Mercury In A Natal Chart Reveals More Than You Think

mercury old godOn the little things mean a lot front, I want to give you an idea how wide the range of information you can get from a chart. I’ll use Mercury as an example because while it’s critical (Virgo joke), it’s importance is discounted in astrology as a matter of routine. It’s un-sexy I suppose.

Having Mercury in Libra, I could argue that. Some say sex is all in the mind.

Mercury rules the mind, communication, siblings, transportation, short trips, neighbors, the hands and some other parts of the body that come in pairs, lungs for example.

This means if you look Mercury in someone’s chart you can tell how they get along (or not) with their siblings and neighbors. You can tell how they drive, how they think, what their hands look like without even seeing them.

You can tell how fast they are going to move, how fast they process information and what they do with the information for that matter.

Do they broadcast information the way I do with Mercury conjunct Mars in the big mouth 9th house? Or do they covet their information and share very little?

If they do share very little is it because they are private (Pluto influence) or might they be scared their ideas will be rejected (Saturn influence)?

Some people notice hands… they surely notice mine. Think I have girly hands with Mars conjunct Mercury?  I don’t. My hands have been banged up, burned and in one case my left hand bled for more than 3 years due my wedding ring cutting into it.

The information that you can glean from each planet in a chart is endless. If you don’t think that understanding how a person thinks is important, you’ve probably got Neptune involved with Mercury.

Where is your Mercury? Tell us something about how it manifests.

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85 thoughts on “Mercury In A Natal Chart Reveals More Than You Think”

  1. Never saw so many replies!!

    Merc/Cancer in10. Slow, thorough learner, eternal student, long expressive fingers, big loopy expressive handwriting (artist), drive shiny teal classic volvo 240 fairly fast with music or NPR – til unfamiliar territory; then totally turned-around and lost. First of four, seldom see sibs anymore.

  2. Merc in gemini in the 5th. I drive faster than the speed limit usually, but am safe and strategic, pay attention to variables like traffic, weather & road conditions. I like to make videos of the road as i drive, jamming out to loud music and pacing the speed/music to the road. I like to drive for fun and adventure. I cried when i got my first minivan but having downsized to a sedan again i miss the versatility i had with the van.

    I talk fast and get along better with kids most of the time. I also can get tangled up speaking or skip words bc the thoughts are so fast.

  3. Mercury conjunct Sun & Moon in 12th house cap square Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter in 9th house…school age trauma, earth hands, lead foot, masculine vehicle…until Saturn returned…very cautious later in life, good relationship with oldest sibling and we respect each others need for space, neighbors always have lacked boundaries. Progressed Mercury just turned Rx conjunct Mars in Pisces in 2nd house. Much more deep and thoughtful approach to all forms of communication, BS around personal value bubbling to surface, no more hiding.

  4. Mercury in Virgo in the 5th, conjunct Chiron and opposing Saturn. I definitely have a fear of my ideas being rejected. And I’m always beating myself up when I remember stuff I’ve said.
    My relationship with my biological sister is weird, she’s mean and says hurtful things (Mars in Gemini). I have stepsiblings.

    I should have gotten my driver’s license four years ago. I am afraid of the kind of driver I’d be (absent-minded and impulsive). The car… I’ve always wanted to live in a walkable city so that I’d have no need of a car. But if I had to have one, medium-sized, not too flashy, comfortable, with good A/C and no three-door nonsense.

    Oh… and I have small hands with short fingers. Some say they’re kinda chubby. I always keep my nails short. I like them because I’d hate to have claw-like hands.

  5. My retrograde Mercury is conjunct Neptune. And now Elsa knows already how I think, how I get along with neighbors and with siblings, how I drive, and how my hands look like? Sorry, but already that I would think that the way of thinking wouldn’t be important isn’t true! (There’s more about my Mercury than being conjunct Neptune, but conjunct Neptune should tell as much as the similarly simple ‘conjunct Mars’, and yes the term ‘thinking’ is a rather confuse concept to me because it reminds me at phrases like ‘follow my words, not my example’.)

  6. Mercury in Gemini in the 12 house. Mercury Sextiles Venus and Trines Uranus. I’m still learning astrology. I guess I could interpret those aspects as, flash inspiration, maybe? I love my mind, so maybe that’s Mercury sextile Venus?

    I have small hands. I love my sisters dearly. My car is small and economical.

    1. I know somebody with Mercury trine Uranus and he indeed has flash inspirations, but somehow not in moments, when they’re needed. I would say that your last paragraph hints to Mercury sextile Venus.

  7. Along with how well one’s ability to manipulate the immediate environment, is what I feel can be found with Mercury. Gemini is related to the magician. Scorpio as well. And both Mercury and Pluto are very dense.

  8. Wow!!! What an interesting thread ?

    Let’s see.. Mercury in Cancer in 12th. It is conjunct my Part of Fortune, in mutual reception to my Moon in Gemini, and is in “easy” aspect to Mars and Uranus and “hard” aspect to Pluto.

    Education?? I had an unusual childhood in which early family trauma and a fearful immigrant mother who told me to never talk about it. So I didn’t. Or anything else for that matter. Not for nearly 7 years. The schools thought I was learning disabled and held me back another year in kindergarten.

