Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Black Clothing, Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing and Burst Pipes!

By way of tracking the Pluto transit to Moon, I wear a lot of black clothes these days. This is fairly appropriate, I am Italian and can wear black well, but I notice it’s become extreme. I completely avoided black last winter, but this year anytime I put any color on, it just feels wrong and I wind up taking the orange, green, blue, purple thing off and sticking with the black, with black, with black.

I am also due for my yearly (routine) mammogram and last year, with Pluto (death) stationing in aspect to my Moon (breast) I was called back for an ultrasound after something looked suspicious.

I didn’t think I had cancer, and I didn’t but going back for my yearly check reminds me of the experience. I checked and Pluto is still in it’s shadow until the last week in December which means I am still retracing what has already occurred while the new stuff sets up.

On the new stuff, my daughter (who is ill) is being considered to be part of a national study. Getting in the study is almost impossible, roughly 18-20 children are chosen per year. But somehow I think she has a shot at this because she is an anomoly and if she gets in, there will be extensive genetic testing done on every member of my family which seems pretty Pluto Moon to me!

On other fronts, last time Pluto was at this degree, my kitchen (Moon) was gutted (Pluto), the floor, everything down to the walls with the pipes (Pluto) sticking out. Last week, I was checking a link under the sink, when the entire garbage disposal (Pluto) popped off completely and the sink full of skanky water emptied through the pipe, sliming me, completely.

There’s more but you get the idea. Things are afoot and ready to move into new realms.

Have a Pluto Moon story? Tell us.

13 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Black Clothing, Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing and Burst Pipes!”

  1. My sister has a 12th house Pluto in Libra, trined the Moon (as well as Squared Mars, squared Saturn, conjunct Libra…ASC and the list goes on!)
    Once when we were kids on a walk with my Dad, she tickled me and my eyeglasses fell off…on top of a sewage drain…and into the skanky sludge! My Dad (thinking of the cost to replace them no doubt) had to lift the drain cover, stick his arm down in the sewage and fish for my glasses, because she refused to!
    She was also 11 years old, so he cut her some slack.
    But the image of him marching ahead of us with his arm in front of him, up to his armpit in shit, will never leave me.
    I think she was in awe she had caused that much fuss with a mere tickle, as I still am to this day.

  2. I have a Pluto moon story, but I will have to write about it later, might take too long. I had a Pluto transit to my moon and ascendant this year (they’re at similar degrees) and last. It’s been pretty intense. It’s finally starting to die down. Hope you’re doing well, Elsa.

    Be back later with more info…

  3. My pluto moon-story:

    I’ve had pluto conjunct my moon last year. This was the year I had a gastric (moon) bypass (pluto).
    It was also the year I did transpersonal psychotherapy and got in touch in my inner child. It felt like I had adopted a traumatized child. I realized the origin of my self esteem issues, and began to love myself. I had great breaktroughs all at once. I remember the week when I found the date of my surgery, after more than a year of waiting; also the week i had a regression as I interviewed my inner child about the origin of the issues and cried as hard as I ever have in me life, my whole body ached for days, that was also the week the father of a friend of mine commited suicide and I was the closest person to him at the time, so I had to deal with death very closely preparing for the funeral bureaucracy and etc.. that was all in 4 or 5 days days. My surgery was the next week.
    Other then that I don’t remember anything ver important that could be related to this transit.

  4. Viviana! Holy intense Pluto! I couldn’t help but laugh at your last line “Other than that I don’t remember anything very important” because understatements always do that to me.

    I hope the surgery went well!

  5. Geez, Elsa, I’m so, so sorry about your daughter. I would never have dreamed there was something so sad and scary going on for you; you’re always so bright and helpful toward others. Warmest wishes to her, to you, and to your entire family.

    On a shallow note, I laughed when I read about your Embracing of the Black. I was born with a Moon/Pluto square and have always worn a lot of black – to the extent that many years ago, a kindly coworker gently asked if there had been a death in my family!

    The transiting opposition from Pluto to my Moon a few years ago was pretty hard, with many lessons about emotional self-sufficiency – but nothing like what you’re going through. Take good care.

  6. Christine hehehe 🙂

    The surgery went fine, thank you 🙂
    It was the best thing I’ve done. it’s a weight loss surgery, i’ve lost almost 80 pounds (35 kg?)
    this year. Uranus is transiting my 1 house, freedommmmm!! 🙂

    This prooves heavy transits can be good.
    For me the worst transits are saturns by far.

