Identifying Themes and Patterns in Your Life

A client told me she’d met her new man the same way she’d met her (last) husband.

“That’s a pattern. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just be aware. It may just be how you do things. This is something that is effective for you. But you may be fixing to go in a loop! So just keep am eye on it…”

I was thinking of some of copious number of themes in my life which HQ made me aware of a few years back…

“I like the theme of the first story. I like how you do that.”

“What? What theme.”

“The theme of heaven and hell.”

“Huh? Heaven and hell?” I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Yeah. The whole story has this theme of heaven and hell.”

“It does?”

I think it was right here decided I was an idiot savant.

“You mean you didn’t do this on purpose?”

“I mean I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m talking about the themes in your writing. In your stories. All of them.”

“Okay. Well I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well the story has heaven in the title and the first sentence says you are trying to escape this hellish hell.”

I laughed. “Oh yeah. Well… it was hot, man. It was the desert. But yeah. No, that was just something I wrote. So that’s a theme, huh?”

He paused to try to figure out how I could not know this, I guess. Then he went on to explain my writing to me which was jarring because all of it was unbeknownst to me.

“Your whole life is like this. It’s rich with all these themes. And they occur over and over.”

“Like what?”

“Like trucks, for one thing. There is always a truck in your life.”

On my end of the phone… silence.

But now it’s four or five years later and I great awareness of everything HQ told me that day about my life. And yeah… there has got to be a truck in every situation or it really has nothing to do with me.

And I was thinking about that. Some guy shows up on his mountain bike. This is Colorado after all. “Interested?”

“Well I don’t know. Do you have a truck? Come back in a truck and I may be…”

This is so stupid, however it is true! I could be riding in a limousine and believe me, if I saw some guy in a truck go by, I’d follow him wistfully with my eye. Especially if he had some kind of dirt bike in the back of the thing!

And in that moment, I would know I was going to have to get out the limo and find me a truck, or else. You know. Like a needing a fix or something. Just to get right.

HQ, way back when:

“Elsa and trucks. They go together,” he said.

I have Mars conjunct Mercury. Is there any symbol like this that comes up over and over in your life? Something that lets you know you’re you? What?

note – about the boots in that picture, they’re not mine! The guy who owned the bike said I could not ride barefoot, so I told him to give me his boots and he did!

3 thoughts on “Identifying Themes and Patterns in Your Life”

  1. I’ve definitely noticed patterns in my life, especially recently. My latest recognition is a common theme in both relationships and in work — being in situations where I haven’t recognized my own worth and having that reflected back in what I’ve encountered.

  2. One theme I’ve noticed is that all my important relationships start the same way. I meet the person, there is an instant deep connection, I decide I want to be around then, and a week later we’re close as can be. This is true for romantic and non-romantic relationships alike. I’ve never experienced the slow building of a friendship. It either happens or it doesn’t. I think this may be due to having Pluto conjunct my descendant in Scorpio. It’s all about the intensity! XP

  3. Now that you mention it, it’s the strangest thing. My ex-husband proposed to me on our first date. I remember thinking that was a pretty strange first move. The first time I remember talking to the guy I am currently dating, I was walking out of a show and he was standing in the doorway leaning on his arm – which reached across the doorway. I walked right under it without even ducking (I’m short – 5’1″ vs. He 6’7″), looked up and said “man, you are tall” He then got down on his knees, put his head on my shoulder and said “Is this better?” I said to my friend Ed, “Wait, Ed, he’s proposing – I can’t leave yet!” Ed replied “He should be good at it, he’s had enough practice!” I was just joking around, told him about my ex and we all had a little laugh and left. A couple weeks later he found out I was single (I hadn’t mentioned the “ex” part – I thought he was married and left it at that) and asked me out. Is this a trend? I hope so.

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