How To Guess Someone’s Zodiac Sign

zodiac print vintageThis is a pretty good guide to guessing a person’s sign.

Personally I am incredibly and profoundly lousy at this.

You can read about my misguided efforts here: “Accidental Research Regarding A Man And His Mars“.

Can you guess a person’s zodiac sign?

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  1. i always thought it was rather odd that i seem to have a “knack” for guessing a person’s sun sign (and on the off chance that i am wrong, it is their rising sign that i’m picking up on)…the main exception is Virgo…for some reason, i can never pick out a Virgo…it’s to the point where, if i’m unsure, i guess Virgo b/c it’s the one sign i know of that confounds me! lol the easiest for me to “spot” are taurus, pisces & scorpio…especially scorps…i can spot them from a mile away 😉

  2. “don’t go around indiscriminately guessing someone’s sign–it’s weird.”

    Ha ha! On another note, I hate when people say, “Oh, you’re a Taurus, you must be stubborn.” Like, damned if I do and damned if I don’t…argue it and I look like a stubborn Taurus…ignore it and I feel discarded (like a sensitive Taurus)?

  3. 🙂

    I can spot scorpios and pisces and some geminis on first glance. Virgos are hard.

    Pisces women have mistical eyes, somewhat curvy/complex eyebrows.
    And scorpios have intense eyes and you can just sense them easily.

  4. The only time in my life that I guessed someone’s Sun sign correctly was with my therapist. But that kinda makes sense, though, doesn’t it?

  5. like Viviana said, Scorpios usually have an intent gaze – the kind of look that seems to go right through you; that says, “i know all of your little secrets whether you like it or not” …they’d never say anything about them, of course, but they know them…and if you’re sensitive at all, you definitely “feel” their presence…

    p.s. I have too much Libra to bring up any sign’s “sensitive” spots (i.e., what some might consider flaws)…and I don’t talk astrology w/people unless they seem open to it (so, no blurting out, “wow, you must be a Leo! look at that hair!”) 😉

    p.p.s. due to something Elsa tipped me off on, I can spot Leo’s easier these days…but it’s something personal to me and my chart 🙂

  6. I can go on myspace and can guess 1 out of 3 profiles that I view correct for their sign (without looking of course). I also find Virgos to be the hardest to guess. I’m usually good at guessing Leos and Geminis.

  7. Avatar
    your Astro Friend - sun Aquarius/moon Gem/ Cap Rising

    I find that Scorpios and scorpio risings are BY FAR the easiest ones to spot. Their physical traits are unmistakable – almost always a low hairline/small forehead, intense eyes and smaller upper body than lower. Women with heavy Scorpio in their chart tend to have small chests and thick legs, especially the lower legs.

    Aquarians tend to have big foreheads and square chins, though not always depending on the rising sign but we almost always have something going on with our ankles and feet. There’s also an unmistakable androgyny in both male and female Aquariuses.

    Aries/ aries rising tend to have some kind of V-shaped trait, whether it’s in the hairline (widow’s peak), or eyebrows that arch high or even a nose that points down a little. Many of them have cute, almost perfect ears. Moon in aries people always seem like they’d rather be somewhere else – always eager to do the next thing.

    There’s no doubt that Sagittariuses tend to have longer faces, but in a cute way! If you can’t tell by their face or head, you can spot a Sag or Sag-rising by the extra weight they tend to carry, but again, the rising sign plays a huge role so it varies on how much Sag they have in their chart. Sag Risings almost always have thick thighs.

    Geminis/ gem risings tend to have long arms and cute apple shaped heads/ high cheek bones with the Air sign square jaw most of the time. They move fast too, thats a dead giveaway! I notice that Moon in Gemini tends to have low eyebrows with squared arches.

    Virgos tend to have very oval faces (think sunflower seed) with narrow foreheads. although I’ve known a Virgo with a different rising sign that didn’t have this trait – they still had that classic Virgo pointy chin. I have a hard time identifying virgos but MANY of them have these traits.

    With Pisces influence, its always the eyes. If they’re not big and dreamy, they’re a bit oriental looking, but still dreamy. Not sure why but they almost always have striking eyes, not as intense as Scorpio eyes, but very noticeable.

    Cancer is a tough one, even though I know and am related to so many. For some reason, the rising sign tends to dominate the physical traits over the cancer sun sign. For example, dave chappelle and Lindsay Lohan are both Cancers but their body types and head shapes are sooo different. The same is true about other signs, but with this one it’s even more true. I have several Cancer sun siblings and it’s the same with them. The only trait that I can say is almost always present is not physical, and its their affinity for food and making people laugh. But be careful because Sagittariuses also love to make folks laugh but the only difference is they usually laugh more themselves.

    Tauruses tend to have a prominent throat/neck, round chin, and potato-like face in the sense that they have chunky cheeks and chin. (Think Jessica Alba)Personality-wise, they’re sweet in nature but stubborn as hell.

