Pluto Transit 12th House (Mine) – How It Ends

compostCurrently, transiting Pluto has retrograded back into my 12th house. I started writing about this transit in 2007. It’s been a 14-year-long labor of love.

Pluto will cross my ascendant for the last time, early in 2022. This transit dissolved all of my accomplishments.  It dissolved all of my fear. It also most of what binds me to people, on a Saturn (Capricorn / responsibility) level as well as on a deeper (Pluto) level. This includes attachments that may have been sub or semiconscious.

I can’t say that I enjoyed this transit. I’m glad that Pluto is in Capricorn though, because when planet hit my ascendant, I was able to stand tall.  My spine was fixed right in time for this event. That’s at least a minor miracle.

I realized at some point, the 12th house is like Vegas in this way: ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  It’s all pretty secretive or maybe it’s just private.

Point is, I was twisted up like kind of troll for a number of years. Physically, mentally, emotionally? But at the end of this transit, I am pain-free on all three levels. I’m not even sure I could tell someone what I’ve been through and be believed.

I’m going to spend these last months consolidating my losses (and gains) so when I get to this new phase in my life, I will be ready to the ground running. First house, right? Aries!

Pluto conjunct my ascendant might make me repulsive to some.  If you have this natally, I’m sure you know what I mean. I don’t care though. This is the type of concern that was washed away via this transit. It was like a 14-year-long ordeal. I can’t remember what I was like when this started!  But today?

It makes me think of compost. It begins with banana peels, egg shells and watermelon rinds.  But post the process you get this super-rich soil. Anything that gets near it, grows!

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37 thoughts on “Pluto Transit 12th House (Mine) – How It Ends”

  1. I am the same as you, it’s the way your write – I also do not feel I would be believed, of all the myriad, strange wild things that have occurred in my life – also the Capricorn in Saturn. In 2017, 8 of my vertebra broke because of 2 shots the doctor gave me. I lost 4 inches of height and it went right to my waist because the spine collapsed on the front of the vertebra – it’s hard to explain – I lost that whole year. I lost 3 yrs to cancer. I lost 11 yrs to a stepmonster, and another 5 to other monsters in disguise before I learned WELL about MASKS. Do you think this whole ‘germ’ shenanigans rides even the least bit tolerable? My life became smaller and smaller, and I was ok with my church on Sundays,and singing in a couple of choirs, and playing/directing bells. Now they will never ever sing again, in my life time in this state – not freely – and spirit is channeled when I sing…. It’s the last straw. I am moving to Prince of Wales Island – no government taxes – they don’t care what I do with my land, my house, my life, my air. I am going to start a voice and bell choir there. I will continue watching the morphing show, far above, and out of the drama. I have had it….my Pluto is in Virgo.

    1. While 12th house Pluto transit is long on the past, I like ‘life got smaller and smaller’. That really makes sense to me and also the throwing in the towel and moving to freer space. Well, it didn’t turn out totally free but I am happy with it.

      1. Nice to know you! Liz Greene and her husband in the UK offer a degree in Astro Psychology. I know this is the perfect union to really have the tools to help someone – much like I am guessing Elsa Does. I think it would be wonderful if Elsa started a school. I have serious gaps in my knowledge, for I haven’t a clue about a lot of things people say – but understanding my own planets, and where they are/which house – Stelliums! has further deepened my own understanding of who I am in this Universe. I do have a degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and to me it’s just logical – to bring the 2 together – and educate the client at the same time.

        1. and I didn’t know it till recently, where I live is on my Pluto line, whatever that means – people do not run deep here.

          1. It has to with cartography, the astrological chart of the place you are living. I have lived a number of places but settled back to area of birth when great grandparents place,or what’s left of it, went on market 30 years ago. I like my life here but being amongst folks that have only the experience of living here can be a challenge. That makes finding the pearls so very precious. So cartography I know little about. There’s stuff to deal with everywhere. I think that the discomfort of living somewhere is part of driving me to go to where I need to go next to meet the people I need to meet and have the experiences I need to have. Best wishes on your quest!

        2. I have yet to pose a question that I cannot work through astrologically.. It has been really good for me transpersonally. Acceptance of myself as the individual that I am. The only thing I really believe in is human potential. And a solid infrastructure to motor around in. For that I will contribute taxes.

