Sun Conjunct Saturn: All Grown Up At 8 Years Old

My son has a Sun Saturn conjunction. He has no childhood at all. My daughter is ill, Caring for her has consumed resources on so many levels he’s had no choice to go begging. It’s very simple. If one child is dying the other child has to get their own dinner.

It makes no difference that I am an aware and caring parent. This situation (his chart) has manifested in spite of my best efforts and consequently my son is a very grown up little boy.

Now I have a lot of Capricorn and I know he is an 8 year old. But I am amazed how adults seem to mistake him as someone they can partner with and pal around with. They choose my son to be their “company” and I notice this because I was similarly treated when I was a kid.

And people compliment me all the time on how grown up he is and I just want to shake my head and ask them, “Ever wonder how he got that way?” They don’t. They just want him to keep blowing them away with his level of sophistication and the quality of his character. Pretty stark, isn’t it?

Anyone else all grown up at 8 years old? What’s the Saturn / Capricorn situation in your chart?

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  1. I remember when I was four or five playing hostess at my parents’ cocktail parties – taking coats, directing people, etc. I remember going to the club with them and hanging out with the adults. I’ve always been, as my mom puts it, four going on forty. Until I hit my 30’s, my friends were mostly considerably older than I am, with a few exceptions in my age group

    I’ve got a sun/saturn/ascendant conjunct, jupiter in cap in the 8th.

  2. I have Saturn in Cancer and Capricorn in Mars (gods, I’m going to have to go read up! ;-)), and I know I was more than a little grown up by 8.

    My son (10) has a Capricorn Moon, Capricorn Ascendant and Neptune tied up with his Cap, too. His Saturn is in Aries. He is the oldest little boy I know. I pretty much get the same verbage passed to me about him that you do with yours.

    He sees the world so much differently than I do, and sometimes it floors me.

  3. Elsa! Your kids are the coolest. I send to you all my love and good vibes.
    I was an extremely sensitive 8 year old. Didn’t know what to do with my emotions or those I picked up from people around me, and I did that plenty. I was (still am) fined tuned to the frequencies of others’ feelings. Not sure if that makes me ‘grown up.’
    Capricorn Moon in the 1st house; Saturn in Leo in the 7th Squared Sun (4th, Taurus).

  4. Yes, I was pretty grown up back then, too. Saturn is trine my Sun and square my ascendant. But I think it may have been much due to my Mercury as well — in Capricorn, quincunx Saturn, square Pluto, with Cap on the 3rd house cusp — that my communications were all colored that way.

  5. No planets in Cap but it’s on the 6th house cusp and I’ve always been an extremely hard worker — even on tasks that bore me, I’m afraid. I get really good at things I don’t like to do, then have to work hard to make the time to have fun. Saturn is all by its lonesome in Taurus at the MC (9th house), opposing a Sun-Mercury conjunction that crosses the IC. I always got comments about my maturity, modesty, etc. as a child and always resented it (though never said so; I was just too terribly polite) — although I always felt more comfortable with adults than with kids my own age.

  6. Nothing in Capricorn except friends but with Saturn sextile Moon & trine Venus, others have always seen me as emotionally reliable or boringly sane, whatever works . . . 🙂

  7. I have Capricorn in my 8th house: so I guess I work hard at sex?? 😉 or I work it hard for my money?? ;-P. I have Saturn trine ascendant.
    I’m the youngest child, so I’ve alwyas been in the company of older ppl, and continue to do so. Never was treated as an equal or considered wise beyond my years, but just a well adapted quiet kid that likes to please everyone.

  8. Isn’t it interesting how the energies we embody at birth manifest one way or the other? As an astrologer, I gasped in horror when I say all three of my kids charts – and like you said, one can be an aware and good parent…..but life and our souls have their own agendas.

    I was grown up by 4 yrs. old – i.e. never had a childhood….maybe that’s also why I never grew up! 🙂 As the eldest of five, the first 4 born in four years, when we also moved four times and had several traumatic family experiences…this early childhood was capped with my brother getting meningitis at 9 months with his head swelling and an operation that was drilling holes in his head to drain the fluid (and some brain matter). The doctors assured my parents that IF he survived he would definitely have brain damage. So my mom was at the hospital every day for months, my dad was clueless and gone with work most of the time, and as a four year old, I was the mother. My siblings actually have some “mother issues” with me. By the way, my brother ended up OK.

