell you right now, I am going to be doing nothing a lot more often in the future.

Have you ever put your life in neutral?

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  1. Frequently. I only kick it into gear when I need to act. Saves me from burnout, yanno?

    Natal Mars in Libra here, too. 🙂

  2. Nope, but this was perfect advice for today. I really want to pull my kid out of school today and let her home school, but investigating options leaves me doubtful. No movement is probably the best plan.

  3. My scorpio moon friend suggested this to me recently when I was stressing about my life. She said “have you tried doing nothing?”. It never occurred to me!

  4. Sun/Uranus is easily detached and neutral. I go back to my Crappy whenever it’s needed. My emotions are only there when I wish them to be there. And when they are, then they are (Moon in Aries, 7th). They really REALLY are there when I wish them to be, but without me wanting to. 🙂

    Mars in Libra is probably similar to Mars in 7th. Everything seems to be fine for ages. Then you wake up and realize that nothing was fine. Shit hits the fan all of a sudden. For someone detached Sun/Uranus as me, I’m such an ass to see any of this.

  5. I have Mars Square Uranus natally so I already know about having a temper that is often inappropriate. At any rate, yes, I do know about putting things in neutral. I also had a cancer scare about 10 years ago. I had a bronchial cough that wasn’t going away fast enough so the doctor suggested I go for an x-ray, which showed a white spot on my lung (and, yes, I had been a heavy smoker at one time, so this was a huge concern). The doctor suggested I go to a pulmonary doctor and she gave me the name of one. Unfortunately, he was on vacation for the next 10 days. So, yeah, I had to put my anxiety on neutral. I told one friend who got upset and started freaking out about me possibly having lung cancer. I certainly didn’t that craziness! The other friend that I told mentioned that I shouldn’t start doing searches. Oh well, too late. I had already done enough searching for “white spot on lung” to cause any normal person a hell of a lot of anxiety. But I decided to keep my mouth shut — i.e., not tell anyone else about this — and it totally worked. I fell into that zen place, where you’re just being who you are and not being who you think you’re going to be (e.g., a cancer patient?). I let it all go and I relaxed as I waited for the doctor to return from his vacation. And, P.S., the white spot on my lung was just a shadow that two bones were making. Weird shit, eh?

    1. Wow, DianeZee! So happy for your fortunate outcome. And I enjoyed your post.

      “I fell into that zen place, where you’re just being who you are and not being who you thing you’re going to be”.

      That is the most profound statement I have read in a long time. Definitely saving this one for guidance. Thank you!

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    Wow, shit. Hmm. In West coast swing, there’s a place in between stop and go within partners’ connection, where neutral “floating” connection should naturally come in. And I was told by my teacher to correct my bad habit of not letting go into “neutral” because it was hurting me and my partner. So, I had to work hard to float into the movements, without locking up.

    Life is probably like that too.

  7. Natal Mars in Libra here too.
    I try to put my reactions in neutral sometimes, but usually find it difficult. However, just being aware of the possibility and good effects of this option encourages me to try harder. It’s an interesting exercise! (Currently testing this during a visit from a friend who says things to makes me want to throttle her… we’ll see if it works…)
    As for putting life in neutral, it’s pretty difficult. Might be able to be neutral concerning a certain number of issues, but not all of them at once.
    It’s a great idea, though. Thanks for the idea!
    Wishes for good health to Elsa, before, during and after the neutral zone.

    1. Yes, at similar patch in my life. As a mercurial person by nature, it was hard to do. But it was the best thing to do and actually turned out to be soothing. It became a lesson and a new skill; I learned it was ok to go into neutral and flow. I noticed friends did this as part of normal life when I was in Germany and Denmark, they understood the value of flow and be. I still employ ” going neutral” today.

  8. yeah, me too, natal Mars in libra here too. The wheels are spinning but it’s neutral and time out. Did charity work yesterday in new location simply to avoid a potential blow up, not my idea to go however, but a good friend who very wisely saw that I was in the firing line for a bust up over egos and power plays. Glad I did. Intuition told to go with his idea and not push my way. (very glad I did as transiitg Mars is oppsite my moon saturn conjunction in Aries and square mercury in cap, could have been bloody and explosive.) I have to bring peace between two opposing sides in our community and I’m often thrown squashy tomatoes. but I’m standing by who I believe is the good guy. Natal mars in libra means neutral, often.