          1. I can feel your wisdom Notch. I needed nothing more than to go to church and sing. We were supposed to move in 2014, a whole cycle lost, to just stay here and I did learn to grow food, we built greenhouses. Now I know how to erect them and all that really means, with more an eye for other things. I am ready to take my knowledge and bring it somewhere else. I am coastal PNW already, and have lost one home to the ocean, and am 1.5 blocks from it taking this place – it is why I had the space to learn so much here. The ocean quit coming about 2016, and I do love this area. But now – this state is supremely natzi – it was before Covid – I thought I lived in America till I moved here 2007. The poorest counties in this state are on the ocean – and all the rules are Set for Seattle…anyway – I do get myself into unusual realities – and where I am going is Better infra structurally, than what I have here – more churches, and more cities/ villages to explore. America was Made because of People like Me, and it was destroyed by people who only use their mind and justify taking away all freedoms – Becoming Farmers, instead of Leaders and the people who become as animals because of them. It takes time and generations to wear away the Old. And it is going to take 9 more years till this is all over, and I believe we have the biggest Depression Yet to get through. I was a baby, when we moved to PNW – then parents divorce when I was 6, automatic new step-monster took us back to the midwest, I came out here when I was 24. I don’t ever want to live in the midwest again. I also have a relative, great, great grandfather who Left Germany just before Hitler was fully into his rages – Dressed as a girl to get to here. And the first female to get a license to fight a bull is a cousin of my grandma’s – big laugh. I do not understand everything, but I’ve got a big, huge picture I work with that I am still constantly filling in all the puzzle pieces. Where I am going will have a little tax soon enough once more people come – but it will take at least another 50 yrs before some greedy know it all starts getting rich and will create a whole bunch of Ego Laws because it feels so Good to Get Paid to make more and more of them – especially when other people slip money into your pocket, and the new laws are always justified, and soon everyone is all tied up in knots – no foresight – just Short term Ego brain Far. I don’t want to live in China, nor England. America – there is a Reason why we are Based Upon God’s Rule – not man’s.

  2. Thanks for the hope Elsa! My ascendent is probably at Aquarius 2. This has been a long haul with Pluto in the 12H. I am almost losing count of the number of people in my circle, most of them good friends, who have died (not from covid) during the past year alone. I am trying to remind myself that transformation can take many forms. Your article was a good reminder.

    1. Thanks Elsa. T Pluto has just gone into my 12th and already I feel I’ve lost my status at work. Can’t wait til it hits my asc 20 Aq and I look forward to standing straight and unaffected by anyone who finds me repulsive. I’ve natal Pluto conj moon and Uranus in 7H being exactly hit by tomorrow’s new moon at 14 Virgo. Brave new start in relationship. I’ve followed your writings on Saturn and Pluto in 12th for some years now and so feel prepared. Had T Neptune conj N Saturn in Pisces in 2H for past year and didn’t know which was was up or left or right but I did manage to buy my first home last year at 55. I’m so glad you are pain free and I love and appreciate your work. Best regards, Kim

  3. WoW Elsa !!
    Pluto is deep and heavy and so introspective.
    Its hard.
    I can only imagine what you endured.
    I feel you, I haven’t gone through as much.
    But Pluto has affected metoo
    I do feel transformed and Free somehow,as once being over emotional.
    Now I m quite the reverse.
    Cool and detached.
    It could be my Natal Uranus on MC.
    But like the saying goes,” whatever doesn’t Kill you ,makes you stronger”.
    Indeed rich fertile soil,brings out Beautiful flowers.

  4. I have natal Pluto in Leo just inside the 12th house. People are either very attracted to me or totally repulsed immediately. They lean in or step away.

  5. Oh my gosh. I can finally write the story to wha-wha- what happened. I looked at the years Pluto was in my 12th. I had great ‘success’. Perhaps because natal Pluto conjunction MH 10th house cusp? However, I found that ‘success’ wasn’t all that. For me anyway. Maintaining it was too high energy. It was not the lifestyle I wanted. Should have known something was going on when my condo patio turned into a full fledged garden. After I dropped out I would meet people who would ask ‘what do yo do’. When I told them what I was doing they would dismiss me and say ‘I don’t have time for that.’ And when they told me of their ladder climbing success I did not have the heart to tell them ‘I don’t have time for that.’ Not that there is anything wrong with that, just not my choice. The moral of the story is that my idea of success is a happy and peaceful life with space to create. Isn’t this a dandy review for this lunar cycle in my 10th house? Thanks Elsa. Suddenly my poor intercepted 4th and 10th houses don’t look like they are houses that are difficult to express like what I have read. They seem to have defined who I am. I think I got the punch Satori mentioned. ?

