What Is Your Obsession Or Compulsion?

Gypsy Girl. 1628–30. Oil on woodMy friend, Ben observed that everyone in my family has some kind of obsession or compulsion.  “Yeah?” I asked. “What’s mine?”

“Well you used to smoke,” he said.

It’s true. I used to smoke 3 packs a day! I got up the middle of the night to smoke.

“And then you sold all that stuff for Frito Lay. Not many people can do what you did.  You were compulsive about that too,” he said.

This is also true. I was not only the #1 salesperson on the job, my sales were double the #2 salesperson’s!

“What about now?” I asked.

“Now you write. You write and you’re on the phone all day, helping people. I read your blog. I read your stuff, you know that.  You just go and go.  Not many can do what you do, that’s why you were able to make a success of it.”


“Your compulsion or obsession seems to morph over the years, but the other people in your family, their obsession seems to stay the same…”

This was as interesting to me as it was embarrassing.  No one thought I would quit those things (smoking, Frito), but I did. I’m pretty sure I’ll quit writing some day as well.

Do you have some kind of obsession or compulsion? What is it?  Can you see it in your chart?

30 thoughts on “What Is Your Obsession Or Compulsion?”

  1. Pluto on MH. Obsession is my middle name. If I make a commitment or get on a project or job, I am obsessed with it. The thing is when I am dialed in to that particular thing, I feel like this is it. This is who I am, but eventually find that it is just transitory. And then I’m like, what happened to that? What I am learning I believe, is to enjoy life as it is happening, because what I’m into now, could be gone tomorrow. And right now, I am obsessed with my home, my yarden, and growing food. The food thing is partially because as I get older I am more food sensitive and alot of restaurant food makes me sick. Ya just never know what they are cookin with. And of course, I am obsessed with checking into ElsaElsa every day.

  2. Elsa~ Why would that be embarrassing to you? I feel it’s all of matter HOW you channel that compulsive energy and yours seems to have progressed. How many people have a compulsion that is sickly and stay in that space? Just sayin’. My compulsion? The one that I got kicked in the face for one last time. Love. Obsession with Love. I get the psychology and astrology behind it now and when you know better you do better. In my numerology I’m a 29/11. In Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born To Live. He says…the energy is there it’s all a matter of what you put it into. I’ve put it into so many wrong paths my whole life. It requires effort for me to channel it in a positive beneficial way. It’s been a big year, I finally got it. I feel like a newborn…taking ownership for my big energy (in the positive) which we could also call compulsion (in the negative).

  3. I obsess about the past, my emotional patterns and how I use my energy with a Moon-influenced Pluto square Mars. I can obsess about being unique with Aquarius on the cusp of my 8th, and over my crushes with Pluto ruling my 5th. And I’ve always, always had a compulsion to be as healthy as possible.

    During Pluto transits and especially now with Saturn in Scorp, I can obsess about the strangest things. I’ve run up against someone whose Sun falls in my 8th house, and damn…well, let’s just say I’ve grown uncomfortably fixated on them. I am not actually stalking them, but a lot of my mental energy has gone toward thinking about them. It’s unhealthy. I have to take my own advice and remember, as I’ve said before, that my own life deserves my full attention.

  4. for me it’s writing too, but romantic writing and fantasy. if it’s not that, it’s reading and reading until i drop. but after several solid months or a couple years i know i can stop it anytime cold turkey. i have a packed 1st house, which could be it, plus 6th and powerfully 12th house energies. i always wondered about my ability to dream of the dead and future incidents and it may have to do with the connect from those two houses. Not until recently did i get into astrology and saw how my chart kind of reflects what it means. And i’m very secretive/private about my chart, as if it’s all mine mine mine. (very strong Taurus in there) but i’m quite happy with it.

  5. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with one thing or another. If it wasn’t love and men, -my most unhealthy and devastating obsession, it could be drawing, collage, painting, jewelry, herbs, astrology, bands, training, literature, food u name it. The astrology? All that scorpio 12th house maybe, and I was always a little ashamed of being so intensely occupied by these things. I always wanted to be cool and detached and elegantly undisturbed by the events of life, but that’s just not me, I’m afraid 🙂

  6. Yea, I have a couple.
    Obsessed with fantasy and work.

    Lots of Neptune and my stellium in Capricorn likes to work and be enterprising…. both aspect the 8th. Also lots of personal planets in the 8th.

