Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Do You Have an Organic Attraction to a Physical Type?

Now this whole prototype thing is something my sister was interested in… and it’s hard to believe this was almost 20 years ago. But we were trying to figure this out back then and at the time her son was inseparable from his Little Mermaid, Ariel doll.

Yeah. She would let her son run around with a doll when he was six years old and his father was hysterically pissed about it. But there was no way you could come from my family to not let your son have a doll, so whatever. That kid went everywhere with that doll. And he was happy about it, believe me.

We were standing outside the mall:

“Just watch,” she said, inhaling from her cigarette. These kids? This generation of boys? They’re gonna hit high school and if you happen to be a red-haired Pisces, you’re going to very, very popular. You’re going to have yourself a hell of a lot of dates!”

I just laughed.

“Can you imagine? All these little boys growing up and every single one of them is going to be looking for Ariel. Ariel!!!!” she called out in a yearning voice. “Where are you, Ariiiiel…”

We both laughed, snorting the way we do, and she stubbed out her cigarette. “Okay, let’s go back in. We have shopping to do before my son comes home with his string of redheads. And when this happens, I swear I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

So there you go. Her son sees Little Mermaid and I see a veritable buffet of Spanish butts on the walls and doors of my childhood home. And I do think this plays into a person’s imprint.

But it’s so personal. Why doesn’t my sister go for matadors? She grew up with the bullfighters too. Why didn’t she respond? Because she didn’t. In fact, I would say she finds them cheesy which is completely incomprehensible to me!

No. The root is even deeper. And it makes me think of those parents… say they have three boys. And they give them all the same haircut as if they’re stamping out carbon copies. Good luck with that. People are individuals.


5 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Do You Have an Organic Attraction to a Physical Type?”

  1. I could have chosen the last three 🙂 Technically… I have no siblings. I have three step-brothers and a step-sister. We didn’t grow up together and I’m the oldest. I don’t have a physical preference per se, but I do tend to date men who are darker than I am – in hair, eyes, occassionally skin color (and being whiter than the belly of a fish, that ain’t hard) and sometimes in personality (just can’t resist those Scorpios!).

    My tastes in people are very different from my siblings – sorta. My sister has no physical preference in men but she tends to date men whom she can boss around – which I would hate and it annoys me to watch her do her “thing”.

    Two brothers have married blonds, brunettes and redheads, all with skinny, boyish figures and scatterbrains. I like a man with a little meat on his bones and a brain in his head 🙂

    The third brother married a girl a lot like me – she really isn’t like anyone else in our extended family. Oddly, though I’m very fond of her, she’s not my favorite sister-in-law. The crazy Irish redhead is 🙂

    “And it makes me think of those parents… say they have three boys. And they give them all the same haircut as if they’re stamping out carbon copies.”

    Oh man, I hate seeing that! Creeps me out to see it, in fact. Or dressing all daughters the same, with the same haircuts? Skeeve! A bit too “Stepford Wives” to me.

  2. I’ve thought about this all week and couldnt’ figure it out. I finally have… it’s a tone of voice! it’s my granddad’s tone of voice and way of speaking! he was a very grounded, loving and giving, soft-spoken… GEMINI!

    oh crap!

  3. I have 2 sisters, and we go for totally different types..
    About the bullfighters, I find them cheesy too 🙂 comparable to men who dance. Not my type AT ALL.
    I’m pisces with sag moon, like Elsa’s sister, i think from what i’ve picked up. I guess we agree about men.

  4. Weirdly enough, while my sister and I have pretty much the OPPOSITE physical type, we both married guys with the same birthday. All four of us are Gemini risings. We like the same type of personality, apparently.

  5. My (half)sister and I have completely different tastes when it comes to men. And friends. And just about everything, really.

    She married a man who looks like my father, acts like her father, and has a distant, controlling family like my fathers’. I don’t see a connection between my man and my father except for the fact that they both have blue eyes.

    Wait. Lie. They both have long fuses, which is a good thing when dealing with me. 😀

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