Pluto Transit Through The 12th House – Quicksand

sonarPluto is transiting my 12th house. I googled the transit in 2007, when this was coming on. I found nothing useful, so I decided to write about my experience. These posts are tagged – Pluto Transit 12th. I check in four or five times a year.

I am aware at this point, I am deep in a swamp. I am not unhappy, but I’m also not kidding myself. I don’t feel very light and/or Libra, that’s for sure.

When I view others from this vantage point, they seem light on their feet. It’s the different between being caught in quicksand…and not being caught in quicksand!

I don’t feel jealous of them, though I think many people in this position would. I see that I can’t get to where they are and my answer is that is, “Oh, well.”  But it’s begun to bother me more, lately, which is why I’m writing.

I am writing to report the change, see? And I want to move out of this space.

I am wondering how low I will sink. It’s not depression. My mood is good. I just feel myself sinking deeper down.

I would probably not care about this as all, if not for the little bit of Leo in my chart. The Sun and Pluto don’t get a long that well – for this reason – the sun wants to shine, as opposed to trying to shine, while covered with shit.

Sorry, but that’s the word I want! No “eternal child” wants slop all over them!

I called, Satori, we’ve been friends for a dozen years. I asked her if she thought we’d make it through this transit. I have a ways to go. I have until 2020, anyway, and a lot can happen in that amount of time.

Can a “swamp thing” maintain a connection with someone in the light, over that period of time?

She told me, emphatically, yes. She said the only thing that would separate us was if one of us died. I was surprised and happy to hear her say that. I wasn’t expecting it.

I wasn’t expecting it, because this feels like being sunk like a submarine to the ocean floor, slowly. I am going to be in the deep for the better part of 15 years. I’m bound to come up covered in seaweed and barnacles. This is not the kind of drama, Leo likes to star in!

But can you see what I mean? It’s seems it would be easy to lose touch with a person who ‘s checked out for that amount of time.

Anyway, I’m okay down here. I can be reached by sonar, lol.  People call me.  They call me a lot and often and I’m grateful for it.

One more thing. This may be my imagination (?) but when I contact someone, I feel I startle them. It’s like a submarine that breaks the surface. It’s unexpected, and I’m afraid I cause people to panic.

In reality, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I am 100 times more frightened of you. I’m terrified, actually, and that’s a fact.

Until next time.

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  1. My 15 year old daughter has Pluto moving through her 12th house. I’ve been anxious, b/c my son put us through H-E_L_L when he was a teenager. She mostly keeps a safe distance from Plutonian activities at school. Her sun is at 13 LIbra, so I’m watching this Spring. Her study skills have deepened and she keeps a detached attitude about social drama. She prefers to stay out of the fray and she seems to like her own company just fine. The cycle started with her parents divorce and she has become a deeply self aware human over the last 6 years. So far having Pluto in the 12th has not been a bad thing but I’ll let you know after this Spring.

  2. I also feel, when I do contact someone, I should not hold on them for long. Because I have this weight right now – I am a hefty to say the least. My thought is that I might sink someone along with me, leave them gasping for air.

    I function well as a secret weapon though. You hear about having friends in high places. Having friends in low places has a lot of merit as well. 🙂

    1. “I function well as a secret weapon … Having friends in low places has a lot of merit as well.” That is a cache of treasure, Elsa. Pluto transits my 12th House Capricorn Moon and the emotions are deep. My life is infused with an isolation factor that is long lasting. What I do is write, write, write pulling up the “merit” that lives on the borders, in the deep, pinning together the old wisdom (Cap) to the present. The mythic stories make sense (at least to me) but don’t for everybody. I learn to ask for company discerningly; and keep oxygen close:)

    2. This resonates with my experience with Pluto in the 12th… Man was I happy when Pluto moved into the 1st. I was confused as hell before that.

      I am also pretty comfortable with my 8th House, but I did not have the experience to navigate with this kind of energy. I did not know how to handle the repulsiveness/self-loathing Pluto/8th House types tend to feel.

      Shiny Sun covered in shit sums it up.

  3. Natal Pluto in the 12th – in scorpio, for that matter! – and i am unsurprisingly comfortable with the muck, with the ability to get dirty and still shine. (Lotus flowers thrive on it too!)

