Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely To Cheat?

so I married an ax murderer“Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.”
–Jawaharlal Nehru

This is a topic that comes up frequently. It always makes me cringe. I suspect the most proposed answer is usually Scorpio but I just don’t see it. Scorpio is sexually charged and may appear covert but highly expressed, Scorpio is probably least likely to cheat. There are so many variables that could make a person prone to cheating that listing them seems irresponsible at best. Cheaters come in many flavors. I think what is most relevant is how highly someone expresses their chart. No matter what is in the chart, cheating is an action and action is governed by free will.

Take serial killers, for example. The most primary statistic about serial killers is that most of them are men. Does this mean there are no female serial killers? No, and clearly only a very small minority of men eat their neighbor’s liver and bury the body under the shed. I have a male friend who has several copies of The Catcher In The Rye, is quiet and keeps to himself. I’m pretty sure he’s not a serial killer.

This is a really good thing to keep in mind when you see something in your chart that common astrological descriptions herald as “bad.” There’s a high expression for every so-called negative placement or aspect. Some of the most accomplished people have terribly “difficult” charts. Adversity is said to build character. Anecdotally, some of the most cringeworthy people I’ve met have “easy” charts.

You can extend this take to include scary prognostications. I imagine there are only so many pianos falling from the sky on a given day, and while bad things do happen to good people, there are too many variables at work, including free will, to waste time worrying about them. Just look up on a regular basis and do the best you can.

Have you ever been frightened or worried by something in your own chart? In the chart of a significant other?


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  1. yeah–Moon/Mars/Pluto t-square. I have the hallmarks of a violent psycho who lusts after power according to some very hard-nosed astro interpreters.

  2. and the stuff that I worry about in my chart, well, is actually, well, true (for me). I live my chart in a very textbook way. Learning the higher expressions are challenges/goals–

  3. I have a Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto fixed Grand Cross with Mars in the 12th opposite Pluto. Between that and the rest of my chart, there’s more than enough potential to be a horrible person (I’ve seen a couple parts compared to the charts of Hitler and Mussolini on more than a few occassions). But am I? Of course not. The potential is there, but I’ve chosen to go in a different direction. I had to mess up a couple of times, but luckily that happened before my screw ups could cause any serious, lasting damage.

  4. As I am just even learning about the in and outs of my chart – for many years my Scorpio Rising has always made me wonder if I am … just not right .. as the polite say. πŸ™‚ But, I think that in the past decade I have turned that SR intensity around to the (more) positive. Still…..I worry.

  5. hahahaha!

    I realized after my mother told me about her garden theft I wanted to go find the person. Hmmm…Moon/Mars wants to protect her mama…

  6. I have a shit chart with tendencies towards addiction, imprisonment, dishonesty, lack of forthright communication, vindictiveness, criminal behavior, stealth, backstabbing, “using” people, stealing, emotionally abusing people in a domestic environment, betrayal, murder, adultery, embezzlement, fraud, black widow marriage, etc.

    Good thing I’m a Libra/Capricorn. If I even think about something like that I get hit with the karmic smite button.

  7. My moon square uranus which I think mirrors my ability to not think before I express myself without thought to others. Its as though I rebel that way against convention to be normal but it leaves me isolated. So that sucks. I also have no planets in the 7th house which is ruled by Leo and I really don’t find Leo’s attractive. So I wonder what is going to come of this. One more thing that makes me cringe over my own chart is that lack fire, I have one fire planet, Uranus. Somehow I was told that Uranus rules my chart which is called a Singleton and I can relate to that. It has its pros and cons. Nice subject here.

  8. I fully agree with Satori.

    One of the most terrible readings I did was with a woman with Jupiter in Sag conjunct the Ascendant (Pluto influence way past) and she just could not see how protected she was.

    Instead of enjoying a glass almost full, she completely concentrated on the lacking few millimeters and cried and cried about why her ex-husband (who was still paying her food and rent and all that) did not pay visit the previous week when she had a cold…

    This Grand Cross person was cringing!

  9. chrispito i have mars square pluto in a bunch of places in my family. eighth house and otherwise.

    we’re nice people. really. ;P
    especially the one from the depression generation. i would never have guessed he had that aspect until i pulled together his chart.

    but he did make marksman in every single gun they could test him on. i’m not even sure if that’s hard or not?

