Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Home Invasion

Speaking of pipes, over the weekend I was terrorized in my home (Moon) by a Scorpio (Pluto). He climbed a six-foot high privacy fence to circle the perimeter of my house, rattling my windows and beating on the doors and the sides of the house with a pipe!

How’s that for an archetype?

And here’s the Saturn Neptune opposition view…

A drunk (Neptune) breached a boundary (Saturn/Neptune). He was arrested by the police (Saturn) and taken to jail (Neptune).

Like I don’t have enough problems! Thank God my kids weren’t here.

Have you ever suffered a home invasion?

14 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Home Invasion”

  1. Goodness Gracious Sally Ann! (elsa, I remember your name. it’s my southern affectation coming through, you know… that “my stars and garters” b.s. … oh. that’s right. I’m not a southerner. “Oh my!”)

    But we should also include the fact that Jupiter was conjoined by a Mars and Mercury conjunction this weekend… This is most essential a Mars event, so I had to ask myself, “Whaaaa?” (trans: “WTF happened to Mars?”)

    I had to go to your progressed chart to make any sense of it, since the early degrees of the mutables are not potent in your natal, and these would be where I would look to find a connect to transit Mars, newly entered into Sagittarius.

    Bingo: Progressed Moon is currently at 02 Gemini, immediately opposite these showy transits (if you are up at dawn to take a peek) …

    Conclusion: Mars is the signature of the mickey-stick flailing criminal against The Peace.


  2. That sucks! Glad they caught the perp and that you are okay. And yes, I had a summer back in the late 80’s in which I had one guy actually in my apt., another one stalking me that repeatedly got as far as the screen before I would wake up and call the police and was assaulted by yet another guy when I was on a date (before date rape has a name) in my home. I didn’t live in that apt come fall.

  3. Only 3 break-ins. They took the video and stuff. As long as they don’t touch people and cats everything’s cool. Yours just seems insane. I don’t mind that much rational petty criminals that are only after a bit of money – I mean, nobody likes that, but it can get a lot worse, right? It’s psychos like this guy or worse like Heather’s “date” and her stalker that are not after rational material stuff that I’m afraid of. Those who are pissed and violent and want to hurt you or those who just lost their minds.

  4. Holy shiznits, Batman!
    I do not envy your life. . . *shakes head* I’m glad the chillun’s weren’t involved. I’m also surprised, because of other stories on here, that you didn’t find another pipe to brandish at El Drunktardo.

    One question: Why is jail a Neptune thing? It seems more Saturn to me.

  5. Man, Elsa, that’s raw. I hope you’re ok and nerves aren’t too jangled. No home invasions here, knock on wood. It was bad enough when I was renting and the landlord decided to sell. Realtors were supposed to give notice but basically brought strangers into our home to look around whenever they wanted to. I hated it, hated it. A weirdo with a pipe.. hell’s bells, no idea what I’d do. hugs to you xox

  6. Neptune and Uranus were on my moon when my front door was kicked in and I was beaten with a baseball bat. I became homeless as a result but ultimately made lemonade.

  7. God, satori, that’s so hard. I hope you’re alright now. How do you make lemonade out of that? If you could make lemonade out of that – you’re my hero.

  8. thanks Debbie. I didn’t mean to derail but I’ll try to explain the lemonade thing… when something that serious happens you get to see what you’re ultimately made of. I’d always thought I was kind of flakey, but damned if I didn’t clutch it up!

  9. Almost but I had a dog with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces and he decided to literally roar like a lion…. they went away!

  10. My wallet was lost/stolen on Friday which really sucked. Soo….not sure if I was invaded or dropped my own bomb…either way, my 411 was put out to the universe to potentially-not-so-discriminating mittens. E-gads.

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