Effects of Venus Retrograde in the Natal Chart

quillWhenever I talk about natal retrograde planets, the people who experience the most fear are the people with Venus retrograde. You hear all kinds of terrible stuff – Venus retrograde people never find love, they break up and get back together but never commit, money never comes to them, etc. And I understand the fear. Venus rules all the lovely things we want out of life! That’s the last thing you want to have malfunctioning. And with only 7-8% of all people being born with Venus retrograde, it’s all too easy for myths to start forming.

Luckily, in my research, the truth is a lot more nuanced than that. Sometimes there are classic scenarios, like 5 marriages in one lifetime, but more often than not, there is more than meets the eye, and it’s rarely as terrible as we’re made to believe.

  • Hidden Talents – One of the things I noticed again and again is that people with Venus retrograde are extremely talented at Venusian things, like art and literature, but that you may not ever know it. Take Winston Churchill, who became a prolific painter under a pen name, all in secret. Or take Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She started writing poetry as a preteen, but a series of illnesses caused her to lay the pen aside. Only decades later, when her cousin basically dragged her kicking and screaming to parties in literary circles, did she begin to write again. And once she did, she became one of the most prolific poets of her era. And how perfectly Venus retrograde is that? She started young, hit a snag, and later returned to her true artistic passion.
  • A Second Look – People with Venus retrograde will often need to review decisions they made on Venusian matters. Take Lord Halifax, a famous diplomat who was one of the architects of the strategy to avoid WWII by appeasing Hitler. It was only when Hitler’s aggression became more apparent that Lord Halifax changed his mind, instead arguing for Britain to defend Poland. A second example would be Constance Lloyd, who married Oscar Wilde and had two children with him. It was nearly a decade later that she discovered Wilde’s other lovers and had to decide what she was willing to tolerate.
  • Fear of Lack – Another theme that figures prominently for people with Venus retrograde is a fear or dislike of lack and restriction with regard to Venus things. For instance, Constance Lloyd was also part of the dress reform movement, which pushed for clothing that was more practical and easier to move around in. No more suffering for beauty for her! Or look at Mary Todd Lincoln, who was surrounded by wealth and opulence her entire life, but who also walked around with the modern equivalent of millions of dollars sewn into her petticoats. She’d never wanted for anything, but she knew all too well how quickly the tides could turn, and she wanted to protect herself just in case.

Of course, with this being such a rare placement, each individual experience will be unique. But I hope this shows that it is not a curse, nor is it a denial of Venus gifts. Most of the people mentioned were happily married for most of their lives. Most of these people lived very well and had plenty of money. They just had little setbacks and reversals, and they went slightly against the grain. But Venus retrograde, like any other placement, can be a gift. Hidden talents, a diplomatic mind, and a willingness to change your mind can take a person far in this life. All thanks to Venus retrograde.

Do you have Venus retrograde in your chart? How has it manifested? Have you noticed any positive effects?

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  1. My daughter and I both have Venus retrograde. All of my romantic relationships have had some kind of break or been on again, off again, but I’ve never really been single. She and I both have trouble spending money even when we have more than enough as well.

  2. PurpleStarGirl

    Yes. I have it in Aquarius. My gift is writing and I’ve been told I should pursue a career as a writer. I’m also a peacekeeper when it comes to drama being caused in social circles I’ve been in.

    I’ve honestly never been in a real relationship either. I just haven’t found anyone I feel a connection to that I want to date but I’m demiromantic so that has a lot to do with it.

  3. My BF has it in Gemini in his 6th house. Double dose of Mercury if ever there was one.

    We spend a lot of time weighing our decisions, to find the right way forward.
    He has been in love with a work colleague, and a study buddy. He was a virgin when I met him.

    I read that for Venus Rx individuals, love could come when the progressed Venus turned direct, and true – shortly after his did, him and I met for the first time.

    We did spend a long time being friends online first though. We TALKED. A lot. And, true to the Venus Rx, I backed out after our first date. But then we got together again, and have been going steady since then. That was 2 years ago.

    He is so competent on his workplace,even if he doesn’t know that. He is one of the most steadfast employees,having been there for many years.
    His money handling is very good as well.

    His decision making takes aaages. He needs to review and revise it several times over, much to my frustration, but I am beginning to learn to trust his ability, and now know that we get a better result because of it.
    After reading your initial articleMidara, I realized this. I am very grateful for that, because I can now see and have a better understanding of why he takes such a long time to get moving!

    His Venus is also square his Mars/Saturn conjunction in Virgo in the 6th house. So, we have had our challenges in regards to 8th house matters.

    Communication really IS key with this Venus placement, but he is VERY adapt at diplomacy 😉
    Well, at least most of the time. Intimate communication is a struggle sometimes, but we have worked out a way for us to become better.

    I am so happy you wanted to do an article about this placement. I really appreciate becoming wiser!

  4. I’ve known two people with Venus rx and their love lives were very complicated. There seemed to be difficulty in knowing themselves and their desires deep enough to make positive choices that would bring them better opportunities for peace and happiness. There was an attraction to complex, difficult or impossible relationships and also attraction to and experience of what seemed like karmic past life or soul mate contracts that were in need of resolution. People they couldn’t have but couldn’t release or be released from and that interfered with meeting someone positive. I think it must come down to love of self and something obstructing that so that the lifetime is spent coming to love themselves truly. A bit like a Venus-Saturn aspect.

    1. I totally agree on the Saturn-Venus vibe.
      It’s really all about self love and acceptance of self as a flawed being.

      It can take them a loop go time and also therapy. But I think some of them will be better in coping with or dealing with their introverted feelings.

      In my relationship I know that for Venus Rx Gemini I need to speak up about my needs for him to be able to hear me, and know how to be better expressing my needs. It’s not easy, especially in the start of the relationship.

      But even with his Rx Venus square Saturn and Mars conjunct, I feel it’s a slow working process. Saturn requires slow, but promise rewards when you do the work.

      I guess,to some degree, my BF has learned to do the work, as have I, with my natal Saturn in Libra as well. We were ready to date each other, when both of us practiced active self love…

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    Patricia Graf

    Years ago I did a research paper on Warren Beatty, who had Venus retrograde on his natal chart. At that time he had never been married and was considered quite a ladies’ man. My life has since turned upside down, I wasn’t supposed to live, my kids emptied my house and donated everything, so I am just talking off the top of my head with zero of my research to fall back on. I predicted he would not marry until Venus turned direct by progression. That turned out to be true, but he didn’t marry immediately after it turned direct. As far as I know, he did marry – only once – and had several children quickly. That was my only experience dealing with a Retrograde Venus person.

  6. karmic resolution makes a lot of sense.
    i’ve been trying to shake mine out for awhile now.
    my venus is also aspecting a huge portion of my chart. it’s hard to really look at it independent of the air/fire web.

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