  10. ScorpSpouse has Mars/Venus in the 12th, a Scorp stellium, we’ve spent a lot of time apart, and we don’t wear our wedding rings. And our composite is mega neptoon and 12th house.

    I trust him 100% though.

    As far as my chart goes, it’s too late at this point to worry about anything LOL.

  11. Saturn conjunct Venus in Virgo (strong feelings of family responsibility) and Moon in 7th House (marriage is important) is protecting me from my difficult chart placements for fidelity:

    I have Uranus sextile Venus and I definitely have more than my share of deep & sudden attractions to unusual & independent women. While Venus square Neptune makes it hard for me not to over-idealise people who I care deeply about so I get pretty strong crushes.

    I blame Mars square Pluto for my high levels of desire for women too. I fall in love (and lust) very easily – always at first sight.

    But it’s all about choice. There’s nothing wrong with lusting after another person, even if you are married. So long as you walk away and don’t risk anything developing.

  12. I have Saturn transiting 12th House now. Natal features include North Node, as well as Pallas & Juno. I value so-called minor factors… I very much understand that they’re not minor, at all. Finding insightful texts about 12th House is no walk in the park.

    This post, besides whatever it and we commenters say, matters because… there’s another way of doing (looking at, or acting).

    Keep that light burning, please.


  13. Moon conjunct Pluto in the 12 house. Venus conj mars square Pluto. Sun in 8 house exactly trine Pluto. I’m a “purist”. All or nothing:) obsessive tendancies. But Jupiter in my 1 house I think saves me:)

  14. Definitely. I’ve always been worried about my Pluto in 7th house, particularly when it was brought to my attention sometime a few years ago. I was told that I was incapable of having a good relationship because I feel jealousy/possessiveness so intensely. It doesn’t help that Pluto is also squaring my moon and I have a Venus/Mars square. I’ve been told in the past this this is relationship doom πŸ™

    After seeing Elsa and another astrologer though, I had alternate interpretations of these. But even then, seeing my relationship patterns and how I’m still struggling with jealousy/insecurity, I’m still working on seeing the plus side of these aspects.

  15. Carole – I’m sorry the virgo men in your life cheated. I don’t think its Sun in Virgo that protects me. It’s the conjunct and Moon combination.

  16. my ex husband was a sagg and so were the ex’s of 2 of my friends and they all cheated, I dont think it was a deliberate act of betrayal, more that they are free spirited to the point of going with the flow before they think about what they’re doing?

  17. “There’s nothing wrong with lusting after another person, even if you are married.”

    As a Leo with both Venus-Pluto and Venus-Neptune, that thought offends me. *snort* πŸ˜‰

    (Tongue firmly in cheek, CrazyVirgo. *grins* I’ve written extensively about this on the boards.)

  18. LOL πŸ™‚ Yeah, it’s called my whole chart. But after lots of study and work, I’d agree that it’s all in how you use the energy given. I’ve seen quite a few ‘easy’ charts around me and I’d definitely agree with the idea that every plus has a minus and every minus has a plus (or positive has a negative & vice versa).

  19. I have NN at 29˚ Gemini (shifting the tob hardly moves it all, just .03/4 etc of a degree). I’ve read this is the ‘evil degree’ and some comments about it are truly scary (though the Sabian is “A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds” hahaha)

    PlutonianGem’s post at 12 in this thread is instersting: https://elsaelsa.com/forum/

    If I were young and still in the market, and met another man with BOTH Venus in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius, I’d run a mile. I’d run from just the first, tbh! – and the Aqua Moon on its own ain’t no picnic either

  20. i have to laugh at chrispito’s ‘violent psycho’ comment. one of the sexiest men i had the privilege to date has a pluto t-square (moon, venus, mars involved). he was never violent or psychotic with me, maybe because we had a suitable outlet for those urgings πŸ˜‰

    i’ve yet to totally embrace my 12th house saturn in scorpio. sometimes i feel like the hand of god is going to come down and smite me for being too careless or too greedy. :0

  21. All the Scorpios I know (and Scorpio types) never cheat and are interested in it. Most of them don’t even want to have sex with anyone with a connection – no one night stand or cheating – they just don’t want to deal with it. I have strong Scorpio in my chart and I have no interest in cheating when I am with someone – too much work. (plus I guess I think how I would feel if someone cheated on me – not a good feeling) My Virgo doesn’t like the “imperfection” of cheatness.