    It turns out that I was firmly affixed in my 12th house world, living in daydreams and fantasy worlds and music that shielded me from the pain of that time. Later when I moved with my father and into a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle, I made a dramatic turnaround, excelling in everything from art to academics to sports, and the schools deemed me gifted almost overnight. I won a ton of awards and accolades throughout the rest of my education.

    It turns out that my 12th house Mercury needed encouragement and a positive environment to leave its happy little mental cocoon. ?

    Relationships with siblings?? Ugh. I have Pluto in the 3rd square Mercury. I don’t have a bad relationship with my brother per se but I haven’t seen him in over two decades either. He’s been difficult to pin down due to being very troubled with drugs and is now in jail so I feel like he’s the literally the negative manifestation of my 12th Mercury. The other brother I wasn’t even informed was born until many years later so we have no relationship. Not to mention he’s younger than some of my kids! ? Pluto in this house usually denotes either a deep relationship or complete estrangement with siblings or neighbors. I’m in the latter. ? Neighbors –I’m either full on or full off. Extremely close or barely at all. Thankfully, I love mine ?

    Automobile? In true Cancer mama fashion, I drive a newish baby-wagon (ie minivan) and I love it. IDGAF how people perceive it. It’s luxurious and comfortable and I have a terrific sound system. My kids are all old enough to enjoy my playlists with me. Being in my van alone without kids gives me that much needed solitude, especially when I can lose myself in music and go into my happy 12th house place where I can dream and retreat for a bit. Pretend I’m 17 again without responsibilities. Also, after numerous accidents, I drive like a Grandma. ??

    Hands? Short, thin fingers, delicate, naturally long nails, crepey skin with visible sunspots and weathering. Ambidexterous. With those aspects to Mars and mutual reception with Moon, I’m ultra-expressive with my hands. I communicate with them. I prefer body language and the subtle unstated and telepathy over the spoken word. I adore watching sign language and pantomimes and old silent films and people dancing. I love the feeling of kneading bread or being in the process of cooking and chopping and stirring. The feeling of digging in the dirt. So much tactile pleasure to be had. I relish it.

    Struggles? I’ve been told to write professionally over and over again but with Mercury in the 12th, I lack confidence. It’s never been good enough for my standards. I also sometimes feel like I write better than I talk. I get tongue-twisted easily and say things backwards when I get nervous. With Mercury in trine to Uranus, I have loads of ideas but they’re too futuristic to be taken seriously. I was thinking inventions up 30 years ago that exists now. Also, I’m an unwitting medium. 12th house Mercury imparts one with too many dreams and a lot of them prophetic, haunting, or downright disturbing. ?

    But overall, I wouldn’t trade. I like me too much ?

  9. Like Tonya, my hands are like my mother’s, but it’s the 1st and 2nd fingers which are crooked…( quite small, as well). Relationship with siblings – almost estranged from my sister; was close to my brother, but he died several years ago – I was geographically distant from them at the time. I don’t drive myself, but feel very at home in my eldest son’s fast, sporty red car……Mercury in Sag., in 3rd, aspecting Mars, Jupiter and Pluto….

  10. I have Mercury in Capricorn in the 5H. It is conjunct Venus, trine Uranus. I am aware that I can come off stoic, matter-of-fact, sometimes sounding like a buzz kill when I present facts. But with Venus there I can be charming (genuinely). With Uranus trine Mercury, it is absolutely true that you will, in no way, win me over but telling me what and how to think. I might even hate you for a minute. I can be proud, but super cool proud (5H Cap). I do have a dry sense of humor and it can be quirky.

    I love my siblings and there is nothing they can do that would ever cause a rivalry among us. We may not talk every week but I just love them to death.

    I love to drive and often treat it as a competition. Driving feels like flying sometimes.

    My hands? They are just woman’s hands, slender but always with callouses. My pinkie fingers are especially short and curved in slightly (it’s a genetic thing).

    1. Oh yes, Mercury trine Uranus definitely gives flashes of information, sometimes psychic. When that happens, I take note and look for further signs or just be ultra aware.

  11. My scorpio mercury is 2 degrees from Moon Mars conjunct on one side, and 2 degrees from Neptune on the other side. In the 3rd. I love to drive. I am a woman and I love cars. I have almost always owned 2 cars at a time, just for me. Almost all of my work has involved using my car extensively. I have passed my father in law on the freeway. I have family who will not drive with me, but I have friends that will admit I am the best driver they have even met.
    I love to talk and it is almost impossible for me to keep secrets. Extremely psychic.

  12. Mercury in Virgo in 11th, sextile Uranus.
    I get along with my neighbors (as far as I can tell). With siblings I only had one brother and it seems I wasn’t very close to him – not by intent, but more by circumstances – he lived far away.
    Never owned a car in my life & hate to drive.
    My hands have served me well, good at producing precise and intricate things for my work (with a perfectionist tendency).
    They are “small” (I’m 5’1), slightly square, with very short nails, no varnish etc. (No girly stuff, but I love rings.)
    I guess they’re no-nonsense!

