Saturn Transit 6th House – Stress Management

Saint DymphnaI pulled up the chart of my next client. These words came to mind, “Stress Management”. The 6th house tends to be overlooked in astrology. It’s not sexy, I guess. However, it’s said that “health is wealth”.

The 6th house is also concerned with communication. A client this weekend, bail on a man for this reason – he had no mental chops!  Whatever magnetism she felt towards him, it evaporated when she realized he had nothing to say!

Stress is a killer. I bet you’ve heard that one too. The thing about stress is it causes all kinds of health problems in a way that is fairly stealth.  The 6th house itself works “behind the scenes”. You get all these health problems and search for answers. It does not occur to you, you’re killing yourself with your disordered life or mind or maybe it’s your bad habits.

Point here is people tend to worry when Saturn is messing with their 6th house. Saturn is about control.  This transit pressure you to control your Virgoan (6th) functions – WORRY being the first and the worst.

Are you stressed? Have you ever invested time in figuring out why?  6th house puzzle!

I quit weighing myself, fifteen years ago. I was sick of how the number on the scale affected me. The relief was immediate.

If there certain people that stress you – hey! Limit your exposure. But let’s say you can’t (truly can’t) reduce your stress.  I still have an idea, or advice.

There as a study done on people acting as caregivers for a family member with dementia. Parent, spouse, sibling, whoever.  It was no surprise, people in this situation has very high levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. How could it be any other way?  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either putting out fires or trying to prevent them from being lit.  There was a remedy though.

The asked the caregivers in the study to stop, just three times a day, to stand still and breathe.  This session was to last 2-3 minutes. Not much, huh?  But this little adjustment in their 6th house-ruled daily routine, saw cortisol levels in the group return to normal within a month. Is that efficient?

How do you manage stress?

pictured – Saint Dymphna, Patron saint of mental and nervous disorders.

11 thoughts on “Saturn Transit 6th House – Stress Management”

  1. Wow! What are the odds?! I was just praying to St Dymphna 2 hours ago, before a certain situation I had to face. I’ve just come back and here she is, on EE, and with a (much needed) message via you! How do these things happen?!

    The situation actually “went well”. But something totally unexpected and out of the blue was revealed to me. Something uber stressful that I didn’t think I was going to have to deal with for another couple of years, or at least not in the way that I was informed today.

    Here we (I) go again!

    Been there. Done that. Can and will do this… again! (Whether I want to or not.)

    (Having a glass of red wine. Will breathe later! 😀 )

  2. Being present, and focusing solely on the task at hand helps me. The goal is to increase ‘no thinking times’ and just be. Music is a great distraction. When I have fully immersed myself in an activity without unnecessary thoughts, I feel an amazing calm and sense of clarity afterwards.
    Stress can be a silent killer and this topic is a great reminder that we need to work on minimisation. I read that patting our pet’s can reduce our BP and increase our oxytocin levels ??.

  3. I have Saturn cruising there now .. I tried nipping in the bud by getting all my ducks in a row: do all the medical tests,visits etc . I think mine is more ‘service’ related, helping and serving (I also had my 2nd Saturn return during this time. But only one pass. Phew)

    1. Yeah for you on your 2nd return …and getting away with one pass. You must have done some good Saturn work in between those returns. Doesn’t Saturn reward those who learn his lessons?

  4. I have Saturn in Pisces at the last degree in the 6th House. Depression, health, habits. Yes, important. Thanks!

  5. I also think that this transit can trigger an eating disorder in people who are already prone to it, i.e. growing up with body image issues, low self-esteem, judgy family, etc.

  6. Oh I don’t know about standing still while care taking the dimentia loved one. I more like had to call in back up. Maybe, I let it go too long. By the time I needed a break, it was the great escape to someplace else.

  7. Saturn has set up shop in my sixth house along with Jupiter and Pluto. My Saturn is in Capricorn and rules my sixth house.

    Meditation practice and prayer are what help with stress the most. My natal Saturn is square Mars. Have had plenty of stress !! Managing it much better now due to long-term meditation practice and enduring my 2nd Saturn return. Severe testing during the months of return with 3 passes. I’m in the other side now. Stronger, more organized, peaceful and calm. Even when the stuff hits the fan.

  8. That is very interesting indeed! I have been doing this for years and recently, fell off the wagon a bit to find anxiety and worry rearing their ugly heads, so have now started again with the addition of doing walking meditation, I have found it to be a very efficient addition to my daily routines. Uranus (not Saturn) is just entering my 6th House and it literally has turned, not only my, but my roommates’ life upside down. If we can get through this, the rest of life will be a piece of cake! Deep Breaths! And a glass of wine, like Tango is having is nice too! ; )

  9. Avatar

    When I went through it, (Saturn through the 6th house), it was like all the things you took for granted with the things you could do, fell away. Had skin condition flare up and no longer could hide the suffering that pushing myself through work for “career” was doing to me. Not only this, people questioned me because of my “sensitive disposition”.

    You’re left with a lot of physical pain, but also an opportunity to stand up for yourself and speak your limits—for the sake of your own well-being.

    It is no longer worth it to me to please those people.

  10. A long-time friend started sharing JinShinJytsu with a small group of us on ZOOM. An hour a week for the past 15 weeks my husband and I have added this simple ancient practice to our lives. Stress relief and more: joy has returned:)

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