    In my opinion, Geminis are the cheaters. That is my experience – they are too tempted to flit here and there (and FLIRT here and there). No Gemini types for me sorry. (haha – I know that was a generalization there but that is my experience – why Scorpio gets the bad rap I don’t know.)

  22. Dorchid that was me, writing under chrispito…that T-square is smashed by Saturn in Libra and is now being humped in the most unseemly fashion by Pluto.

    I gotta ask…WTF is the point of these transits?! LOL. Thanks for reminding me of the finer points of these aspects.:)

  23. Omg, is moonpluto back!? πŸ™‚

    We-ell… I have a ton of Uranus. Also in aspect to venus. AND a strong 11th house. It seems I’ll have difficulty settling down.
    (well.. so far sort of true :)).

  24. Also, I was frightened to learn that I had a sun-moon square. (albeit NOT a tight one). That was back in high school. I thought that it was the end of the world, the worst aspect to have. Back then I knew two aspects: sun trine moon, and sun square moon. HAHA!

    Anyway, now I know that it isn’t the worst aspect to have – far from it. πŸ™‚

  25. Well…. I cheated on my husband. Sun, mercury, mars, uranus and north node in scorpio, virgo ascendant, capricorn moon, venus in sagg. I am not proud of it. But, I also resent being pegged an evil-doer. I was only 25 at the time. And my gemini sun/scorpio moon husband withheld sex from me for 6 months, despite my enticing, begging, cajoling, offers to go to counseling. Our marriage was an emotional hell for me. Now, as I look back 10 years later, I have the maturity to know that I should have gotten out before the situation escalated to me stepping out.
    I hope that everyone remembers that it takes two to create a situation.
    From the astrological perspective, I think my criminal minded virgo ascendant and free and easy venus in sagg strongly contributed to my behavior. IDK, it could have also been my capricorn moon in the 5th house. But the lack of feeling wanted was a key component.
    It’s true- scorpios do not want to have sex without connection- but if your introduction to sex was rape.. let’s just say I had to “remove the stinger before any progression could be made through the sign”.

  26. I have read the above comments and feel that

    A chart is not a single element or two but all the elements together. Please do not make your opinions like that. The main reference point in the chart is Ascendant or rising sign & degree for body and for mental makeup placement of moon in sign with degrees. The planets placed on the same degrees or +-2 or 3 degrees in any sign have more influences. This is in nutshel. you may contact me on my website.

  27. I read Satoris Blog as not just cheating in love but cheating others in other ways. My Dad was a stage magician when he was a teen, and knew slight of hand tricks with cards. When I was about six years old, I sat under the table while my dad and his cousins played cards for money. He wore those trousers with big cuffs from the 70s. I watched as cards dropped into his cuffs, then retreived later. He won heaps of money. Cousins caught him out and fought and argued, calling him cheat, cheat cheat.
    He laughed, gave their money back, reminding them to never ever play him for money. He just couldn’t help himself, when it came to cards, but cheat.

  28. Having done research on this a number of times, and always coming up with same answer although the research group was different on each occasion, Gemini came out the problem sign. Yet this was not about signs and no one sign can be singularly blamed. The villain time and again was Mercury and the capacity to lie and deceive when badly aspected. When looking at the assorted, strengths weaknesses and exaltation/detriments affecting Mercury, the mutable signs do not do well. The core stability and gravitas isn’t there. Bearing in mind Mercury has to be within a 28d range of the sun, that does spread the blame a bit. Ironically I find these signs the most entertaining …. from a distance.

  29. Avatar

    I have the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter in Sagittarius with Aquarius rising. For me monogamy is misery once the honeymoon period is over. But I’m practical about being middle-aged and knowing my sexual market value is falling. I would probably stay faithful now if I met a life partner who wasn’t worth losing, but self-preservation, not love be the motivating factor.

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