The Internet Is A Battlefield

alertGranted, I’m a bit beaten up this week, but I know what I’m saying is valid, because I can feel it. I wake up in the morning and log on. Oh! I’m getting sued for something on my website… which appears to be offline.  My mind begins to prioritize.

I have some orders but I probably can’t send them with the site down… or maybe I can from a different email? Capital One wants me to save 7% on something I bought days ago… never mind. Let’s get the site up, right? Like I did the morning before and the morning before that.

Why?  Because the US is under attack.  It’s sort of like building a sand castle every morning these days. It’s draining… Saturn in Pisces.

I call support who has done nothing but take calls like this for the last several weeks.  They’re not in a good mood… I’m not in a good mood either. My site it down and I need to get it up so I can fill the orders and deal with emails of people telling me of My issues and my lack on every level.  I want to write today. I wanted to be creative, because I have a million ideas, but as you can see, various things took cuts in line.

Should I restart the server (fast) to bring the site up or do I talk to someone…which can take 15-45 minutes?  I decide to go with the slow option, in the hope the problem may solved for a longer period of time. Odds 30/70?

On hold, I scan twitter. I see no real people, just bot and shill accounts telling me alarming things like this:

left is true
right is true.
So is up, down, around and over – all true and nirvana except for when it’s opposite that – got that, Elsa? PAY ATTENTION!

Emails from search tell what I better do by this time, unless I want some vague consequences.  Newsletter provider “updates” template. Er… where is that background color dealio, now?

It’s getting nasty out there.  Customer service is the pits.  I had someone backup the forum on this blog, among other things. I downloaded the file and did not want to pay to keep the backup on the server, which would raise my costs.  I asked if it was deleted, along with other large files.  Answer, “yes”.

Yep, I found those files today.  This is service from what has been one of the best webhosts on the web, for the last fives year or so. They’re fraying. Will it help me to complain? Noooooo!

I think I’ll stop writing here, because it’s already clear, the internet is something I FIGHT on a daily basis.  I do have Mars conjunct Mercury but I don’t think I am the only one.  Am I?

Have you noticed how vicious “online” has become?  Like if you were to evaluate the internet, what percentage of it is good, from your perspective?  What percentage is “fun”?


10 thoughts on “The Internet Is A Battlefield”

  1. I think back to the early days of the internet. Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo chat rooms. Every poster was a real human and generally nice people. I got to talk to people from all over the planet, and learned about their culture. Things you can’t learn in a book. It enriched my life.

    The internet is fake now, just like everything else. I no longer interact with anyone. It’s just too damned much trouble.

    BTW, if you have State Farm, there’s been a big data breach. They got it all – name, address, phone, SS number, bank account. State Farm didn’t bother to tell anyone.

    I honestly think all of the data breaches are actually companies selling our information.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone, especially you, Elsa, for all your efforts to keep this place alive.

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome!

      I watched them erase real people from photos and they are nearly gone from other sources as well… and will be gone. But I don’t think the average person can tell and if not, you’re probably flunking the most important test of your lifetime. You have to be willing to ignite your mind!

  2. Oh god…maybe 2% if I were really honest? Maybe even less. In terms of time spent.
    You’re right, internet used to be more fun. Everything used to be more fun? Fun seems like a far off concept long gone, it’s sad to admit. When’s the fun coming back now, astrologically?
    Thanks for sharing, it’s very interesting and good to know this reality.

  3. I think the world is going in the dumpster, and the internet a little less so…but I find it easy to detect trolls and shills, so they don’t bother me much…

  4. Yes it seems so volatile out there – so much division and hate and unjust power!
    A reflection of the times or just the void we are shouting into?
    When I see influencers on IG going on with their day promoting designer bags or whatever, whilst there’s so much turmoil happening in Gaza, I just feel rage and disbelief…maybe Im not the fun type these days..

  5. Keep fighting girl, I had a jackass fire me after he paid in full, that’s why non refundable payments work so well, Mr. Impatient thinks I’m refunding?jackass
    Wasting my time(18 page inspection , site visits bringing a man along to help, visits to town hall) just wasted his own money

  6. The text is huge idk if I did something or it’s the site but my font is at 45 lol like 3 words for across my phone lol oh well not keeping me down. Customer service has been crazy for a year for me. Can’t get an answer or competent person these days. I think they are all home working and realized they get paid even if they don’t help. The internet is all AI and information they want us to see. I was thinking of the old days when subliminal messages were on commercials and they would throw in a picture of Coca Cola and you would be thinking of a coke all day and not know why! How far do we think that shit has come since then? I bet far. We think it’s the internet reading our minds like wow I just thought of that and now I see it no that thought wasn’t even yours to begin with is more like it. Neptune ..just keep swimming

  7. Elsa your blog and two other sites are the only ones I visit for “fun”, and a HUGE THANK YOU for keeping it real, big LOVE to you for all of your efforts!!

    Otherwise, I don’t stay ‘online’, fun is sewing or gardening or working a puzzle, or reading or cooking or time with my girls or friends, or crafts or other hobbies. The internet is for information and to get things done that can’t be done in person.

    I used to LOVE the idea of all this knowledge at your fingertips, to connecting with others around the world. But it’s so diluted and now with AI, NO! You just don’t know who’s on the otherend, the validity, the security, etc. I’ve been moving my life ‘offline’ for a bit now and I gotta say, it’s more peaceful and enjoyable.

  8. Avatar
    Janet StraightArrow

    Yes I am noticing more challenges. My warrior is up and keeping it gentle and smooth and ignoring the spam and more. Things taking a bit more time. Finding putting up a gorgeous new white tree and decorating it some each day for joy and comic relief.

  9. This was randomly recommended to me a couple days ago and I clicked. Your post reminded me of it. I don’t know this gal btw. Never seen the channel in my life. I think it’s about homesteading and “natural living”

    The same day this was recommended to me, earlier in the day, I noticed when I reached to pick up my phone I had this sensation of my whole body going into a defensive mode, or even like a war mode. Like, gimme your best shot, internet! And here i am recovering from a disc injury, trying to keep my body calm and relaxed, and that feeling of impending stress made my whole body feel like it was on FIRE. That was my new moon in sag moment! Yikes.

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