Pluto Transit Conjunct The Sun For A Child

Pluto statue astrologyWhat happens when Pluto transits the sun in a child’s chart?  My entire childhood was a Pluto transit; this included a transit to my sun. I never tried to isolate this particular part of my deconstruction / empowerment process…until this morning.

Last night, I was working on another part of my story. It’s about an unusual incident, when I was a little girl.  As is the case with a lot of my stories, I am able to corroborate my memory.

For example, my book ends at a Fleetwood Mac concert.  This Fleetwood Mac concert. I am able to get exact dates.

I pulled up the chart of this other event last night; noting there was a stellium transiting my 8th house. I thought this was mildly interesting. It wasn’t until this morning, when I opened my program to look at today’s planets. Yesterday’s chart was still on the screen. I saw that Pluto was transiting exactly conjunct my sun at this time.

I was exposed to “death” at this time, but it was a lot deeper than that. Seeing this transit was active allowed me immediate access to deeper understanding of the transformation underway at this time. It also made me realize this is another topic that’s underserved.

I understand people don’t want to think about a child being exposed to dark things, but children are exposed to dark things, all the time. 

I feel this needs to come out of the closet to be discussed. If you can accept that people, including children, have to go through bad or confusing periods, I think it would be not only easier to deal with, but far more productive.

Did Pluto transit conjunct your sun when you were a child?  What happened?

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  1. I was 16. I am an only child. My parents had me when they were young. We were a tight nit family. Very uranian. My mother who had always held our lives together was having a complete mental breakdown. She was depressed. Pluto would transit opposite her sun in the next 2 years. My dad who had always shown me immense love but struggled at many points in my childhood to stay clean was experiencing Pluto conjunct his Mercury. They both cried a lot that year. I cried a lot that year by myself. The energy in our house was incredibly heavy. My dad was doing extremely well. Eating healthy. Helping my mom literally just survive. It was such a bizarre year that i feel so deeply yet putting words to it seems inappropriate. Everything was undercurrents. It’s like the whole year was like a movie with the sound off but someone played lots of different records in another room. My dad died in a car accident shortly after I turned 17. I’ve always felt that we as a watery, feeling type unit knew in a way what was coming. Not consciously of course but our guts were stirred so deeply the year before I remember sighing in relief after his accident. I don’t tell people that because they don’t understand. It’s like I knew what it had all been for. 3 days before his accident my mom and dad were sitting on the couch just hanging out. It was a good night. Our cat who we had since I was 5 sat on the coffee table in front of them and cried a literal puddle of tears. It was so strange it made all of us tear up a little. surreal.

    1. Thank you for sharing @Lizard, you made an important point that I also experienced with Pluto on the AC. I was also a teenager but had incredible insight into the undercurrents of home life, not consciously but it expressed in the way I navigated my intuition.I had not words for it all but I knew that I knew.
      My grandson also has earthy skills to navigate emotional mess, he doesn’t drown in it. He was about 3 and played with wooden bricks on the floor, making car-engine sounds. I said to him: You have nice, fast cars there!’ and looked up at me frowning: “OMA!? These are just wooden play-bricks !”

      1. ….and when he was about 6 and his Mom was shouting at his Dad, both sitting on the grass outside, he went to fetch the hosepipe and hosed his Mom down with cold water from behind… we all had a big laugh.

  2. My grandson has Pluto/Mars conjunct in Capricorn, plus Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the sign. Pluto conjunct his Sun when he was 3 years, Pluto conj the Moon at age 7/8, conj Mercury at age 11/12 and conj Jupiter at 13/14 years. He’s 15 now and there’s a huge change happening with Pluto in AQ. I was aware of these very difficult transits, especially for a child, and made a point in being there and protecting him. He was/is a SERIOUS child, everyone always judged him older than he was. Can’t wait for him to discover having fun and relax.

    At Pluto conj my Sun I was already 49 years old – but when Pluto crossed my AC I was a teen and it was hard and scary (I’m glad I survived) – but in hindsight a total liberation and well worth it.

  3. I was born with Pluto conjunct my Sun. It would have moved past the conjunction when I was still very young, and when I look back at my early years, I remember a feeling of heaviness, burden, even though I was too young to register much. I guess just an awareness of things lurking beneath the surface.
    My Son (he’s now 21, but still my baby!) will have Pluto conjunct his Sun soon and I’m gently trying to prepare him. He has an 8th house Sun, so (unfortunately?) is quite used to this energy. Talking to him over this weekend, I realised he has very good psychological insight into himself and others. I think he’ll be okay!

  4. In 1941 I was eight months old and quite sick. According to my Mother I nearly died from pneumonia. At that time there were no drugs for my illness. So they put alcohol on my thumb and I lived. However, at the same time I was experiencing my event I had an older brother who was dealing with leukemia.Sadly he passed away four months after my near event. I share these events so publicly for the first time a s both the events were kept so quite in my family. I learned about my experience when I was in my late teens. Neither of my parents never recovered from either event. At birth I had Pluto at 2 Leo, Sun at 12 Leo and Mars at 20 Leo. All in the 4th H. I don’t know about the progressions at that time. Not sure what house both of my events would have been assigned to by aspects.

  5. Correction: I meant to use the word whiskey instead of alcohol. So it was my sucking the whiskey on my thumb that worked to keep me alive.

  6. He conjuncted my sun, my Mercury, My Venus, my Jupiter, all smacked in Scorpio between 15-21 degrees.

    Even though he came from Libra and the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra, and it took him good time to get to my first planet, he was there all the time in Scorpio, in my 8th/9th and 10th house (depending on house system).

