Pluto Transit To Taurus Sun

Pluto redDo you have any advice on Pluto square Sun transit? It will be squaring my 2 degree Taurus sun and I’m very scared.

There is no way this will be an easy transit but you can align with it today, by flushing your fear.  Compare this to knowing a hurricane is on the way.  Does “fear” help in that circumstance?  Only if it causes you board up your windows.

Ultimately this transit will see you access your personal power.  The power of your life force that’s currently stuck, operating in your subconscious. You will wield that power for the rest of your life, so it’s not like this transit is just going to be you pain for the sake of pain.  But yes, this process involves loss which can be devastating.

As an example, lets say you are close to someone, very close. You love them, deeply and they betray you.  As a result, you lose not only your love but your self-esteem and your sense of self. Your ego (sun) is gutted. I am not saying this will happen to you, but this is the template…

You suffer this staggering loss; it nearly takes your life (sun), but you survive it… barely. How? By going down deep inside yourself and finding your own coiled-up serpent power.  Because it’s in there!

So you dig that up and over the course of the transit, you learn to incorporate it.  It’s a simple thing in a way.  Once you know you have these qualities, you start to use them. It’s like dying and coming back up with new, but foreign skin, guts, clothing, you name it.  So you’re uncomfortable, which is hard for Taurus, but you will eventually wear this experience very well.

I have no idea how old you are but times like this come to everyone who lives long enough. You might say it’s the end of innocence. But if you think about it, do you really expect to become an innocent fifty-year-old?

Prepare for this transit by planning to face it.  Taurus is a sturdy character. You’ll be all right, especially because you see this coming.

I’ll tell you something else.  People or maybe it will be one person, will throw crap on you during this transit, in ways you’ve never seen before. It’s important. There’s an underside to life and someone or something will take you there. When you get there, just remind yourself, you were expecting this and you be okay.

Pluto transits are long but they’re not that long, in the scheme of things… like scaled next to the length of your life.  And most people, post a Pluto transit, generally feel that while they would not like to endure such a trial again, the do like their gains, especially when the transit fully fades out, which does take years.

If there is a single most important instruction for this transit it’s this: LET GO.  Obviously hard for Taurus but do you really want to go over the cliff, with your possessions? Of course not!  So if the thing or the person is killing you, let go!  The strength to do this is inside you. When you contact it, remember me and feel the power surge when you release the thing to preserve your life.

Are you a Taurus having a Pluto transit?

17 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To Taurus Sun”

  1. I am not a Taurus Sun, but when Tr Pluto squared my natal 8H Libra Sun I filed for divorce. The demise was slow and lurking; not a surprise for either of us. Ugly truths were revealed and it was a gut wrenching experience but, Elsa, you are right. It was crucial to “let go” and create a new life for myself. No regrets because I love who I am now.

    1. Brutal transit in that it feels hard, every bit of it. Conversely, the blockages, the opposition from authority, the loss, the forced change and necessary letting go are confronted because of an unstoppable drive to conquer oneself. Pluto offers the Sun the power, all be it after first stripping and breaking down the ego identity.

  2. Gonna hit my Taurus Sun/Pluto opposition at 5/8, so yea I feel you 2 Taurus, it’s gonna suck.

    With Pluto Rising in Scorpio, surviving profound loss via death the way I have, it’s like how many more times can my ego be annihilated though?

  3. I think l will be close to death when l have my Sun squ.–the Big Letting Go.

    But first, Pluto squ. Merc. in Taurus.
    I am hopeful about this because Merc. is well aspected…mostly.

  4. It’s interesting about letting go because Taureans have Uranus in their sign since 2018, so the Pluto square follows that up.

    1. It has been awful! I have 10th house Taurus Sun, Merc and Jupiter and 2018 started a period of a very unstable work experience amongst many other things. Not ready for the square to my Sun at all

      1. It is an awful ride through my immense Taurus stellum! With Saturn squaring it….
        We all felt this to the bone.
        Taureans hate surprises and change, me too despite Gemini sun..

  5. Right now Pluto transits through my 12th house and trines my Venus and Vesta at 29 Tau. At the same time it is opposite my natal Saturn 6th house, and squares my Chiron in 2nd house.
    Opportunities arise, but there is so much to do, so many diseases in the family, my health issues, and so much hard work to do, that I can’t make any money out of it. I just can’t work more than I work now. Funny.
    But I am grateful that this Pluto- Saturn opposition did not hurt me or any family members.

    1. It hurt my niece …or did it? I think it helped–she is in hospital—15 days sober.A start.

      But it (Sat. opps.(my)Pluto/desc.squ.MC…and IC) blowing up the family(certain ones)in interesting ways… so called family ‘values'(which serve some but not others) are being exposed to public scrutiny.Bloody brilliant!

      I hope you end up with what you need to progress, Alice.

    1. in my personal opinion, scorpio will be fine because uranus is EXALTED in scorpio. Thats the weird secret /mystery of it all. Scorpio understands “change” and lives for the transformation.

  6. Thank you for these wise and kind words Elsa!

    I’m expecting that I will lose my parents in that time frame, they are old and not in good health. Pluto is about to pass my MC and square my sun and moon. Also the solar eclipse will be hitting those planets…it’s going to be a tough one… at least Jupiter will be there to help us this year.

  7. How does Pluto square Sun affect teenager Taurus?. I have two in my life. Will they see the world change drastically around them?

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