Pluto Transit 11th House: Loss of Friends, Wishes, Hopes & Dreams

When Pluto drops into Capricorn I’m going to consider the transit to my Moon to be over even though it will still be in very close orb. I think it’s pretty common for astrologers to give planets a 5 degree orb (particularly Pluto) and while I would not argue this I know for me personally, I am such a forward looking person I am just not going to remain focused on the embers of what’s been burned to the ground when there is a future out there for me. But boy these last days have been something else.
The sky is busy right now and everything going on cannot be chocked up to Pluto but I am pretty I can isolate what can. Things with my daughter obviously. Home and motherhood and also things with my friends.

My friends because Pluto has been transiting my 11th house (rules friends) for a dozen years and as I’ve mentioned before I have lost friends like you would not believe. (tag – Pluto transit 11th) By natural causes for the most part although the natural causes have been extreme.

One of the most painful separations (and there have been many) came right as the transit came in, symbolic to the extreme. I lost my best friend just as my daughter was born and do you know why?

It was because she had an abortion. That’s right. I had a baby and she had an abortion and after that she just didn’t want to see me anymore. How that for Pluto (death and birth) to the Moon (motherhood)?

So now the transit is winding up and I don’t have a friendship (with a woman) that is not in jeopardy and I just can’t believe it.

I only know one way to look at this in order to be able to cope… that is if I go to zero, I can go no further. It’s like a forest on fire. You try to save some trees. You can try but if the fire is going to take them then the fire is going to take them.

I feel like the soldier when he lost everything a one point in his life. All he had left was a computer and then a tree fell on it. Yeah. A Big Tree fell through the roof and smashed his computer (as pictured) Okay then.

Pluto moves into Capricorn end of the month. November 26th? Planes are crashing all around me, I don’t know what else to say outside of reiterating what I’ve said before.

burned-forest.jpgPost this transit I no longer have hopes and wishes and dreams. Pluto really does teach you to LET GO. So the transit peaks and passes leaving nothing in its wake and what I don’t know is how long it takes for something new to sprout up from the scorched soil. I’m thinking 6 months and I’m hoping that is not too optimistic. People need time to heal, they just do.

This is for you mothers out there: Stop and think about sitting there with your baby… your first baby in your arms, she was 2 weeks old. And I looked over at my best friend, we were visiting her and she started to cry.

She’d had an abortion one week prior and I knew deep in my soul at that moment, I would never see her again. That’s what this transit has been like. It really defies words.

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  1. 🙁 Thanks for posting this, Elsa. You provide us with so much, it is astounding. So much to learn from.
    I’m heading into my own Pluto-Moon transit, and am thankful for everything you’ve written.
    You always have a friend in me, even if a tree falls on my computer and I never go online again, because your stories will last a lifetime and so will their meaning.

  2. This sounds like the Pluto-Sun transit I had a few years back. Which brought me to my knees. Literally.

    This too shall pass.

    It truly is dark before the dawn, but the sun will rise again. Truly.

  3. What Kashmiri and K said. You will always have a friend here as well. And I am sure as you look into the future, there are many more friends you have yet to meet. There’s no where left to go but up 🙂

  4. I am so sad for you. And yet, I feel this blog is not even about your sorrow, but about you trying to share the huge scope of this transit. Thank you.

    I just realized Pluto, on one of my angles now, won’t conjoin another major planet, point, or angle of my chart in my lifetime. It’ll hard-aspect some things, yeah. But I’m humbled realizing how major the Pluto transit to my Sun was (which included a Saturn-Pluto conjunction right on it).

    I am glad you are now winding up this transit which has been so devastating for you.

  5. Yeah, Elsa, that’s a great description of a Pluto transit all right. I’m a forward looking person too and have noted for me a transit is over once the transiting planet moves on to the next degree.

    Pluto really does teach you to LET GO.

    I had Pluto hit all my personal planets and ASC by conjunction from my early twenties until my early forties, and I have noticed as a result I seldom get attached to ANYTHING for very long . . . it’s called being badly burned time, after time, after time.

  6. I had Pluto transit my moon when I was only 6 or so, so I don’t remember anything going on. But Pluto transited Neptune during the worst period of my life (but long ago now.)

