Ex-Lovers Who Marry On The Rebound

married-rebound.jpgWhen I was a young, I met and fell in love with three men. I met Scott when I was fifteen years old. I went on and off with him for seventeen years.

I met the soldier when I was seventeen years old and there was another man I met after the soldier married… we were also very close.

I realized, all three of these men left me (or were left by me, it’s hard to tell with Venus Neptune) and then married someone else on the rebound. In all three cases it was the first woman they met. In all three cases the marriages were bad… and also long!

While the three men have this is common, it made me wonder how this would show in my chart. I decided it must be a function of Uranus in the 7th house known for sudden reversals, upset and disruption in relationship. Because I was on track to marry each of them and then whoops! Slip on a banana peel and the ring goes on another finger.

Anyone else have a similar tale?

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  1. That’s happened to me with two of my three serious relationships. The first was my first love when I was 16 (he was 17.) About 6 months after we broke up he married someone he got pregnant. The second was someone I was in a relationship with for 7 years and was planning to marry. He married someone he had just met 3 months after we broke up. My first love, he was divorced within two years… Second guy, he’s still married but I am close to some of his family still and to some of his friends and it isn’t a very happy relationship.

    My third serious relationship… well I just filed for divorce today, so it will be interesting to see if he remarries soon after our divorce is final.

  2. I don’t know if this counts but my mum was engaged to 2 men called ‘Bill’ and both ditched her and ripped her off financially. Then she met my Dad…he’s called ‘Bill’ by the way.

    (As an aside she pined after a man (Pete) who dumped her for 15 years–she tried to commit suicide over it. She found out after she’d been married to my Dad for 15 years that Pete was in fact a confirmed paedophile. Talk about dodging bullets).

  3. Monica I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you do something kind for yourself today after that…here’s some good vibes in the pipe for you!

  4. Not me. The guys disappeared from my life, and a good number of them (don’t know why) never married ANYONE. (Neptune in the 7th?)

    I’ve never been in a rebound relationship, and honestly, as a Leo, if I found out that was the case, I would dump the guy. Sorry, no one’s going to be pining after a long-lost love if they’re going to be with the Queen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. hahaha….yep, and it’s happening now.

    I mean, it has been happening, but I’m back and forth with whether to say anything. I mean, I know his marriage is going to go bad. I know what we had was real and we both ran in fear.

    But what do I say? Stand by and say nothing? 75% of me thinks no. . . I’m not that way, never have been. But I’ve also changed a lot and the 25% thinks let fate takes its course.

    I mean, he and I cried once, just cried at the recognition of the gift we’d been given and we both squandered it! I’ve gone on to really try to reconcile that, to look at what I did . . . he quickly took up with another woman and now they’re about to marry.


    anyway, i don’t have high hopes for my note, which I was going to send today but with communications breaking down, decided to wait. but I guess i’ll say my peace, and be done.

  6. kashmiri, my god. stories like that amaze me.

    wow, monica. i wish you lots of strength.

    also, i guess i should add that i never had this happen before. all my long term exes are still single (they were all major commitment phobes like me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Man, that’s gotta hurt. I remember when my ex boyfriend in high school rebounded with someone and made a big show of it. I remember how that hurt and that was only some stupid high school romance. It’s not surprising that the subsequent marriages were not very good, though.

  8. I know, doublecappy. freaking weird stuff. I wish I knew my mum’s time of birth (I know she’s an Aries with Moon in Aquarius and Pisces Mercury). There must be some weird 7th House stuff going on!

  9. Hey, yeah, I have that 7th house Uranus, and well, I don’t even wanna talk about it. But then, it could also be my Mars square Venus, or my mama sittin’ in my 4th house, opposing my dad and just about everyone else.

  10. Lis – it’s a good question – Why. But I can tell you right now all three men claim I would not marry them / threw them out / broke up with them and as I said… very hard to tell with Venus Neptune who did what why and when. But it sure was a surprise to have this come to my consciousness.

    I have long thought of the three men as connected because I went many, MANY years after these relationships never loving any man the way I had them so I thought I must have blown something pretty badly. It was not until the AMF that I really Lovvvvvvvveed someone in this way again so nearly 25 years!

    I also knew in all three cases then men (and the woman) had or were making made a mistake.

  11. I had a brainstorm this morning…no wonder the divorce rate is so high! This is CLASSIC marrying someone for all the wrong reasons.

    These guys met the love of their life, and marriage was the logical next step…then the break-up. They’re still thinking about marriage, so what do they do? Marry the next one that comes along. But there’s no deep soul connection!

    Why do people do this to themselves?

  12. I’m one that firmly believes (has to be because of all the Leo and 5th house stuff) that marrying for anything other than love is ridiculous. Money, security, etc…there’s the question again. Why?

    I’ll be the first to admit that my marriage is not the greatest. As I said in another post, I expect a lot of blow-ups in the next couple of years, because my Venus/Pluto is getting/going to get hit by Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. But I married for love. So I can hold my head up and say that I stuck to my ideals.

  13. katey – it just indicates sudden change in relationship and I do have play in this. I am an intense commitment phobic. I also have Venus sq Neptune so it’s a more complicated story. The relationships dissolve or disappear. In whatever case, I am not the victim in any of these scenarios.

  14. hmmmmm i understand uranus for sudden changes out of nowhere.but if you have it in your chart it should be you thats reboundings or am i completely wrong? i have pluto and saturn in my seventh house… relationships are gonna get destroyed unless its right(correct/proper saturn in virgo in harmony balance pluto in libra) or perhaps will just require alot of work ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Avatar
    Tima (koheli)

    Uranus in the 7th is the “runaway bride” aspect in my book…
    I had to see the movie Runaway Bride again to remember the message:
    Essentially Julia Roberts in the movie was very capable of asserting her identity in most areas of her life, but everytime she got into relationship she lost it, i.e. she would change her preference in the way she liked her eggs cooked…as reporter Richard Gere figured out…
    In any case, once she realized it and cooked up a bunch of different eggs and tried them…she went and asked him to marry her…whew..
    Clients seem to relate to that interpretation, though I’ve also noticed, that the partner they attract will have very intense needs to assert their individuality and identity as well, like raising the stakes…
    It’s a challenge to have a planet whose pure function is to maintain identity and connection to Higher Source in the midsts of also being collectively AWARE in a house of one-on-one preparation to merge (fair assessment of what is going into the deal, energy and otherwise) (the 7th), the 7th prepares one for the 8th house sex-merge…
    As they say, there has to be a someone there (an identity, to merge with another…in Uranus’ case, it’s like the whole universe is watching you on some cosmic television channel..

  16. Uranus in seventh is always the cry for freedom.
    Lol an astrologer looked at my chart for less than five minutes. Sent back the word Freedom in huge letters๐Ÿ˜‚

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