Uranus Transit To Natal Sun Effects

lightningThe sun represents a person’s vital life energy. Their creativity, their ego and their vocation. When Uranus transits your natal sun, your life will change as the status quo is disrupted.

Ultimately, this transit frees a person, but it’s rarely a smooth, easy, flowing process.  If you think about it, it’s easy to see why.  People hate change!  They have to be jolted and awakened from their complacency. It’s like, hey! Your life is going by. Are you sure you want to live it like this?

“This” refers to you, sitting in the same place so long, you’re covered with cobwebs.  A Uranus transit lets you know you’re alive and life is for the living!

So you wind up liberated but this process generally involved rebellion.  As a classic example, let’s say you have a battered woman.  She’s a good person, a nice person… people have tried to help her but she’s remained, stuck. Eventually her friends and family may pull back or even pull away completely.   They essentially counted her out. Perhaps they can’t stand the pain?

Well this is the transit that will bust someone like that out. Same thing for a long time addicted person.  I’m an example.  I used to be a VERY heavy smoker.  Three packs a day, easy. More! I smoked, while chewing nicotine gum, with a nicotine patch on my arm!  Hopeless, right? I thought so. Everyone thought so, but then one say I quit and hey!  Can you say FREEDOM!

Uranus transit right there and I’ll tell you exactly how it came about.  I was smoking, of course. I used to wake up to smoke, at least once a right, more often twice. So I was tied hardcore to this beast and then one day, it hit me.  This: If you don’t quit smoking, this is it for you. You will never get anywhere or do anything. You have peaked!

Well, that pissed me off. I wanted to help people, though this idea was vague. How can I do that, when I can’t help myself?  That was the awakening thunderbolt. I quit smoking; I also lost weight I’d put on. This is also when I dumped an obsession I’d indulged for a decade.

Basically, I got myself free and started blogging at this time, as well.

You need space during this transit.  You have to reinvent yourself  so you can live in your future. People who try to stop you, get thrown from the train.

It’s a good transit, but also a very stressful transit, for you but also for the people around you, who may or may not stick around.  To understand, just imagine me, trying to not smoke, so I can live.  My old friend keeps trying to give me cigarettes… No! They will be rejected and left behind.

If you’re heading into the transit, expect your heard to pound as this transit invigorates a person.  It’s a harried thing, but a good thing, otherwise the battered woman is going nowhere and Elsa died in circa 2000. Lung cancer, I heard.

Are you having a Uranus transit to your sun?  How’s it going?

35 thoughts on “Uranus Transit To Natal Sun Effects”

  1. yep, can relate.. moved to a remote small town in another country when Uranus transited my Sun.. started an entirely new way of life that defined the next era, honestly

  2. My sun is conjunct Uranus in Cancer. I am dreading when transiting Uranus gets through Gemini and then starts to ingress into my sign. I’m expecting more of explosions than fireworks.

    1. Uranus in cancer is not going to be a difficult transit, more chaos than innovations especially on a mundane level.. uranus over your sun will bring you spiritual enlightenment, you don’t need to be afraid of it just embrace the energy meditate, read slow down

  3. I went through it during 2020 and it was a long overdue epiphany. It expanded my spiritual self, it was a blessing despite the difficulties that brought along this transit. My sun is my asc and second house ruler. Now uranus has been opposing my Scorpio moon for quite long and it’s a real struggle

  4. I’m having this right now, 24* Taurus. My Sun is exactly inconjunct natal Uranus at 24* Libra so it’s wiring into that, 2nd house natal Uranus also.

    It’s not what I expected in that I’m not as restless as I thought I’d be with the electrical Uranus energy right on top. I feel very pleasantly detached from things and actually feel protected in this way by Uranus. I don’t want it to leave tbh. Third eye is WAY more active, psychic ability increased. Consciousness is likely expanded hence feeling detached. Almost like out of body experience but I’m awake.

    However, what you write is correct, it’s trying to dig me out of being stuck. The stuckness is in my psyche and is probably linked to that Sun Uranus inconjunct complex. It’s a very deep complex, feels inpenetrable. I can’t “think it out”, I just feel the sense of being in a maze and I need to find the exit pronto.

