Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Empowering My Daughter…

My daughter has Pluto in Scorpio conjunct her ascendant. I feel the Pluto in Scorpio generation to be psychologically sophisticated…. more on that here: Defining the Pluto In Scorpio generation

I am sort of mad at her,” my daughter said. “I was on the phone with her and I told her one of my deepest problems. Do you know what she said to me? Oh don’t be so dramatic!”

I laughed. “I say forgive her. I doubt she is being intentionally insensitive. It sounds like that’s something her parents said or say to her. You know. She tells them her problem and they tell her she is being dramatic. And I bet it makes her feel exactly the way it made you feel when she said it. Bad!”

“Then why would she say it to someone else?”

“Well she probably has no other ideas. She sees her parents do it and she probably doesn’t know any other way. She thinks this is how things like that are handled. Basically I’d say she’s just mimicking her parents and means no harm.”


“Yeah. So you don’t have to take it personal you know. And you can learn. If something makes you feel bad then don’t do it to other people. I don’t care what your parents do or did. Parents are not always right. In fact, some of them are not right about anything so you really have to figure this out for yourself.”

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Do you notice your parents words come out of you? Is this for good or ill or both?

5 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Empowering My Daughter…”

  1. On a few rare occasions I hear something my parents say come out of me. More satisfying (and usually better for them) is hearing my parents pick up things I say. My quest to educate my parents never ceases.

  2. My parents words coming from my mouth? That would be ill indeed, I sure hope I deleted them all. But as my sons always make fun of their usual sayings and never once linked one to me, I guess there´s no danger anymore. Both of my parents are Aries, I´ve got moon conjunct saturn in Pisces in the third house, which gets squared by both their Marses in Sag – you get the picture?

    I myself take quite a lot from my kids, wordwise. They´re Gemini rising, I´m Gemini sun, so whenever we meet, there´s a lot of chatting and joking going on, and I´ve found myself subconsciously absorbing their way of talking in general. Very Gilmore-Girl-ish… all internal codes and music and movie references and witty playing with words (To me, Lorelai Gilmore is classical Gemini, her daughter appears to be Virgo with Gemini rising)for hours on end. They quote me occasionally, but they´re well aware of what´s theirs and what´s mine, so I guess they will only pick up from me what they really like, which gives me a good feeling.

  3. Now and then I catch myself sounding just like my mother and immediately start banging my head against the wall. *twitch*

  4. Oh, yeah! Usually just the weird sayings I picked up; here in the Appalachians there are a lot of interesting phrases that I enjoy. But I also have a problem with not considering my words when I get ~truly~ angry and I can wound people pretty bad when I’m like that – just like both of my parents. But I’m working on that second part, promise! 🙂

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    I am going though this Pluto-Moon transit thing. Parents are not always right. Oh Lord. How true you are on this. Don’t take it personally is pretty hard I think, but yeah, I think identifying the things from parents that don’t serve you or anyone around you, and pulling out that root, no matter how far that goes is proving HARD.

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