  7. I hope your daughter makes it into the study Elsa.

    I think I’m having more problems (especially with water) with Uranus transiting my 9th opposed the 3rd house stellium than the Pluto square both the 3rd and 9th and my progressed Pluto Moon opposition. However…

    I keep several bottles of Draino around because the pipes are constantly clogged. I sold my condo in 2003 (mostly because of the constant plumbing problems) and moved to a townhouse where the basement flooed (six or more inches) every time it rained. Once the lease was up I moved to my current apartment (on high ground) where maintenance is on call to snake drains and fix pipes on a practically weekly basis. The washer overflowed twice; the dishwasher has been replaced 9 times in 18 months because of leaks; the second bathroom toilet runs all by itself at odd times and has backed up five or six times, (I’ve lost count) and backed up into the neighbors apartment twice.

    So, which of the gods is screwing with me more? Uranus, Poseidon or Pluto? 😀 It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor because I have several more years of this to live through. I should just give up and move to the sewer but I’m too damn’d stubborn and Virgonian (eeww… gross… sewers!) to do that.

    Viviana, “Other then that I don’t remember anything ver important that could be related to this transit.” also cracked me up! But, Good For You!

  8. well, it was the fourth house cusp, not the moon, getting transited by pluto, when i moved to a new cty on my own for the first time, into the war zone (there was a coke dealer three doors down by the time i left) where i heard gunshots every night after it got cold… my neighbor had her apartment burn out (luckily for me we had cinder block walls) and I had the toilet that would never flush and the maintenance guy who would never come by. I spent a lot of time in the bathrooms of restaraunts and work. i moved the month after the six month lease was up because he raised the rent and i found a much better place closer to the university for just a touch more.

    pluto sextile my moon was when postpartum depression started kicking in really badly… but it was also conjunct neptune, so there’s more than one thing going on there.

  9. pluto went over my moon (7* sag) in 1998 when i was 19 … my parents split up and my boyfriend who i pretty much lived with dumped me HARD … after i moved back in with my family my mother kicked me out … i was also in a way scary car accident plus had blood poisoning from chronic tonsilitus plus some very dangerous allergic reactions … once this stuff was over i had the best time of my life, in the end it was all very cleansing. i think of pluto transiting the moon as emotional chemo: really hard to live through but it can save your life!

  10. Wow, did not know so many other’s had such intense emotional stories of pluto and the moon.

    The black of abyss of unresolved childhood issues.

    Emotional chemo. Sounds like it. Sounds very rough to have all that happen.

    Emotional self sufficientcy. I always thought I had that. Self reliance but Pluto said, not quite.
    I have always felt like someone who got through things with my ownself and did not need someone so intensely. I never have the felt the intense need period, as I enjoy alone time and can find something always for myself to do. I am sort of an independent type person. Pluto and the moon does not jive with that. Feelings of vurnerablity are too frighning for me.

  11. Hmm… of course I have to add my two cents though I may only have one cent today…

    Natally, I have moon pluto conjunct in Virgo in the first house. Emotional intensity. Obsessive worry (the Virgo influence). The ability to experience great passion or to destroy what I love. I know no other way.

    My first astrology teacher often spoke of self-mastery. I can say this aspect gets better (easier?) as I get older. But it’s always there and life events, well, life in general, triggers it…

    But Elsa and others have mentioned that for me it is well aspected, sextiled all around the chart. Still, when something squares or opposes it by transit, well… i don’t like that at all! At those times, I feel like people are coming at me–

    With this aspect, life always feels challenging. Even if… even if things are fine… you wake up in the morning with pluto hitting you on the head, asking you for psychotherapy, for spiritual union, for a tarot reading, for mindblowing sacred sex, for more depth and more depth and more depth. Pluto wants to take you lower and lower into the underworld to mine for gold. Happiness is serious business. And healing from trauma will take more than one lifetime.

    My mother died when I was too young– I consider that moonpluto also…

    I can understand how this transit would hit someone hard, especially if they aren’t used to such an influence, if they usually feel kind of detatched. What happens when someone with a very “airy” chart gets a high dose of moon pluto?

  12. When Pluto transited my Moon (24 Gemini) back in 2005, some very intense things happened within a very short time. My father, who is the only remaining member of my family, called me to say that he would have to sell the family home and move into assisted living because he couldn’t manage alone any longer. The day after that phone call, my boyfriend of 4 yrs ended our relationship; his Venus is at 24 Gemini. I haven’t spoken to him since. In the following months, my father and I sold the family home, he moved in with me, and his health deteriorated very quickly. It became apparent my father needed 24/7 care, and he had two health crises in 2006 which led to him being placed in a nursing home. I am still recovering from all those events, and it took a long time after my father moved into the nh for me to start feeling normal again.

    Now Pluto is heading for my Saturn at 4 Capricorn (and also my father’s Moon in Cap).

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