    I saw a lot of my elderly grandparents (males) die young (60-ish), my dad became abusive in the extreme (and nobody did anything or said anything), and I hiy puberty – sparking a very unhealthy obsession from my father with my body…. (No, not incest, but it was there, in a sick way still, hoovering in the shadows)… He took several pictures of me without my top on, and on me on the beach. He also had an obsession to press my head into his hip, right next to … You know what.
    I shudder still, at the memories from that time.

    My body was so fast in maturing and pop out breasts, grow into a very accentuated female shape, I lost a lot of baby fat and was slim, strong and whatever else you can think of.
    Long legged.

    Some time ago I saw a photo of myself at the time. I had this way of looking into the camera… It was like… Oh my, I had this .. I guess it’s like “bedtime eyes?”
    I can’t remember the English noun for it. Come hither-look?
    I mean… Wow.. and I didn’t know it.

    I remember my mom being quite strict about which clothes I could wear or if I could go outside with makeup ..
    A scorpion doesn’t need makeup. She has her own magnetic energy right down to the core.

    I also remember starting to learn about astrology at that time. So yeah, I guess it’s a pretty textbook Pluto-Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Mercury transit that one!

  7. I have an hour glass chart with most of my planets in the 3/4 opposing 9/10 houses. When Pluto was transitioning November 10, 1995-January 25, 2008, my father tried to kill my mother in the middle of this period.

    I have a natal Sun @ 12 degrees Gemini oppose Saturn and Chiron conjunct the MC @ 26.

    He tried to kill me once that I remember before this period when Pluto was in Scorpio.

    I was born with Pluto in my second house, so it’s been crossing the bottom (still there in the 4th house just about to cross over) and so this has been pretty much this oppressive force my whole life honestly.

  8. Pluto conjoined my sun when I was four. My parents were finally separating after a lot of depression and unhappiness, and unfaithfulness from my dad. We moved out. I know this was an extremely challenging time for my mom not only for that reason but also she became a single parent of two children, at 22 years old, who was making minimum wage while trying to put herself through school. I don’t have a lot of memories specifically from that time, but from the I know I got the message that I needed to basically not exist; she was at breaking point and could not handle the normal parenting load that must be heavy when you have a four year old and a two year old. Thankfully the three of us pulled through! Dad backed out but the three of us are doing so much better today, you wouldn’t ever know that my mom went through such a dark time.

  9. Pluto conjunct my Sun between age 16 and 19 during the peak of the hippie era. A paranoid episode. A dangerous motorcycle crash where I landed on my head and neck without a helmet after tumbling over a vehicle that pulled in front of me at 35mph. No lasting injuries. A three year period with the US Army where fortunately I was spared the Viet Nam experience.

    Pluto and Uranus both were both conjunct my Sun during this time. There was always a sense of benevolent protection even in the midst of paranoia and chaos.

  10. I was born with Pluto conjunct my Sun in Libra. This is definitely an aspect of that signature that I’d never really considered. Several years back I realized that others don’t get to be in relationship with me and remain unchanged. It is the nature of who I am – I am transformation. This is not because I force them to change but they ARE changed by me and the relationship with me. I am a firm believer in radical autonomy and staying in my lane.

    To say my childhood was dark is an understatement. Thousands of dollars in trauma therapy later and I now understand just how fundamentally I was changed in the process. So much so that even my brain and body operate in divergent ways that I am still trying to understand and manage and I am 48.

  11. My 3.5 year old nephew actually has the opposition coming with his sun at 2 degrees of Leo (7th house) . He was born with the opposition but out of sign so I’m hoping that helps somehow. Strangely enough my progressed Sun is at 2 degrees of Leo now and he was born with his Gemini north node conjunct my Sun within a degree… And his Aries Mars conjunct my Moon along with other Mercury/Mars/Venus conjunctions…interesting.

    His sister has a 15 degree Aquarius Sun so there’s something to worry about in the future (eek)… As always haha

  12. What a revelation….born with Pluto conjunct moon in 12th in Virgo ….looking at the dates I can see the story of my childhood unfold…. As Pluto traversed my chart….ASC, then Venus followed by Mercury in Libra, then onto my sun/neptune conjunction and then finally mars all in Scorpio.
    I survived to tell the tale…the song I will survive was my anthem during that time 😂- since I have studied astrology I have come to realise that my moon/pluto probably did make the transit easier to handle – all relative – as I am familiar with the Plutonian energy.

  13. My progressed Gemini Sun is transiting Pluto in Virgo this year for me on the 7th cusp. This would be less severe than Pluto transiting you natal Sun but is it similar in effect, for a shorter time of course?

  14. Indeed, Elsa – out of the closet. from under the carpet, deep in the dark recesses of the psyche and, wherever else we might find safest to secure these scary truths – and, facts…
    Its been the bain of my (ever-decreasing, personal and familial) social life, these ‘matters’ discussed, debated – and, heatedly argued on – wholly, unashamedly – in front of, with and, around the children.
    Most disapprove as their children’s delicate ears (apparently) are not ‘ready’ for such but, its proof in the evolved young souls that’ve grown into young men & women – who are able to converse on those same subjects without embarrassment nor fear – therefore, hold a wide and varied opinion on same.
    Even a sense of humour of it, as you, Thank you, Elsa…;))

  15. My 7th House natal Leo Pluto trines my 3rd H ouse Aries Sun and textiles my 9th House Libra Neptune. When Pluto transited conjunct my 8th House Virgo Moon, I lost my three living grandparents and my dog. The latter hit hardest. I’ve never gotten past my outrage over mortality. Are there ways to gently prepare children more and earlier for this devastation?

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