Getting Information In Dreams

I tend to have two kinds of dreams, generally speaking. First are the fear dreams that are part and parcel of Saturn Neptune in combination in a chart. Basically you dream what you are afraid is going to happen rather than what is real.

Other times I get very precise information. It’s never good info as in it is invariably information I would like to reject but it is good info in that it’s real. It’s like a real whisper from an angel and I figure I must need to know the thing even if I’m not thrilled with the content of the message.

The other hallmark of these type dreams and what I think is kind about them is that I can ignore them. They’re so wispy, they’re easy to deny and after being me for this long, I’ve learned over the years what I should internalize and/or process or act on and what I am best off to just release.

It’s no different than learning to  filter what comes in when I am awake. It’s just that for Saturn Neptune types, reality exists in ethereal realms.

Do you ever get solid information in your dreams?

pictured -Joseph’s Dream, Gaetano Gandolfi, 1790

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  1. I have done. It hit me in February, that one dream I had last year, the night before someone contacted me (a dream about them, in which I was looking for them in a specific location) ended up being right on target… I had no way of knowing where they were. I also had a dream, a month before my 28th birthday, that had me feeling optimistic and thankful, and started me off to really get over agoraphobia.

  2. I get very good solid information in my dreams. The problem I have is discerning what it is trying to tell me. In fact for a very long time now I have not remembered my dreams unless there is a message of some kind in them.

  3. Only once. Otherwise, my dreams aren’t remotely psychic in the slightest. I get really tired of apparently being the only one on the planet who doesn’t have psychic dreams.

  4. I’m a libra with merc neptune and I use dreams to help me to decide, LOL, if I am really really stumped between picking A and B.

    “OK universe, I’m going with the first of these I dream about.”

    Has worked out so far….

  5. Elsa, I totally relate to this. I have dreams similar to yours. Many of my dreams are my fears a manifestation of my fears. I’m prone to many nightmares. A lot of my abandonment issues happen here in my dreams, and it could get very scary/discouraging and that feeling lingers through my waking life.

    I’ve also gotten predictive dreams – particularly fresh is one of a friend of mine and how his then girlfriend confessed her feelings for him. I described the dream in detail – the sign of the restaurant, where they were sitting, and the body language (I could not hear what they were saying – I was “outside” the restaurant, looking in a window in my dream) – down to a T. I told him this dream the day before it happened, and the day after, he called me and was freaked out at how I described the event in detail the day before it happened.

    The weird thing is, I didn’t think it was predictive. I thought it was just a “random” dream that didn’t seem as “crazy” as most of my dreams…

  6. i think it would be nice to get information in dreams more frequently. usually it is when i’m wide awake and it has a tendency to disrupt my normal daily stuff. So yeah, whispering it in my ear while I’m sleeping would be nice or sending it in an email once a while or carrier pigeon or texted even..

  7. Unbelievable that you are posting this, this day, this now. Occasionally, yes, I do. I got one of those last night, where a man I know to me very clearly about what was going on with him. And it was him. This happens periodically, and the way you analyzed it is exactly right. I dreamt it last night, woke up in the middle of the night to write it down on the tablet I keep by my bed, and wrote about it and thought about it again all morning.

    It is intended to help. I am completely amazed that you post this thing on this day.

    thank you.

  8. I do get solid info, but it’s often delivered indirectly in an unrecognizable form. I often don’t realize until much later that a dream was actually telling me something important. Boy, that’s a weird feeling when I finally figure it out.

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    Blessed Place

    My dreams have always told me one thing – that it’s useless to try to surpress my feelings since when I do I extremely vivid and quite upsetting dreams centred on that particular loss or problematic relationship. that’s been the case since childhood

    jenfullmoon: I don’t have psychic dreams either, or not that I’m aware of – certainly not in the predictive sense. I see dreams as a channel to my own subconscious, not that of the universe

  10. I get dreams that tell me who/what I’ve not yet, finished. Hanging onto people or roles that serve me not in the flesh re-visit in my dreams. I get to choose, when to finish up and head down stream. Neptune in the 9th my world-view changes; long transit of Neptune through the 2nd the fog comes and gones awake and while asleep.

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    ive got Saturn Trine Neptune, and Pluto sextile both (i wonder whats this aspect patter name)…
    anyway, my dreams are deep, confusing…

  12. A wee bit off topic, but I think it’s an important tidbit . . . Zyrtec, the allergy medication (supposedly without the dangerous side effects of many similar OTC drugs) causes/contributes to night terrors, really bad dreams and inconsolable bad thoughts.

  13. I dreamy my father was going to die, and he did, a few months later. By the way, he was healthy, it was “an accident” that was meant to be.

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