Pluto Transit The 12th House (mine) – Culmination – Spine Healing – update

Venus and MarsA month has passed. I want to update this post with current pics. Original post:

I wanted to make contact prior to the full moon in Pisces taking place late tomorrow night.  It’s luscious and delicious. I want to get this harsh Mars in Aries breaching the Cancer hull, Capricorn bone stuff out of the way. It’s dramatic and should be written when the sky is acute.

I’m pretty sure my surgery was an insane success. I have to judge this from my skewed perspective but one thing is for sure, it was dramatic and unexpectedly emotional for a number of people; most notably, my surgeon, who I really don’t know.

He went in the side as planned, and lifted my vertebrae off the nerves. I know this because when I woke up and they came to come help me out of bed, I was able to get out of bed on my own. It’s something, considering my iliopsoas tendon has been cut on one side, but I could to it very easily.

The PT gal and my nurse stood by waiting for me to need help, but I did not need help.  Instead, I stood right up. When I felt both feet on the ground, evenly, I exclaimed, “Oh my God, he fixed my back!”

Well, they weren’t expecting that. I explained I had no back pain whatsoever. I told them I could feel the incision, period. I said that I could easily walk, which I did. I went down the hall with a walker which I did not need.

Nobody could understand this and I couldn’t understand it either because I don’t work on ortho floor or a hospital. I do know the next morning they asked me about stairs. I said I was pretty sure I could climb them.  “Show me,” the gal, said.  I followed her to a door that led to stairs. “Can you use them?”

“Definitely.”My lumbar spine scolosis

Grabbing both rails. I walked down the stairs at a speed that would not bug anyone.  I turned at the bottom of them.  “Can you come back up?”

“Yes,” I said, “And this causes me no pain. He’s fixed my back – it is fixed, that’s why I can do this! I cannot believe he’s actually fixed this…”

She had me follow her to a PT room to get a stick-grabber and a sock-helper.  We wound through the corridors. It was there, she told me I was the best spine patient she’d seen in her entire career. “Really?” I asked, stupidly. But how am I to know?  “I’ve never seen a spine patient walk this far. They’re lucky to make it to the end of the first hall.”

I hadn’t seen my surgeon yet but I had seen his PA who attended the surgery.  “You tell him, he fixed my back. How long did it take him?” I asked. “How long did it take him to fix this after all these years?”

“He was in there about an hour, I think”, she said.

“Well that’s insane. He’s taken away pain I’ve lived with for twenty-one years, in an hour? Someone let him know. Tell him he fixed my back and I am beyond grateful. I just can’t thank him enough. I can stand up straight now so of course I can walk.

Will finish later…


spine repairI had follow-up appointment with my surgeon last week. I reported my pain level – ZERO. I am currently trying to figure out how to live without pain.  It’s been many, many years. Every day I wait up and marvel at my lack of pain. Never mind, the discrepancy between my leg lengths has been resolved.

This little thing here is all it took to fix me. Talk about Pluto and little things meaning a lot. It’s the SPACE, I’d like you to note.  It looks glorious to me. Those two vertebrae were bone on bone, crushing nerves. Look at all that space! No wonder, I was able to get up and walk around after surgery. That’s a picture of someone without a back problem!

My surgeon took me from being a person with a back no one would touch, to a person with a back no one needs to touch! I still have a curve in my back. I understand, post fusion, the other vertebrae tend to go wonkers. But I don’t think this is going to be the case for me, in the foreseeable future. I was going to be a gnarled old troll; instead I can walk in a room, and stand tall.

It is nearly unbelievable, my life and my future could be changed so completely, post these surgeries.  This was the sixth spine surgeon I consulted about my back.

Never give up!

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  1. My God Elsa, that is wonderful news ! Absolutely delighted to hear this, and for you to have such an incredibly amazingly good outcome from your operation ! Continued good recovery wishes to you and many blessings,
    Mary Hassett, Dublin, Ireland

  2. You HAVE made contact, and we are walking those stairs with you, Elsa! Yay and Yay for the culmination of THE team to make this possible, Gods. xo Moki and Pete

  3. Oh Elsa this is so wonderful to hear!! I’m relieve, thrilled and encouraged by your update. You’re a marvel in so many ways! Keep healing beautiful lady.