    I’m glad to be at peace with that aspect of life; for some reason rather than causing a drowning feeling, it is now grounding. When i was a teenager i struggled a lot with depression, and the fear i frequently had was of being over one of those deep sea trenches that can suck you down deep, that it would be bottomless and never end.

    But eventually i realized that what it was doing was strengthening the hell out of my metaphorical lungs. Now i can dive deep, come back up, and not be harmed – like one of the women who dives in the cold for pearls.

  4. Elsa,

    I wish I could giv you a hug.

    I also want to say form the other side…I have a friend/had a friend WHO has Pluto transiting her 12th. During this time she has had massive blowups with people. She turns explosively dark and screams so much she loses her voice. These blowups come out of nowhere. I have tried to hang in there for a few years as Pluto transits her 12th, first through Sagittarius and now through Capricorn. Well, over the Thanksgiving holidays we were fine. I even stayed with her a few days enjoying her hospitality and feeling we had become even closer. Then about two weeks later she suddenly blew up at me because I did not want to add her to my Facebook (which I use only for family and business). Keep in mind we were in touch via telephone and Skyope almost daily, by email and by SMS. We did not evne have an argumetn. It was one long screaming diatribe in which she clale dme names and accused me of Things and then said “I am done with you”.

    That was it.

    I know things are dark, but yeah, it is scary to be on the receiving end of these dark 12th house explosions that are about the 12th house person but being project outwards. I know I am her only actual friend, or was, but I do not want to go back for more abuse. This was not the first time and I have my own stuff. It was rather dark and mind-blowing to have her do that. I feel sad because I think she will wake up one day, if she has not already, and realize she lost her one friend. Her Sun in Leo pride (she has a big ego) stand in the way of her apologizing about anything to anyone….and I am not willing to be the martyr and go back for more emotional and verbal violence. It is sark and scary.

    1. Thanks, Elskede. 🙂

      I’ve managed not to explode/erupt for no reason, but I can see how a person would.

      I have an advantage in dealing with this, because of my 8th house. My comfort level with being uncomfortable is high. I also have outlets for the energy and enjoy depth in general.
      I think it’s Venus being locked up with Pluto at this time – causing the grief. I’ll be relieved when Venus moves into my first house. 🙂

  5. Pluto transiting my 12th….this is a succinct description of how I feel as well. Having a lot of Libra in my chart, including my sun, I have always been a very social person by nature. I have changed over the last several years to being more concerned with connecting and understanding than just socializing. Because of this, I have started to grow apart from friends that I no longer have anything to connect over. Some of them were/are very good friends to me so I hope we can revitalize that but if not, I guess I have to look at it as natural.

  6. Hugs Elsa.

    I haven’t had pluto transit through 12h. Some of what you say sounds very familiar, but I don’t know for sure. That comes next. PLuto will enter the 12h just as the progressed sun starts to move into h1. So…no end to the 12h sequestering then. That’s okay. I’m comfortable with depth too..

    The deeper I am, the bigger the view of the heavens.

  7. I’ve experienced Pluto transiting my 12th house. It entered that house (Sagittarius) in December 1998 and did not leave until January 2008. I also have four personal planets in that house. As it passed through it made conjunctions with: Venus-Jan 2003: (my Husband left for his first combat tour to Iraq, I was beside myself with worry for his safety. We did get a bump up in wages though). Mars- Feb 2006: I found myself thrust into a position of leadership within my community and although I felt was inadequate for the job, I buckled down and was successful. In fact, I received several commendations for that work). Sun – Nov 2007: (my Husband received a promotion that elevated our economic status, which until then money had been so tight I worried myself into insomnia for years. I began to think about returning to college for a degree now that the children were older). The final conjunction was Jan-2008 and it was conjunct my Ascendant and Mercury in the month of Jan. 2008: Now that I look back this was a turning point because all of the changes I went through with Pluto traveling through this house, and making conjunctions so many personal planets, made me a completely different person than before it started. During the experience it was hard, I mean hard (internally) but…but…I am stronger, I am confident, and have a much broader view towards life. Is it easy? Heck no! Am I happy with who I am now? You betcha! (For reference I have Pluto in Virgo 8th house). 🙂

  8. i had pluto transiting my 12H from 97 when i was 15 to 2006 when i was 24. obviously a lot happened to me during those years, and i wasn’t into astrology back then so i’d have to look at all the other transits and progressions to see what may have caused what, but, when pluto hit my AC, is the same time i broke off my engagement to my long time on/off partner who i’d lost my virginity to at 18, and my whole life changed. i got my degree in 07, and i moved accross the country on my own in 08, when pluto moved into capricorn and was still in its early stages of transiting my 1H. so i think i experienced a ton of changes when pluto moved from 12H to 1H – big time.