    Libra influence in the chart, whether sun or moon usually makes one look young for their age, especially Libra Rising. They have cheeks you wanna just pinch or bite off (depending on who you are!)I know someone who’s a triple Libra, (moon, sun and rising)and she has the typical Libra cheeks – dimples and all. They dont typically puff out naturally like Taurus, but when they smile you can see what I mean. Unlike gemini, they dont have high cheekbones but their rising sign could change that. Because they’re an air sign, they probably have a somewhat square jaw too.

    Capricorns tend to have prominent noses with the face a little on the long side, but not always. The easiest trait to spot in a Cap is seriousness. I know it’s cliche and every astrology description says this, but it’s true. It does fade with age though – young Cappies being the easiest to spot because they seem like adults, at least emotionally. Cap Risings tend to be pretty bony and us women tend to have small chests, but not necessarily small breasts like Scorpio, just a small frame. There is also a physical youthfulness similar to Libra that accompanies the Capricorn influence – the only difference is that Caps look younger as they get older whereas Libras always look young for their age.

    Leos, ahh Leos… I saved you for last just to bust your balls 😉 Leos tend to have the archetypal proportions in every way. (Mary Louise Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama) Their head shape is “perfect”, not usually round like some sources might claim, although the rising sign could change that dramatically. Think cookie-cutter proportions – Barbie, Ken.. you know what I mean? Especially Leo Risings (Justin Timberlake!) even though he’s an Aquarius, his forehead was saved by his Leo rising.

    (Also, just an interesting thing I’ve found studying charts, is that people with Leo North Nodes and Midheavens seem destined to be famous. (jimi hendrix, bob marley, alicia keys)


  8. I’ve noticed that a TON of Capricorns are blonde. Idk, just an observation. You should try and guess my horoscope sign!

  9. I am awesome at guessing signs! And if I get it wrong, it’s usually their ascendant or moon that I’m picking up. ok ready??

    Aries: physically, they’re shorter, have very defined faces (like high cheekbones & v-like eyebrows). They’re enthusiastic & outgoing and seem really hyper.

    Taurus: bigger builds, not fat, just big, big eyes. they’re sarcastic-ish, and down to earth at first.

    Gemini: they’re taller, seem superficial, are popular, talkative, gossipy.

    Cancer: They’re either thin with an oval face, or round with a round face. they ALL have rounded eyebrows dude. and they seem self conscious.

    Leo: main-like hair, they have ‘cat’ eyes I’ve seen. They’re respected by the ppl around them, or they do big random things to get attention.

    Virgo: They seem realllly nervous and self conscious! And they have clear skin, and short-ish faces, usually freckles.

    Libra: They have symmetrical faces, smile a lot, are charming, seem really nice, laugh a lot.

    Scorpio: they’re usually different than others, have strange haircuts or something, and of course the eyes. they seem mysterious etc. blahblahblah

    Sagittarius: They have roundish eyes, round eyebrows, smile a lot, their eyes sparkle. They seem intelligent.

    Capricorn: I always find they’re blonde! They’re good at getting what they want, are sociable only when it’s to their advantage, smart. etc.

    Aquarius: heart shaped faces, either really introverted or extroverted.

    Pisces: kinda plump often, creative, hard to understand.

    Yay! I think that’s all. Anyone try and guess my signs? 😀

    1. these were fun to read, lol and wow i have a gap teeth, like lauren hutton and madonna lol weirdly both have leo strong in chart. madonna and lauren hutton dont have pisces rising though, but ms. hutton is a scorpio w.cancer rising. i do have sleepy,drowsy eyes like Bilie Eilish who has pisces rising but she’s a sag sun, aqua moon.

  10. Hey
    funny you guys mention a Virgo and their features
    I think the easiest way to spot a Virgo is by seeing the way they walk
    I am a Virgo myself, and so is my friend
    We both walk much quicker than other signs
    People always call me road runner and stuff
    I think its a Virgo thing

  11. The easiest sign to spot by the eyes for me is Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius

    Scorpio has the eagle eyes. No matter how much they smile they can’t hide their scary eyes. It’s so east to spot them just by their eyes.

    Pisces usually has puppy eyes. I can always feels like there’s stars in their pupil when their happy.But if they’re not they’ll look like they’ve been crying a lot with the typical sad face that makes you want to hug them 😀

    Aquarius is not as easy. Their eyes may vary but 1 thing for sure is that they always wander. When you talk to them its like they’re somewhere else. They’re usually beautiful but when u compliment them they’ll blush immediately. When they talk, they wont stop for hours (hyperbole).

    Other that i can guess sometime are:

    Libra male is easy to spot as well for their narcissistic behavior. Libra male can be feminine and Libra female can be masculine. But they always magically turn fantastically beautiful at parties.

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