    Sending good, positive energy to you Elsa (and to your long lost friend, I feel for her.)

  7. WoW! My Pluto has been conjunct my moon for some time now in my 12th house. It’s just about to drop into my Capricorn ascendant.

    My marriage has recently broken up for good (I say for good, because I attempted to end it a few years ago. I ended up surpressing my emotions(moon)and sacrificing my needs (isn’t that so 12th house?) for the good of my children, and to avoid any more conflict. However, as the transit is nearing its end, my marriage has disolved anyhow. The surprising result is that my husband and I are now communicating better than we have for years. We both feel a tremendous relief now that the burden of ownership has been removed, and the realization of our true needs (and how they aren’t really met by each another) has been accepted. Funny thing, that Pluto. Interestingly, the Uranus/Saturn opposition is occuring in his 1st and 7th house right now as well.

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    eye of the hurricane

    Pluto will be opposite my moon in 4 degrees. I really appreciate the heads up that your writing on Pluto Moon transits has given me. So far it has been some of the people in my life whose lives seem to be in disarray. So far I am enjoying the Saturn Uranus Opposition other than the odd difficult day. My Virgo Sun trait of caution along with an awareness of all of the powerfull line ups in the sky, has me checking everything to make sure it’s alright. And so far everything is alright.

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    eye of the hurricane

    I would quote something from ecclesiastes, but at the moment feel more akin to some of the north american indian traditions. Didn’t they burn down forest and meadow so they could plant their crops there next year?

  10. I can attest that the topic of friends has been an intense one for me too. When I moved to Europe in 1995, I basically lost ALL friends. I tried to maintain contact, but out of the lovely network in which I had felt so secure in Boston in the early 90’s, I only have contact with a few friends. It is hard to maintain connections over the Atlantic Ocean.

    When I got to Europe, I had to get to know the vibe here. I was very naive and thought people are people, but the vibe is different, and the people who I thought were my friends were not my friends. Because it was Pluto traveling through the 11th, most friendships I made were with people much more powerful than I was used to. I felt I had to adjust everything about me to be able to have friends.

    Just before Pluto left my 11th house, it was part of my identity that I had no friends. It just was that way and it was a fact. I wasn’t embarrassed about it, because it just was that way. When I would tell people I had no friends, especially to Aquarians, they would wince at my lowly friends status. With Pluto there is never any question how it got that way or even why, it was just a chrystal clear fact.

    As soon as Pluto went into my 12th, I started to have dreams with buildings falling down, or dreams with one huge dramatic image, an all or nothing kind of feel, and the dreams would stay with me for days.

    Slowly, now I can say I have community again. It helps that Jupiter is in the solar 11th for Pisces. A couple of those really really powerful Pluto people remain and we are catching up about what has happened in the transformation and it may be naive but with these few friends we have stated our intensions to be friends forever, very dramatic indeed.

    During the phase when I had no friends, one of the Aqarians who had winced gave me his definition of friend. He said A friend is someone you intentionally meet, just the two of you alone, to be able to relate to each other in a different way than when you are in a group. This made in impression on me, and was a kind of guideline to get me oriented again.

  11. I never know what to say when you explain a transit experience in this way. Words seem so shallow, but I want you to know that putting yourself out here in this way allows me to understand how the transits work in a deeply personal way.

    For that, I thank you.

    As a person who cares much about you, I send you love and hope from here.

  12. When Pluto drops into Capricorn, it will be transiting my 7th and 8th houses, in which I have Sun, Mercury, Mars. To say that I’m concerned about what the fall out will be is rather an understatement because those are the two areas of my life where I feel least prepared to have everything in my life burn to the ground….

  13. Elsa, I, too, am happy to see Pluto moving away from late Sag, namely my MC/North Node finally, and maybe finally actually changing signs for good!

    I really do believe that any aspect tends to begin to fade after the third pass and when it is in the final separating mode, orb or no orb, part of a degree might be enough to feel it (assuming your numbers are pretty spot on) I’m hoping it’s all down hill (easier) or up hill (improving) with what all this lengthy transit has laid on you.