  9. (Hugs Elsa) .. Yes the submarine is a very good term for it. I don’t think your contact is shocking. For me it is more a clear powerful connection. Like.. i can deal with many people in my day, but i hear from you, even if it’s just a quick moment, it is crystal clear, the connection is powerful. I know i am dealing with a human is awake, who is aware of the delusions humans live in. She is powerful yet fragile, she is knowing yet unsure, she is darkness and yet purity. When i hear from you, i see the duality of it clearly, and the struggle within you. I see an unconscious wound, aware of it, yet not aware of it. I see a fearless warrior yet the most intricate delicate flower trying to blossom. Waiting.. like a part of your most inner wisdom and love is waiting to push up into the light with a glorious twinkling new bud, that is the same as the flower that you are, that you have always been, yet different.

    I think your doing everything right. Follow the conscious way. We are here with you. You are not alone. You are loved. I believe you should not be waiting for the time when you can shine again. Because you already shine. An irridescent shine. A different shine than you are used to. But it is there.

    I moved away from all my friends, but you see they didn’t have the depth that i am capable of now. They aren’t living consciously, and now i am; so it was a release. My father and i often discuss the sun-pluto in our lives. He experienced his almost the exact age i did, and we went through very similar experiences. Nothing that came before carries into the new you. If you go deep and purify the spiritual source, the life you had, the people you loved, the way you loved, the way you thought, who you were..all gone. It’s a rebirth. The relationships that survive don’t actually, they evolve and deepen like never before and they rebirth also. New people come into your life. Deeper, stronger, those that have the right sight. It is all a very gracious humbling time. A magical time, when for the first time the veil is pulled back and you can peek through the darkness and truely see for the first time. You see it takes time. Like Socrates explained. If youve been living in a cave all your life bursting out into the sunlight is not a good thing you would be blinded by the light. And so, gradually, slowly through the murky depth of the submarine you adjust your sight, your knowledge, and gradually your awareness grows and the waters become clearer and the weight becomes lighter, until you have adjusted all the way and then all of a sudden just one more step and you are standing light as the breeze in the glorious sun. You are not nowhere, you are always somewhere. You are in the same space you always were. It is your sight your knowing that is adjusting.

    You are not alone. We are here. We love you. You are not waiting for the moment to shine again, you are seing for the first time that the real way to shine is very different than you thought. It’s like the big bright sun shining and warmth, and then switching to a tiny crystal flower in the moonlight with drops of dew shining so brightly it’s mesmerising when you catch the moonlight upon it in just the right way. That is growing in the depths of a deep dark cave. It is a different way to shine. It is a different way to be.

    I remember feeling the weight you speak of, and worrying i would drag them under with me if i lingered. Yes, it is indeed a solitary time, but not alone, we are here with you. It is not easy i will concede, but when you rebirth in this life you will feel light as a feather yet stronger than ever before. You will see life like you never have. Experience love like never before. You will be happy and content more than ever before. The confidence you earn is inborn, unshakeable for it no longer relies upon the approval of the others. You see how silly and insane the world is. That people generally cause most of their own suffering. You clearly see the delusions of people. How they lie to themselves. Completely unconscious of who they really are, and their behaviour. You have great compassion, because you were once blind too. You learn the connection between everything. Why all the suffering, why all the problems. You see clearly for the first time. And you know how difficult it is to change that. For each one person and also as a society and then as humanity itself. You see people who chatter all day and yet never really have a conversation. People who have married for 20 years and yet don’t know each other. It is eye opening at a profound level. It is painful and soul wretching, but also healing beyond anything i know how to describe.

    Your guides will be there for you. The ‘awakening’ is a difficult passage in life. Many claim in Buddhist terms is the moment when one finds the path leading out of samsara the great wheel. The breaking of the first fetter. They say, one who has gained the path has not less but assuredly not more than 7 rebirths left after that defining moment. That they advance very fast after the veil is lifted, if they can make it all the way through and rebirth while in the human world. Looks to me, like your doing fine. And leaving a trail behind you to assist those coming after you, as all good teachers do.

