Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – Mom Sneaks A Peek At Vidroid’s Love, Belle

My son pulled his yearbook from his backpack as I was dropping him at the bus stop yesterday. “Here’s this, I forgot,” he said.

I was surprised but it occurred to me immediately, “Is Belle in here?”

“Yes,” he said blushing.

“Okay, well I want to see her.”He got out of the car with a groan like a normal 8 year old (almost 9, or 10 if he is at school) boy. I pulled up the street a bit and opened the yearbook to see the lovely Belle and well…

She is ridiculously cute. She’s a little pixie, very distinctive looking. She is definitely a little brown tooth fairy and I loved her on sight. She just gave me a gleeful feeling and I could see why my son was taken. He got home that afternoon.

“I saw Belle,’ I said. ‘And she is cuuuuuuuuuuute! She looks like a little pixie fairy.”

He groaned dramatically and fell his blushing red face into the pillow of the couch. A few seconds later he popped up all focused.

“You looked at her,” he said as if you ought to have permission to view his love. (Taurus possessions)

“I did. And she’s CUTE!” I said brightly.

“Well that’s not why I like her mom.”

“No? Why do you like her?”

“I like her because she is nice and she’s smart,” he said, smiling. “And because she is CUTE!”

“Yep, that she is. You have excellent taste.”

“I know, I know. I know she is great.”

I wish I could post her picture but you know I can. My son is in love with a little Taurus fairy w/ Pisces. ::beams::

5 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – Mom Sneaks A Peek At Vidroid’s Love, Belle”

  1. Eek! Of course she had to be so cute! I love this! (I would figure Sun-Saturn knows quality when he sees it, too.)

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