    My entire chart reflects this, but I think it most graphically shows up with a Venus in Taurus in the third house (siblings and early childhood) opposite Saturn in Scorpio retrograde in the ninth ( the disruption and early responsibility which also changed my entire world view….but that’s another story).

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I have Capricorn intercepted in the 1st house.
    With my four planet stellium in Libra and 9th house ephasis, I have NO Capricorn friends:P – and I’m a Virgo with the Moon in Taurus… My Scorpio boyfriend has a couple of Cap friends, but I try to avoid them! It’s just very clear to me that they don’t appreciate what I have to contribute, so I figure life is just too short for me to be bothered to hang out with them:) I’m not prepared to be quite that nice;)

  10. I have Capricorn in my midheaven – I rarely smile. But I also have Mercury there, so I look like a sullen teenager all the time LOL

    I think I learnt hard lessons in life when Saturn transited my Sun (I was 3 or 4), the bliss was gone right there.

  11. Saturn is in the 6th conjunct nn, square all my sag planets (sun, merc, mars, mc, neptune) in the 9th and opposing my ascendant. I have Capricorn on the 11th house cusp. I did not have an easy childhood and was kind of the fairness police and mediator (Pluto in Libra in 7th). I was severely sheltered and protected (and also abused at the same time) with an alcoholic dad who had a worse childhood than a few of mine combined (he has saturn in capricorn right on the descendant conjunct his moon and jupiter in aquarius). I guess I was a little adult, Kids have always bonded with me immediately, and older people, never anyone my same age (except for once, but it didn’t work out well).

  12. Saturn in Pisces in the 4th, part of a t-square with Mercury and Mars. My reality shifted around alot from a very young age. My family moved every year or two for most of my childhood, either because of a family tragedy or ill founded hope for something better.

    My boyfriend has an interesting chart. Capricorn ascendant, Saturn conjunct. He was run over by a car at the age of five, resulting in two broken legs and had to learn to walk all over again once they had healed.

    Elsa I’m so sorry your son has had to grow up under such difficult circumstances and wish only the best for all three of you.

  13. yup. moon conj saturn in cancer 12th house. I was the “mini-mom” taking care of my younger brother and cleaning the house, doing laundry etc…

  14. Elsa, I have Sun conjunct Saturn in Gemini, Moon, Jupiter and North Node in Capricorn, making me a far more serious Gemini than people normally expect. I can totally identify with how you’ve described your son, about having no childhood and being somehow a magnet for grownups. I am now 35 and some of my best friends are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

    I also read your other post about your son wanting to become a marine. I also grew up wanting to do something important – something that makes a difference. Without necessarily expressing your disapproval, you have at least 10 years to explore with him the nature of the media. There are other ways to make a difference and to serve one’s country.

    I’m sure he’ll grow up wonderful, with such an understanding parent. Sorry to hear your daughter is ill. I hope she gets well soon.

    Thank you for your blog, I’m learning such a lot.

  15. I have a very strong Saturn (if the user name wasn’t a clue), and spent my entire childhood doing an extracurricular activity with adults. I also feel a responsibility to parent my parents, as it were (like you–and I’m so glad you said this, as I often see Saturn aspects read to imply improper or cold parenting–they have done nothing to spur this in me…it’s always been something that I’ve felt the need to do for as long as I can remember). I despised my age group until I was 20-21. A good friend of mine also has a strong Saturn (with a near perfect Saturn-Moon opposition…shudder) and his friends are also much older than he is. His early childhood was very cold and he was treated like an adult, and he rebelled destructively in his early twenties until settling down.

    I am enjoying your blog and I will keep you daughter in my thoughts.

  16. Saturn conj. Uranus in 10th house Taurus. I don’t know how this turned me older for my years, but I was. My grandmother (Capricorn) raised me, for which I thank God, my parents being basically juvenile delinquents.

  17. I have Sun conjunct Saturn (Taurus 7th house). My mother passed away when I was four and I remember sitting on my dad’s lap as he was crying, feeling like I had to be calm… hold it together. I also remember teaching my little brother how to read and write when I was four or five. For most of my life, my friends have been much older than me… and when I was in my 20’s people would be surprised that I was in my 20’s (they thought I was much older). Interestingly, as I get older (now in my 30’s), I am meeting people who are younger and they are shocked to find out that I am as old as I am 🙂

    Though I had a very heavy and serious childhood I have found that EVERYTHING GETS BETTER with time. I never want to turn back the clock. I feel lighter and more at peace within myself now than I have ever felt.

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