    My love to you, dear sister (venus in leo) (smile) you will see how one can roar with barely a whisper. I am very grateful i get to journey with you, and those here. Biggest of loving hugs!!!

  10. Elsa, I have learned so much from the site; this is my first comment.

    All I can say is that taking Pluto on works better than running away or pretending that everything is as it was. I am pretty Plutonic—Mars in Scorpio loosely square Pluto in the 8th (appropriate use of personal power…oh, yes). And I have a Balsamic Moon, which is like a permanent Pluto transit. Pluto went through my 12th with a vengeance. Death, lots of it over several years, both of my own animals and foster kitties (my living room was a cat hospital a lot of the time—very 12th house). All the muck hiding in my marriage came gurgling to the surface, and the marriage ended (the last time my ex and I were intimate, Pluto was crossing my Ascendant—I moved out two weeks later). Lots of shadow stuff emerged, with which I have been working ever since.

    Currently, Pluto is sitting next to my first-house Chiron. It’s aspecting my Cardinal cross/MC-IC, as are Uranus and Jupiter. No escape, but I am hoping to use this energy to vault to the next level.

  11. Oh, Elsa. I feel ya, sistah. It’s great you can say that you’re not depressed. I suppose it has something to do with your knowledge of astrology. I was led to astrology because of what you write but I fell into deep depression because I didn’t know how to explain what was happening to me when it happened. Kisses, love. I have Leo too and it’s my south node. No taste for the muck. Purely got in touch with my Pisces asc and Jupiter scorpio. down in the nitty gritty.

  12. It comes and goes. yup. but Pluto is achingly brutal. And I totally get your not wanting to “associate” because you don’t want to bring anyone else down. Unfortunately, I handled it badly, I totally cut everyone off, complete isolation. I didn’t know how to express myself back then. Sadly, I can’t get back some of the relationships I had back then… even though I explained to them what happened. I admire your ability to handle it so well. I wish I would have known how to. But it is what it is.

  13. I had a friend with a natal 12th hostility with everyone until they cut HIM off. He has lost everything too. His home, wife in a brutal divorce and his only child in a terrible drowning accident. I have not talked with him in two years because he is a stroke victim and just goes off.

  14. You know, reading what you wrote, makes me think that I have buoyed at least a few people that were having the same transit (during my life). I don’t have most of their data, meaning, I was not into astrology and not still in contact with any of the people that I helped out. This is not my choice, it’s just how life is for me. I’m not upset, I give all I’ve got to give someone and when they are ready to move on, I have no regrets. I’ve done my best, given them my best and that’s the end of line. I’m not sad over this, though it’d be neat to know they were all doing well (I don’t think I’m meant to be privy to that information),

  15. “,,, the sun wants to shine, as opposed to trying to shine, while covered with shit.” =D

    I think you can maintain relationships with people on the “Sunny Side”, but they have to have depth. It’s the Superficial Sunny ones Pluto cannot go forward with.

  16. I understand how you feel; I feel the same way, but mine is in the 11th, 30′ from it’s natal position. Lately, I’ve been singing the old Jiminy Cricket song, “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are . . . “. I don’t I wish!!!

  17. Elsa, yours is the most beautiful, and accurate, description of Pluto transiting the 12th I have ever read. My Pluto is just on my ascendant now, and I have passed through more than 10 years of 12th house Pluto, after a divorce begun when Pluto in the 11th opposed my sun. With 4 planets (sun, merc, venus, and uranus) in gemini, in the 5th and 6th houses, this long encounter with Pluto has been dark, brutal and eye-opening. You are the opposite of scary. You may be in the dark yourself, but you’re holding up a lantern for the benefit of all you contact. I don’t think we ever lose what we’re meant to have; we only lose what no longer serves us, and what we can no longer serve. The shit, the barnacles–whatever metaphor you want to use–it’s the Truth from Down Below, the guts of life, and that’s what we’re forced to confront down there in the underworld. Hopefully we can use that truth for the enlightment of others and ourselves. You are doing exactly that. I admire you so much–your honesty, courage to tell it like you see it, your humor, resilience, and tenderness. Pluto in the 12th is like being roasted over a slow, hot fire. Mixing metaphors like crazy, let us hope we are being purified and turned into gold. I believe that, even though I don’t feel very pure or bright. Shit glows too, you know…when it’s lit from within. As you are.