  13. “If you don’t think that understanding how a person thinks is important, you’ve probably got Neptune involved with Mercury.”

    What’s up with that last statement? I have Mercury (Rx) conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, and understanding how a person thinks is extremely important to me!

  14. Mercury in taurus 4th. Trine moon, uranus, neptune, ascendant, conjunct venus, square saturn, opposite pluto. I’m biased but at least I know it. First instinct is to withold sources, not necessarily information. Intrusive thoughts. I always edit my thoughts. You get a curated version of my inner blabber that would still have mistakes. Roll with the magic of mercury square saturn. Used to write poems. I’m an only child but I have loads of cousins. We keep in touch. My neighbors stuff me with home made sweets and baked goodies. Don’t have a car.
    A doctor once complimented my hands. I often get compliments on my nails. I don’t use colored nail polish just the transparent one maybe once a year and your ocasional hand cream, when I remember. But I’m a gemini sun so that clicks the astro.

  15. I have Capricorn Mercury in the 4th House in an almost exact conjunction to Chiron, squaring Mars and Jupiter. Strangely, people come to me for advice and ideas. Knowing they count on me I worry excessively about what I’ve said to them.

  16. 12 house mercury in Capricorn

    I raced cars for awhile. Road racing. Not oval track. Took high performance driving school, all that.
    I’m driving a Kia Sportage turbo. Fast, tight suspension. Corners pretty good for an SUV. Used to go to snowy British Columbia twice a month to see daughter. Till Covid. Have no need for the 4wd now. Wish I had a sporty little sedan. Turbo. (Moon 0 degrees Leo?)
    Mars 0 degrees capricorn. 12 house

    Mans hands. With arthritis knuckles (capricorn?) Size xtra large medical gloves. Perfect for my career as a midwife. (12house?)

  17. Merc in Gemini, 7th house. No car. Afraid of driving. Writing reading talking thinking i like it all. And do a lot of it. Am friendly to neighbours but always keep a distance. Hands. Got two of these. Lean flat hands with rather long fingers, not masculine but certainly not small. What does the 7th house do here.

  18. This explains a lot. Thank you for reposting from 2009, Elsa.

    My natal Mercury, Ascendant Lord, is at 20 Capricorn, retrograde, succèdent, burnt by the Sun, and tightly sextile Mars, which landed precisely at 22 Pisces conjunct the powerful and toxic fixed star, Markab, promising “trouble in Mercurial matters”.

    Due to the death of my mother in childhood and the impact of an abusive and evil stepmother, and a neglectful and disloyal father, I have no adult relationship with any of my siblings save one brother, who ignores me to stay on their good side. I am not in the will, and have struggled with actual homelessness, while the witch’s son lives in a half million dollar home they paid for even though he’s never legally made more than 15.00 an hour.

    I was never able to type faster than 50 wpm (the hands are slow). I drive a 21 year old car with a broken headlight, a cracked windshield, and no air conditioning, one that apparently keeps running as long as it has on voodoo (Mercury trine Pluto). I have adult-onset asthma. I was the only person I knew who had a serious reaction to the COVID vaccine – I developed a lung infection four days post vaccine that persisted for six weeks, necessitating daily painkillers to be able to breathe. Since Mercury is my Ascendant as well as my MidHeaven Lord, I have often wondered why I am even still here (my “time twin”, born in the same hospital around the same hour, died in a car crash several years ago, leaving three little children behind).

    One of the reasons I began studying astrology is so that I could step back from my chart (and my life) the way I have stepped back from my parents. I realize that no one could play such a shifty hand with any kind of decent result, and I therefore don’t take the awful result as any karma belonging to me. I used to read charts for free for people in the homeless shelter who were simply poor and not criminal or “mentally ill” or drug abusers, and I often saw the impact of toxic fixed stars on a highly relevant personal planet. I was able to tell them, “It isn’t you; it’s your shitty chart, but you are not your chart.”

    1. Wow Monica, I’m so sorry…Your chart is extremely similar to mine, but my Mars is conjunct Mercury, and they are direct..that seems to make a difference..

  19. More than you think…hahahahaha!

    Mercury conjunct Uranus in Scorpio here. I can keep a secret, and I like to find the truth, no matter how deep it’s been buried. Gemini rising, I love to solve a puzzle, so that adds to it. When I was younger I had a tendency to bring up taboo subjects and play devil’s advocate, just for the fun of a lively and interesting debate, though I’ve dialed it back a lot. So I’m quiet, because inside my head I’m thinking all the thoughts that I shouldn’t say around people that I don’t know very well, observing and analyzing, all the while.

  20. Mercury Cap 9th house trine Pluto in Virgo in 5th- can always figure out motives. People always watch my hands in motion, and my hands can do a lot of things, quite rapidly if on autopilot. Neighbors become obsessively interested in my affairs, police have hauled one off who was outside my bathroom. Until I read this post, didn’t connect the neighbours thing.
    Brother became obsessed too, trying to catch me undressed, toileting etc, tried to move in with me, sent him packing and don’t know anything about him 30 yrs on.

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