  4. anonymoushermit

    Sounds like the universe is patching things up before it reaches your 1st house! Congrats on the two surgeries. 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Bettie Ann Hough

    So happy you are “fixed” and healing will be quick. Take good care now and know how grateful we are for you and for your skilled doctor. God bless.

    1. I’ve had two hip surgeries so I’m very practiced at getting out of bed with a disability. The stunner was when my feet hit the floor in the same way. At that point, there was nothing to do but stand and walk. My posture was literally corrected. I don’t know that it’s perfect but I have not been this steady on my feet for more than five years.

      I feel like some kid from the 3rd world, been through disrepair shop and that’s a fact.

  6. This is wonderful, Elsa! I’ve been wondering how you felt. Question. Would you have done the surgery after mars went retrograde? I’m asking because my husband(who is 41 with a 25 degree aries sun) is getting both his hips replaced September 15. He has aseptic necrosis of both hips from chemo. I’m heartbroken at the thought of this surgery happening during the retrograde! He rescheduled his appointment and went the next week because of the miscarriage. I begged him to keep the appointment. I had been pushing for him to get it done before the 9th. The 15th was the soonest because all the pretesting had to be done and some of it they want to have done at least two weeks prior.

  7. Wonderful news! Truly an astrological and medical marvel if ever there was one. I wish you a speedy full recovery.

  8. Congratulations! I have been following this closely, my DIL has a similar X-ray and has been trying so many things..What degree is (was)your curvature? She is seeing a PT and has appt with spinal surgeon.

  9. Absolutely the best news to learn. Have been away from the blog for a while for whatever reason. This is great Elsa! Yes!!

  10. Dear Elsa,
    I am just one of your readers, but I am so, so happy for you… I have severe back problems too, but most of the time I can walk and have no pain. It’s ‘erosion’ so surgery is not an answer.
    But I wanted to tell you: this is the best and most positive (wonderful!) news I have heard for all of this year. Everything is dark and grim (I have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto transiting my 12th house too, but I am still in the ‘demolishing’ phase I guess) in me and outside of me. Your news, this enormous RELIEVE gives me hope.
    Enjoy it and take your time to heal further!
    Greetings from Amsterdam,

  11. This is more than great Elsa, I am happy for you! Sometimes miracles happen:-) Just be careful Elsa and take some rest : – )

  12. Avatar
    Hileegarde's Noviciate

    I admit I got quite choked up when I read this. My wonergul mom, who has passed, had severe back issues and a sweet Scorpio friend of mine has them too. Both were operated on with success. So To read that you had such an amazing result filled my eyes with tears. Its always nice to read how the good guys win once in a while

  13. I cried tears of joy for you Elsa. Prayers are answered. You’ll be dancing in no time, lol! Take care and get lots of rest.

  14. I’m so happy for you, Elsa. Congratulations on a new start with a strong spine. This is the best news I’ve heard all month. Your surgical team must be over the moon, as well as your friends and family who’ve watched your struggle over the decades. Speedy full recovery!

  15. Amazing Grace, just got to say how happy I am for you and I love you and your newsletters. Two step for now Tango later. Don’t over do with your new-found freedom. Big hugs but not bear? hugs yet..

  16. THANK GOD! I could expound I suppose, but right now, that’s all I got. I’ve let out a deep sigh of relief…You were in my thoughts many times last week…I kept lookout for this message. From the sounds of it, there will be much to hear and rejoice in months and years to come.

    Lovingly, Arlen!

  17. Thank you for posting about this so honestly. It truly makes me feel that miracles are possible and gives me hope for all of us. It’s as if your surgery’s success has a bigger message – maybe we can all make it! best wishes for a quick recovery!

  18. Hey Elsa:) Great News!:) Not surprised though:) You’ve always been so aligned with the energies flowing at any given time…now your physical, like the last tumbler in a lock, has clicked into alignment as well…can’t wait to see where you take this going forward in your work…the best is yet to come!:)

  19. I’m so happy for you! What a wonderful renewal and transformation of you and your spine! Thank you for your bravery and for letting us journey to the light with you!

  20. Absolutely incrediable news!! You are a new woman!! May God continue to bless you with renewed strength and happiness. You certainly deserve it. Let the healing begin.

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