  18. Elsa: I very much appreciate your discriminating ( is there some Virgo in ther somewhere?) look at the 12/Pluto transit. I was born with Pluto conjunct Saturn in the 12th square a personal planet stellium in the 3rd ( mars, merc, jup, ) in Scorpio, and trine Venus late in Scorpio. With this combination, I also got a sun in libra and a moon in Taurus. So I would have some footing from which to approach my decision to heal a lot of old karmic debt this lifetime. I sometimes feel my life is a Tibetan sand painting. Powerful situations get created, I struggle, resolve, and then they disappear and my life changes completely. This has happened several time and it feels like lighting a fire ( as in the Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune) at the end of a pier as the tide goes out, sending my prayers with the fire, and watching it disappear as the tide comes in. Ultimately it has necessitated a certain detachment from whatever I create, though my drive to create and my creative action never falters. The weight…is it a sense of all the I manifest dreams? One feels with Pluto in the twelfth is much helped by dancing….dancing in meditation…I found that listening to music played from a devotional perspective, no matter what cultural, being still until the music demand to be channeled by my body and allowing myself to give it expression….really helps alleviate the pressure. Thank you for opening this blog for all of us.

  19. Its been sometime since I experienced pluto through the twelve. It was back in the days when pluto was late libra into scorpio. It was not until pluto went into its own sign that the effect was felt. It was a loss of almost everything apart from the material/mundane. Psychological disturbance would be a way to describe the event. Did not help to have both saturn and uranus t-squaring the opposition in my birth chart.
    “This is the crisis I knew had to come, disturbing the bridge in my mind. Doubting and circling and turning around, wondering what will come next. This is the role that you want me to live, I was foolish to ask for so much. Without the protection of infancies guard, it all falls apart after a touch.” – Ian Curtis

  20. Pluto went into my 12th house recently and will be there for the next ten years. It is hard to separate this influence from the normal “reaching last chapters of life”! I am making less effort with friends and spending more time alone. That’s ok, it is not depressing, just feels right. My natal Pluto is right on my descendant, in 7th so I am attracted to Plutonian people anyway and really prefer relationships that “go deep”. I don’t have many superficial conversations and if I do, I know I am acting a part. This is becoming a little like watching one’s own life from afar so let’s see how the path turns!
    Thanks for your great post about Pluto & 12th Elsa. I wave to you through the water!

  21. I have had an interesting transit of Pluto to my 12th house. Pluto entered my 12th at 2 degrees Capricorn in November of 2009; that was the year that my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. We had only been married 3 years and had blended our family of five children. The blow of his diagnosis was earth-shattering. Since we have an exact Neptune (me) Saturn (him) conjunction, we very much felt immediately like soul mates and our marriage was the greatest thing that had ever happened to either of us in terms of being loved, accepted, and appreciated. I had lost my mother to cancer two months prior to meeting my Stevie, so I felt shattered that I was going to have to do this again: I had seen this movie and didn’t like the ending.

    Fast forward to today. Steve is still alive, but is incredibly sick and weak. We have had a helluva run; the docs gave him 6 months, and he took six years! This transit has been incredibly difficult. Yes, I am at home nearly all of the time. I am his caretaker, and still have four kids at home, so I am very much ‘stuck’ or underwater here, though I really don’t mind it because everything I need is here 😉 So, I get that feeling others talk about of being ‘trapped’ but it doesn’t feel like I’m suffocating. I feel like I’m where I should be.

    Another very interesting thing that has transpired through this transit is that I have become a medium. I always possessed deep sensitivities, but it wasn’t until transiting Pluto conjuncted my 10 degree Mercury in Cap in the 12th that I realized I could ‘talk’ to those on the other side. That has been a wonderful experience–again, something I do from the ‘confines’ of my home. I have a few more years before this transit is over, but I cannot imagine a way to be any further submerged–but I should not even tempt fate by saying that. I am guessing grief is going to take a few more years from me before I can poke my head back out. But at this point, I can say that I feel utterly transformed–from the inside out.

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