Banking & Finance Upheaval With Uranus In Taurus Unaspected

Uranus symbol leavesUranus has been in Taurus for sometime but it was checked by Saturn in Aquarius for the better part of two years.  It’s been affected in other, smaller ways by various inner planet transits but at the moment, it is unaspected and we can clearly see the disruption in the banking sector.

This situation will continue until Venus in Taurus catches up to Uranus.  This occur on March 24th, roughly speaking. The moon will be in Taurus at that time and it will sort of pull the two planets together.  I’m not saying things will settle at that time. They won’t! But the contact from other planets will modify the scene.

For now, this situation is algorithmic in nature.  Decisions are made in detached, non-emotional manner.

We’ve got about a week to go. How do you feel about this?

15 thoughts on “Banking & Finance Upheaval With Uranus In Taurus Unaspected”

  1. I’ve seen many comments from people and honest experts (ie;Edward Dowd) that October (Libra + Scorpio season) or this Fall is going to be a time of major concern. Maybe there is something to it.

    Black Thursday was Oct.24th 1929
    Black Monday was Oct 19 1987
    Financial crisis 2008 -markets were at peak Oct 2007 -descent started from
    then and bottomed out in March 2009.

      1. I agree but it might be a volatile situation that goes up and down within the descent.
        So the implosion has happened (present) and now we don’t coast down but rather go down on a very bumpy up and down descent and the hit rock bottom.
        That does make sense to me in a natural cyclical rhythmic way I guess.

        1. There is nothing on the horizon that seems it will get us out of this… business booming again. So I think the system goes down and the new system is what comes up.

          That said, I also think it’s unpredictable so this is just what seems likely to me.

          1. Curious how you would define this new system in your opinion? Any astrology hints in that?
            I have limited view/knowledge in this but as a random theory, i equate barter with Venus and something like CBDC with Aquarius/Uranus…and now Pluto into Aquarius – shoot (its dawning on me) so that could mean it was written in the stars to go to CBDC 🙁

            1. Digital currency, but free or controlled, I don’t know. The latter is a safer bet, but there’s a chance of something surprising. The thing is, (I think), the “free” could be veneer over the control – basically the same way it is now.

  2. My t-square is 16 Mars Taurus, 16 Uranus Leo, 20 Jupiter Scorpio. And transiting Pluto is conjunct my Aquarian moon. With transiting Uranus in Taurus, and a long-awaited mortgage/purchase pending, I’m scared. I feel like WW3 is pending to start and the house will help with riding out our cultural/world upheaval.

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