Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Who Do You Love? Painting Matadors

I’m back on the idea that we have an “imprint” when it comes to choosing a partner. That there is physical type we naturally gravitate to. Nearly 70% of the people who responded to the poll said they had a preference, or thought they did.

Now personally, I have this incredibly strong imprint as outlined here, and I do wonder where it comes from. I know it involves both parents but I also know there are other elements. For example, check this:

I go for men of my father’s coloring and hair and I go for artists. And in fact, my mother was a painter, as is the AMF.

And one of the things my mother painted was bullfighters. Except she didn’t paint them on canvas. She painted them, life-sized on the doors and walls of our home.

Not the bulls, mind you. The bullfighters. There might have been a bit of the bull pictured, but the matador was focal. In all his glory and believe me, these bullfighters were glorious.

So think about that. I grew up with these men on the walls of my home and considering I was a kid, this put me eye-level with their butts. Hah! Their glorious butts, that is and then one day it hit me.

The AMF is half Spanish. And I was looking at him. “Well that explains a lot,” I said as the fog rolled out and the information came in. “Eureka! You’re the matador ass I’ve been looking for!”

Now I thought that was funny and I also think it’s true. I think I took one look at those Spanish asses my mother painted and I thought they looked pretty damned good. And I said to myself, “When I grow up, I’m going to get me one of those!”

So what about you? Can you make a tie between your childhood and the type partner you’re attracted to?

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  1. Okay… back to the question: “So what about you? Can you make a tie between your childhood and the type partner you’re attracted to?”

    Yeah, it’s my maternal Grandfather. I’ve known it for years. Quiet, dignifyed, intelligent, funny, gentle – he was the calm center in all my childhood storms. I’m still looking for him. But it’s more about personality, not what he looked like, per se. Physically types tend to be all over the map. But then I’m a Pisces, whatelse would you expect? 😀

  2. My biggest tie is my inability to get involved with men who are civilians. There’s just no connection for me! I love me a handsome Soldier, and I know that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m an Army brat, growing up surrounded by men in uniform.

    I also know I pick men who are shadows of my father, having been one of those girls who never felt like she got enough of her father’s attention seeks to fulfill that need as an adult. I tend to pick guys who are soft-spoken like Dad, who dress and act like him, with their own little quirks.

    Imagine when I realized, for the most part, that I was having the same issues with this men that I have with my father…yeah, so we’re working on that. 😉

  3. Mine is embarrassing….but…when I was a but a wee mtv star struck girl I totally and completely fell in love with Duran Duran’s John Taylor…so tall lanky musically inclined fem boys for me–ahem. Many moons later and a few bass players, guitarists, sax players, etc under my belt…Oh my! Well…my tastes have morphed since my 20s…so more into manly/sporty men with an artistic bent. And manly for me just means balanced in their fe/male ego thing–not anything more than that. I’ve learned it is just all around bad when your boy’s fem qualities hurt your own girlie fem qualities. he.he.he. ouch.

  4. I’m not a butt woman – but have to say that pic is mighty fine and could change my mind, for a minute. 😉

    The only men I take notice of are foreign and dark. If they don’t have an accent they don’t register. I’m also drawn to hands, depth of character, and usually that they’re in some kind of turmoil / stress / personal transition. Sad to say so far I’m drawn to ones I’m not compatible with so we can go into combat with each other – or stand back in puzzlement and observe each other like diff species. 😉 A sense of emotional aloofness. This would be from my ‘absent-minded professor’ father with his retrograde Mercury. I know this was meant to draw out quirky physical attractions but I can’t think of any rising from childhood, only psychological / personality trait ones.

  5. do you think you can tell us more about moon-pluto transits? What else are they about? I’ve hardly found anything out about them except for the fact that they may signify the death of a female, which is kinda shitty.

  6. Yeah, I hear you, the ass on that Spanish boy is to die for! Not only am I an ass man (ala Dangerfield) but I love thick lips and dark hair. I’ve no attractin to thin lipped souls…how shallow is that? So I tend to fall for Asians and Latinos. I could just suck on a beautiful pair of lips all night long. Yes I think it comes from somewhere in my childhood, but havene’t figured it out yet. I think the reason I’m not attracted to blondes was that when I was in grade 1 class a blonde girl barfed all over me. Yes I think there is a deep seeded reason for our physical attractions.

  7. Oh….YEAH! For some odd reason I had a fixation with the Spanish language and at the ripe old age of 11 bought myself a Spanish dictionary. I poured over that book so much pages began to fall out.
    I was obsessed with going to Mexico. I’d tell my mother every day, “Take me to Mexico!” She got tired of me saying this so she said something about taking me there and burying my head in the sand……
    Anyway…..I have a huge aversion to macho guys. They are so very unbalanced that I just cannot relate. I was always attracted to something I could not define…until I met my husband.
    And……he’s from Spain! (I know …wrong continent….but maybe in another life?)

  8. I don’t know where my type comes from. I’m only vaguely aware that it’s a “type” at all! It’s more a personality thing.

    But here’s why I’m commenting:

    My Father-in-Law, as a bachelor, bought a hideously tacky portrait of a matador at a yard sale. (Don’t ask why, I don’t know.) The first time my MIL saw it she asked about the painting, so he spun this big story to tack onto it – the painting was of his “Aunt Mattie,” a lesbian exiled from the family, who later became a matador in Spain and sent back this portrait to her favorite nephew. Never mind that the painting was obviously of a male.
    And she bought it!! Hook, line, and sinker! And my FIL never recanted. After their divorce, he even told the same story to his current wife, who also bought it!
    So, apparently my FIL goes for younger, tall, gullible women. 😉 “Aunt Mattie” hangs in our house now, though. 😀

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