  7. My obsession sucks because it never turns out well hahaha. I am obsessed with new objects of affection. Basically when I meet another potential mate (which isn’t even a potential once I’m obsessed) I say or do something so peculiarly weird or as noobs would call “creepy” but not that like , more like “crazy creepy” then I lose that object of affection. I have pluto in the 9th house which is in the house of Libra, and Venus is in the 5th house… So for sure, I dooooo lovveeeee foreign born artists.. I can’t fucking help it!!! :/
    First it was a Swedish woman now a Asian Pacific Woman, its like wth is wrong. Sadly when someone is yay close to me for a relationship that doesn’t work, because there’s not enough passion. I am not crazy for them. I can only and will only be in a relationship if I am crazy about the person. Otherwise its boring , dull, and not worth my time or chase. But I can be committed.

  8. Various compulsive-obsessive behaviors as I grew up, but fairly tame now, except for when I don’t catch it right away (Neptune influence). Trying to quit smoking was the worst, but then just stopped without effort one day. Once identified (Saturn), it’s usually not too difficult to disable or manage. Sometimes stuck on helping others Neptune 7th house cusp; Cancer Sun with Virgo Moon…

    Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Leo, 5th house, which is the midpoint between a Venus/Neptune trine.

  9. I love money $$$, politics and bank finances

    Could this be attributed to Mars in 8th house Cap?

    But I have Pluto Libra, in house 5, opp Mercury in house 11 in Aries

  10. I’m a digger/deep sea diver, investigative reporter, loving to fight for understanding. The astrology is consolidated between the 7th & 8th House stellium in Leo with aspects to nearly every other planet and Chiron in the 10th and 11th. My “base”4th House is split between Aries and Taurus: fighter-lover.

    I find consolation and balance from my Uranus in Gemini, that offers lightning swift change; my 5th House North Node in Taurus that seeks serenity and a sweet home life; and a Neptune in Libra in the 9th for a little ‘blurr’ when the edges are way over the top:))

  11. Avatar
    Hildegards Girl

    Nupiter in 6th with chiron. Sugar. Very tough to give up. Like crack to me. So I dont eat it. Not even honey. Done.
    And corn. Really Tortilla chips and popcorn. Why? I dont know…gave those up too…
    I dont like anything having a hold on me like that…so I choose not have it

  12. I’m learning to wean myself from social media. Never thought it would be a problem until books I set aside to read started piling up! I used to watch a lot of movies and TV. I do less of that now. I replaced these activities with exercise and travel. It’s just a new obsession I guess.

  13. Your family could be my family and me. 🙂 Not the same compulsions and obsessions. Mine are different, more various, not as stuck. Maybe it is all the Mercury of Venus in Gemini, Sun- Mercury in the 3rd and a Virgo Moon. Pluto opposing my Mercury and Sun took dear people, my work obsessions and compulsions away. Pluto now is on my MC. I’ve become passionate and obsessed with planetary nodes which feels good.

  14. I just got rid of one. I was obsessed with the news for the last 5 years or so. Then I realized I was tuning in because I wanted to hear something that told me everything was gonna be okay. Once I realized that, I could see that the news casts were doing just the opposite. I ran across the phrase ‘hijacked amygdala’ (sp?) as to how it is used to provoke an emotional response. It was slapping me in the face all along with the highly emotionally charged political scene. And I got sucked in too. While I am not combustive and emotionally reactive about it, all the emotionally motivated destruction as a result of the hijacking was worrisome for me. So I got out because the emotional manipulation to control the masses, once obvious, became boring and stupid.

    I am now trying to get my recent obsession with doing crossword puzzles to a happy medium.

    Moon Venus house 8. And as for feeling obsessed with astrology sometimes, Urania is on the IC. Feels like a given.

  15. I have Pluto in Scorpio (2nd) trine Mars/Mercury(10) . Although that conjunction is opposing Neptune, my obsession is getting things completed asap.

    Whatever it is that I start especially if it’s known publicly, like for work, I want to start and complete in one sitting. Even when it’s impossible to do, I will drink caffeinated drinks to stay up to finish.

    So I guess the obsession might be a workaholism because I was called called “lazy” by Neptune in the 4th.

  16. Not sure if it is in my chart
    In my heart;”keep going girl”
    Tiny inside talk as I am really floating
    Thru time but feet pushing those pedals, I see time moving so fast
    Busy or doing that floating thing;
    I have constantly made myself
    A list,what can I do next?
    And the list does also get altered

  17. I would say it’s understanding myself, knowing myself. Sun conjunct Pluto on MC. I’ve used different tools and practices over the years- some brutal. It’s really an abyssal journey with no end. I don’t know if it’s healthy but I really don’t know what else to do with this life. It provides meaning and purpose.

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