    Pluto’s been living right on top of my MC/NN and square the AC/DC opp SN and progressed sun, and I’ll tell you guys more about what is happening on that score and around here, tell you more a little later. And let you know whether or not it feels like it is coming to some kind of completion finally. Maybe orb does matter and I am in denial, or my numbers could be a bit off too.

    This day is starting out suuu weird. I live in a suberb in a small town in Northern Arizona and I have not seen homeless people and all here … not the the way I am accustomed to seeing them back East (and everywhere else I’ve lived, even San Diego), you know, like normal, just going about their business and collecting cans and stuff that they do, God love them. But out here where I live, we don’t even have streetlights at night, it is that remote, and these houses are all big with mountain views and not very close to each other and so on?

    Well, so I wake up about a half hour ago and whip open the blinds toward the street side and, what do you know, there is some lady out there, some lady walking by the end of my driveway, and it’s coldish, and she does not look like she is hurting for money or anything else (I’m a renter, but the people who own out here are well off, I mean this is like a golf course-y kinda neighborhood) and there, this lady (maybe about 60, 65 years old, 55 years old, I don’t know) with a professional looking hair-do

    and a red Bloomingdales looking coat, (or nicer, whatever), and a groomed up french poodle on a leash, like, with ribbons in it’s ears, and there she is caught red handed with one of my trash can lids in her hand …open…and her head looking down into one of my trash cans! As soon as she saw my blind go up she dropped it and scurried right along with her poodle.

    what the fuck? They loved my trash in India because those folks can recycle anything and I mean ANYTHING but … well, in remote Arizona? Maybe it will be the weirdest thing that happens all day. That would be fine with me.

    This story you wrote here Elsa, that is so interesting about you and the other woman, both pregnant, and while you were not laying any kinda judgment on her, it was clearly she who could not … maintain the connection with you in the end, and for her own reasons …. you were powerless…to the situation. I am feeling all kinds of Pluto along these lines with my female relatives right now. Some of these connections cannot die. some cannot but die. That is what it feels like.

  14. What Kris said. And Thanks.

    Pluto is edging into aspect with my natal sun mercury cnj and I’m not talking much these days, but I appreciate the knowledge and experiences you share.

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    eye of the hurricane

    Deidre- This…He said A friend is someone you intentionally meet, just the two of you alone, to be able to relate to each other in a different way than when you are in a group….is a great description of friendship.

  16. wow. just wow.

    i’m in similar circumstance with eye of the hurricane. pluto is in my 5th getting ready to oppose my moon. my 4th house pluto transit hit some personal planets and it about kicked my ass (although i was better off for getting my ass kicked, but i wasn’t any less bruised.)

    i’m already starting to feel triggered on parenting issues.

  17. Big hugs, Elsa.

    Pluto has transited ALL of my personal planets, very major transits, since I was a kid. It also crossed my DSC when I was just about to enter high school. That was no fun whatsoever…now it’s squaring Venus.

    These transits were exhausting and left me very lonely.

  18. I loved reading this post. Made me wonder how it is for you now, in terms of friends/hopes and dreams — how long it took for new seeds to grow, if they did…

    Pluto will be entering my 5th pretty soon…. When it gets to 16 degrees… years from now, it will oppose my sun… and then my mercury… then my mars.

    The pluto moon energy is familiar to me. It is heavy and has a lot of depth to it and there is plenty to be mined and then to share. I am wondering what pluto thru my 5th will mean for my love life and creative stuff…. guess i’ll find out…

  19. This article spoke volumes to me, so much so that I had to go back and look up the aspects when I lost all of my women friends in one fell swoop. This happened during the period between thanksgiving 1993 and New Years 1994. I’d belong to a spiritual organization from which I’d resigned in September 1993, shortly after the birth of my son. Some of the women in that group were among my closest friends and we remained friends even after my resignation as we were all “outlaws” as far as the group was concerned. However, one of the women accused the husband of another one of the women of molesting her young son in early december. The woman with the son was renting a room from this couple. Once her son told her what had happened, I offered her a place to stay as she had no where to go. Both this woman and I were ostracized by everyone else. Pluto was conjuncting my ascendant, squaring it’s natal place, and trine my natal moon. My progressed moon was conjunct my first house natal saturn.

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