  6. I can’t imagine how intense and weird Pluto through the 12th house must be. With Virgo as my 12th, I’ve been having the annual pile up there, but also with Mars crawling through this year, and I really don’t feel like myself at all. It’s like I’m not really present, can’t feel much will or desire..a sort of ego dissolution and lots of old fears and insecurities creeping through like ghosts… in fact I feel like I’m the ghost! It fascinates me that with tr. Pluto people only get certain segments of their chart affected, so having Pluto in my 1st natally, I’ll never know that 12th h transit, (he’s in my 4th right now) it gives each of us such a unique life experience and also specific wisdom to offer others, once we get through it.

  7. Blessings to you Elsa and thanks for showing others the way with this transit! Pluto is currently conjuncting my natal Saturn on and off for yet many more years, which itself quincunxes my natal Sun to the minute. I’ve had to deal with the triple conjunction close to natal Saturn in 2020, the endless square from Mars in Aries at the same time. Next year, Mars will conjunct Pluto while hitting my natal Saturn, thus my Sun. If I make it through that, I’ll probably get a reset for a new life, just like you!

  8. “I’m going to consolidate my losses and gains”. I like that one Elsa and I’ll take it on board for the last few months that Pluto remains in my 12th house. Mum died about a month ago – her slow death became sudden, like a lightning bolt!
    She had the vaccine, next day hospital, 8 days later, dead. Least to say, nothing mainstream now with tv, radio, it’s all BS. New world now. and with Pluto leaving our 12th for final time, next year will be interesting to say the least. I imagine your relationship with your man has been one hell of a makeover with Pluto on your ascendent – there’s no way around it, Pluto on your face and in your eyes (ascendent) is extremely challenging for you and your partner to see. All the best!

    1. I am so sorry about your mother. It’s awful. In my case, it’s my mother-in-law.
      Your comment is really interesting. Thank God my husband as a Scorpio moon.

  9. Thank you for writing this. I currently have pluto and Saturn in my 12th house. I will say it got a lot worse as Saturn entered my 12th, but I know it was for my own good. I had a frienemy enter my life as soon as Pluto transitioned into my 12th house and Saturn has 2 months left and that person is gone. It wasn’t easy at first and took a lot out of me to deal with. I don’t know how I am going to manage having pluto in my 12th house for another 15 years, I will be in my late 40s when it transitions out. At some points I question if I am even able to continue living this way for so long. I am hoping it gets a little better when Saturn leaves my 12th house. Sending love and light for anyone who has had to endure the wrath. Pluto is my ruling planet which is in Scorpio and in the 8th house. I also have a Scorpio moon, so the way of living may not be as hard for me as it is others. I have had on and off past things come up which have transformed me in a way I never could imagine. My biggest fear is living with more enemies in sheep’s clothing.

      1. Thank you! While my pluto is in my 12th house it has been opposite Lilith and squaring Jupiter. And will continue opposite my mars. Then finish squaring pluto. In a few months my Saturn will switch to my first house, and square my moon. Please pray for me.

  10. Dearest Cynthia, please take heart, you’ll survive despite the overwhelmingness that the Pluto 12th house brings. Everything is bigger than you in the 12th which is why Elsa is right, you have to surrender everything to survive and thrive.

    Look at me for example, i’ve got 7 weeks to go before Pluto leaves my 12th for the last time. I’ve just recently lost my mum to the vaccine, have lost my job because i won’t get jabbed, lost my wife, daughter and home as a result. 12th house loss! and still here i stand before you without fear and with resolve to push on. Please, do the same yourself.

  11. How exciting. Pluto is just about to leave my eighth house. Been there for a good almost half my current lifetime. Not sure what to expect!

  12. I hear you Elsa and all,

    Pluto has been transiting my 12th house since March 2010 (my ASC is 4.49 Aqu).

    I was reading the 2007 post Elsa just tonight then went back to search for it later and found this one. Thanks for all of your efforts, these threads are very helpful.

    It’s been an awful time, not much fun at all, terrible work environments during this transit. My workplaces have been full of narcissists – I’ve felt victimised by colleagues and managers, shut out, shunned.

    I relate to “daniel orr’s” posts:
    My father got the vaccine in 2021 and started to decline 12 days later, started with a severe pain go up the right side of his body then had neuro changes, they said he had a brain tumour (I think it was a clot) he died within a month, I was horrified by my siblings at the time and now can’t be bothered much with them. My mother’s younger sister did have a brain tumour and had operations though died after two years of illness in December 2022.

