Jupiter In Gemini Positives

Gemini TWINS BROACHI had an client ask me if she sounded crazy.  I was surprised because I’ve worked with her awhile and she’s never sounded even remotely crazy. Rather than just say, “no”, I thought I should elaborate. If I can answer a question like this well enough, a person might be freed from their concern.  Why be weighed down by something that isn’t real?

I glanced at her chart to see why she might think this or for some other insight. I spotted her Jupiter in Gemini which is elevated in her chart.  It’s tied to her Scorpio moon and some other stuff.  She’s actually a high-end communicator and I’ll explain this.

I told her that when get on the phone, invariably she had a comprehensive overview of her situation.  That’s Jupiter in Gemini, right?  She always explains the whole of situation with all the nuance. She includes her read on the situation. She’s not testing me, see? She’s open.  She’s got the big picture (Jupiter) and she’s thought about it (Gemini).

I told her what I thought and she told me that she’s never really heard anything good about Jupiter in Gemini. What? Big mouth? Won’t shut up? Obnoxious know-it-all? I knew then I would have to write this post so here it is.

I also told her she was a graceful communicator. Jupiter – grace. She’s a sensitive person with a Mecurial gift (Jupiter).

Do you have Jupiter in Gemini? Tell us about it?

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  1. I also have Jupiter in Gemini @10th house, trining my aquarius moon @6th house… A see myself as jack of all trades, and Master of none. I would love to learn more about your perspectives

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    Elsa, This one of the best things anyone ever has said about me. In fact, I think it IS the best thing.

    A lifetime of thoughts, each and every day, going round and round, looking for an exit – I have often wondered about my sanity! Thank you!! 💛

  3. I don’t have Jupiter in Gemini, but something similar: Jupiter in Virgo, exactly trine my Capricorn Sun. They would be singletons (duo) if not for each other. Gemini rising, Capricorn Mercury in the 7th. Details and nuances are supremely important to me, both for receiving information and communicating with others. The ‘Big Picture’ permeates everything I think about and do.
    I can get bogged down in the details that proliferate as soon as I start a project, though.

  4. Wow, thx Elsa, this is very interesting. I don’t have Jupiter in Gemini, actually Aries, but your take on it is illuminating and I can see how a person might feel a little crazy with the proliferation of thoughts running through their head. Thx for this positive outlook! And, the comments support that. My (now long dead)mother had Gemini Sun and Jupiter. She saw all situations from every angle and could argue from every perspective! 😂

  5. I also have Jupiter in ♊ 25 in my 9th house it is my highest planet hugging my MC, and trines my neptune22 and Saturn 26 libra.He also sextile my moon in Aires and Pluto in leo 25.I don’t see Him as being in detriment (although he is said to be).for me he is finely placed.he has saved my ass in many saturn situations, with legal matters,and has gifted me in writing,of poetry and song.and the ability to learn fast and adapt.a wide array of interest in many different subjects.and yes multitasking which for me has faded somewhat with age.oh yeah he will definitely bestow a youthful wit.ALWAYS! now I would hardly call that detriment. in my opinion Jupiter by sign or house can never be bad.😊 blessings yall

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