  9. Natal Mars in Libra, the only planet that I have on an angle and it’s conjunct IC. Only sextiles Venus. Isabelle Hickey calls Mars in Libra “Alternately as meek as a lamb and as angry as a hornet”.

    Yep, everythings hunky-dory and then I might hit my head on something. Out come the swear words in a sailor would blush tone. I’ve done that in public, only to look around and apologize to anyone I offended. I saw a dad yesterday in the grocery store who banged his head in the soup can isle. I was so impressed with his lip biting coping mechanisms, and I gently asked him if he was okay. His kids were too busy playing with the cans to notice. What a guy!

  10. Mars in Virgo here. As a Sun in Libra with a strong Mars signature (Scorp rising, Mars on angle sq. Uranus), I cannot even. It is a lifelong lesson. I was hospitalized five times over the course of the past 20 days, and my (very) new significant other, who is affected by my ailment, is not taking it well. I have to wait for him to “digest” the information I have given him, as I have had two weeks isolated in another town to go through my stages of grief, and he has barely had four days. But I am impatient ! I want to know now if we stop or continue, whether he will accept this and be there with me or not, and I cannot do anything except for wait. I am depressed, physically still recuperating, and all my close ones are away. I feel very isolated, and very “stalled”. So I got out of bed today and, of course, cleaned, organized and rearranged the house. Feels like I am accomplishing something real, even though I am behind in my work.

  11. Time Magazine ran an cover article about a woman diagnosed with cancer who asked, “What if right away I do nothing?”
    Some situations require speed, like a house on fire. Others require greater presence of mind and clarity. These are essential to healing. As the article explains, not all cancers carry the same risk or require radical treatment. The public needs to know this.

  12. I’ve always found being in neutral very hard. I have Mars in Libra in the 1st house, so I can’t do neutral. What I do instead is plan for all outcomes, to some degree. I like to be prepared no matter what happens.

  13. My sister has Mars and Mercury in Libra. Its so funny to see her Mars at work when our family is emailing back and forth about some family drama. She’s always the last to reply, after everyone else has said their piece. Like she’s weighing all the opinions and facts. And her reply is so polite, even if there’s emotion behind it. I think I could learn from this Mars in Libra transit. I have Mars in Scorpio… which can be very very patient but it is certainly not neutral.

  14. No, actually I haven’t but it seems exceedingly wise. I churn and turn and make myself miserable trying to claw my way through something. Thanks for the great insight, Elsa!!

  15. I am in neutral right now myself. I have had so many tests. They have done a bone scan, pap, mammogram both regular and by ultrasound. My thyroid has been checked by both blood work and ultrasound, I have had chest xrays, I have had two MRI’s with contrast, I have been felt up, felt down, checked for occult blood, I have had several blood tests and just had a scope of my throat and esophagus.

    Fed up I pressed on a follow up on one test and they finally think they have come to the conclusion….my surgery is scheduled for 12/29. They wanted to do it Friday before last but I figure if the whatever hasn’t killed me by now it wont in two weeks so I planned to keep my xmas schedule at work, then celebrate xmas with the little girls and have the surgery.

    The surgery will take over 4 hours. I am not afraid …although I probably should be. But, what can I do. I have to have it. I have no choice.

    So, even though I am suffering with a considerable amount of pain every day I am trying to just look the other way, take ibuprofen and deal with it for 16 more days. Some days are better than others. Yesterday was not bad….today I have been miserable. But, middle grandbaby needed a celebration for her 5th birthday today and no way would I ruin that so I hid the pain and went on.

    I am not a person that likes to sit and wait for anything. But I have to sit in neutral right now… I am sick of dealing with the medical community right now.

    I am with you on this Elsa….I will work, but I am not doing another damn thing….

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    Louise Hutchinson

    Dear Elsa, I posted this evening on your forum discussing technology and medicine. I felt compelled to write which is unusual for me when I only have phone on me. Anyway, I had no idea until just now, that you have just had the biopsy and my long comment for the large part, was about my friend having just been through similar and being unexpectedly called back a second time and her experience. I have been effectively told I have to go for a mammogram and I explain why I won’t be and mention a book which both my sister and I found very helpful. My moon is in Scorpio in 7th and it is no coincidence, that I have written what I have in your other forum and we are all experiencing these issues. I wish you inner peace and calm at this time and to your intuition. My friend felt that her body was fine and it turned out after the second call back she was right x

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