    No one seems to like me, I’m not overly depressed, though would like to feel like I can get along with others – it could be me too as I don’t rule that out.

    I feel I will increase in social isolation. It will be interesting to see what Pluto in the first house will be like.

    1. Sorry to hear Sue.
      *Pluto 12th is endure not enjoy, especially hard if Pluto is transiting your personal planets.
      *Gains eventually out weigh the losses, accelerating you and your life full steam ahead – Pluto in the 1st.
      *Pluto in the 1st is a different beast altogether. In the 12th Pluto is always trying to rise up for you to take notice. In the 1st Pluto is simply there completely out in the open. I liken it to a train-ride that we’re on and it has its own speed. To stay on the train ALL the past and dead weight will be removed. Only bare bones left! Past connections will come into focus and then become part of the dead weight. You WILL toughen up, you will have to or you’ll be thrown off the train.

      1. Thanks Daniel, I feel I’m hanging onto the side of the train and can’t get a foot hold in, great analogy you have there, it is ruthless isn’t it.

        Although it’s overall tragic and awful there has been some amazing things too but they come with baggage so I guess it’s just working my way through the weight of baggage.

        I’m wondering if I will barely recognise myself when Pluto goes into the 1st, like I’ll have to live the truth – I was going to say that the truth might be that I am really ‘an aesthetic yogi’ and thought wait isn’t it ascetic? Then I read a bit on Pluto in the 1st just then and it would seem that yes, our appearance is a key factor (being our 1st house) and that there is often a transformation or even backlash from others about how we look. Transits are fascinating, aren’t they?

        1. Lovely reply Sue. I see your depth.

          The train analogy applies solely to Pluto in the 1st, which is why you don’t have the foot hold in.

          Pluto 12th transit is removing you from the world; taking us into the abyss and/or ocean bed where we observe the Pluto experience creating and destructing at its source. Hence the aloneness.

          What I loved about this transit is that the power of pluto in the subconscious and imagination is so strong that I was always doing my pluto work everyday with ‘faith’ that the fruits of my labour would appear once pluto is in the 1st.

          Letting go is always a most personal process and in the most trans personal
          house. In letting go we trans-cend, which is the ultimate purpose for 12th house, so keep on letting go.

          Pluto 1st house – just completed my ascendent transit. I use 1.25 degrees either side of the bell curve for the orb. Anything outside of 1.25 degrees for me becomes a secondary Pluto transit not a primary one as per my experience of Pluto.
          – radical transformation of my physical appearance yes absolutely- as you toughen so will your look. Everything Pluto in the 1st will be about remaining authentic – you have the power now for this. Time to embrace the monster that you are with a Pluto 1st, your own repulsion!

    2. Sue, you said it better than I could. For a decade I have felt the increase of social isolation. Non stop narcissists. Feeling shut out and isolated. When you said “no one seems to like me” I felt that deep. I had never experienced anything like this until Pluto entered my 12th house. Hugs to you!! This feeling of emotional loneliness is not for the weak. :/

      1. Thanks Cassie, I appreciate your reply. It is absolutely crippling and soul-destroying, isn’t it! I’m wondering if we get served such a huge curveball from the cosmos in this transit so that we learn our lesson of how not to abuse power so that when Pluto is in the 1st we know it’s not right to treat others badly.

        Astrology really supports that there is true reason and evolutionary meaning to life, and a strong message for living right by one another and ourselves and some bigger purpose.

        1. I have been looking for comments, as I felt a lot of the sites have been sugar coating what I am experiencing. Thank you for putting it into words. Yes, it is soul crushing. I have gone through one major betrayal with money. I also have another decade with this transit. Some days I feel like I’m in solitary confinement and other days I wish I was. I truly hope we get something bigger than a lollipop going through this experiencing.

          I had read towards the beginning that this will make you “grow up”, naive me thought oh good, I’m sort of immature. I’m just happy to see that there was far more depth happening to others than what I have read.

  13. If I use the whole house system, Pluto moves into my 1st house when it goes into Aquarius. It’ll only be for a few months and will go back over my natal Saturn at 28.33 Cap. but hopefully by the end of 2024 that scenario will be over. Of course, if I use Placidus houses, I have to wait for it to go past 12° Aquarius which will take many more years.
    I’ve been betrayed by so many people during the past decade and been subjected to shaming and wicked gossip.
    I’ll let you know if the whole house change makes a difference when the switch happens in March for the first time! Looking forward to anything but this.

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