Client Testimonial: “Accessible Yet Poignant”

cheer!DJ writes:

“The consultation with Satori was amazing. I was a little nervous at first when I contacted her, yet as soon as I read the first line of the consultation, my worries were immediately alleviated. One of the main reasons I enjoyed Satori’s insight was because it was laid back yet very realistic. Furthermore there was no condescending tone, the knowledge she provided me with was accessible yet poignant. I thoroughly enjoyed Satori’s insight and she is an amazing astrologer, whose interpretations resonate with the individual’s chart, not just with what she has studied. Furthermore she knows how to find the source of conflicts without belittling her clients and she is very understanding. I highly recommended Satori for whatever questions you may have, I know for sure I will contact her during times of need.”

Thank you, DJ!

3 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Accessible Yet Poignant””

  1. You’re more then welcome and the poms are too cute, I have always wanted to know what it would have been like to cheer at games (:

  2. & I can definately say that I too think Satori is fantastic.

    In fact, I could probably ask her a question a day! It’s a nice “compromise” to be able to read her insight full blog posts in lieu =D

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