    Interestingly I found myself in an actual maze the other week, made of hedges, traditional style. I entered and immediately felt anxious about not knowing how to get out. I realised something walking around and finding dead ends.. Only by relaxing can you release yourself from a maze. If you try to “think” it out, you just feel fear and get more lost. You’re not actually lost, you just moving through something. It’s the body and intuition that finds the release/exit and you help it happen by relaxing, that is.. SURRENDERING.

    So I’m trying to apply that in life, but of course mental frustration arises.. Ego wants out.. but it’s something else that releases you fully.

    Glad you posted about this. It’s intriguing transit.

  5. Having it next summer but I wanted to get a glimpse into the future from the present standing point- uranus. To become unstuck and kick out ingrained habits. That doesn’t sound half bad. I always fret and get scared about change, or even going somewhere unfamiliar but when I am in it I always adapt and get used to whatever it is there. – sun in gemini 4th- so I never know why I am so scared of it at first. Then the cycle repeats. Also uranus transits are very ‘noticeable’ for me.

      1. Hello, my moon is in capricorn 1st house conjunct uranus, neptune, asc, square mars, trine mercury and venus. Let’s just say I always get pesimistic at first, stressed and overthinking but then things are not as bad as imagined. There would be situation when things are unexpectedly worse though because it’s part of life I guess. But most times I put the bad before the good. 😶‍🌫️ I am wired like that and it’s not good for health so I am trying to find ways to re-wire my brain and thinking. 🙂

        1. Anxiousness makes sense with a Cap moon. And a first house Moon is very much embodied, it can make you feel ALOT (especially new moons, full moons etc). Uranus in Cap I think can help break conditioned habits. But I think the habits or awareness of them can be stronger because of the Uranus placement (ultra Cap) and yet more open/more possibility to change them than for other people, especially with Neptune there too, dissolving structures. You really are Moon-y with 1st h Moon and 4th h Sun 🙂

          1. Yes, right. All the new moons, full moons, moon house changes are felt intensely. Moony, why does that sound so cute? 🌚 Thank you! Hope your uranus transit works out as well. Uranus quincunx sun natal sounds kind of badass by itself. Quincunxes are such interesting aspects, slightly difficult but not less fascinating to try to combine two very different energies. It gives an edge of sorts.

            1. I agree, inconjunct aspects are very potent and worth studying in a chart. Prob my most interesting aspect because is tightest in chart.. I think you could be right about it being badass lol, it makes me a weird Taurus. And getting weirder 🙂

              1. I have Mercury in Capricorn inconjunct Uranus in Leo (very very tight) and also find it the most potent and interesting aspect in my chart – also regarding slow movers transiting Mercury. I seem to struggle with concepts that everyone else takes for granted and have ideas that others find weird at best.

  6. the addict and the poor battered woman, are great examples where uranus needs to “free”/liberate them. good article.^^

  7. Oh my! Uranus travels through my Taurus stellium.
    The last stop will be on my IC and Gemini Sun 5 degrees. I expect my idea of being in the shadows, private to explode.. Same with probably my home where I live physically.

    1. Uranus in Gemini is a whole different vibe than the current Uranus in Taurus transit.. I too have a Taurus stellium and it tortured me for good however you have to wait to see the results of this transit as Taurus is slow and steady at things. Uranus is now sitting on my mercury /chiron conjunction the apex of my yod so it activates it.. it will go retrograde so it’s going to be around those degrees for a while. I can’t wait for it to leave my 10H, along with Pluto that will dip into my 6H again..

      1. Hi Sophie, thanks for the tips. Pluto is in my 12th, and now with the rx the suffering is back on so many levels, it is heading towards opposition with Saturn again.. Lots o karma is processed now.

  8. Uranus conjunct husband’s Sun July 2023, October 2023, and April 2024. Just found out, he is still using illegal drugs and we have been trying to deal with that situation for the past 3 years. I am now asserting that he needs to find someplace to go because he can’t stay here. I just cannot contribute more energy to trying to keep a bad train on it’s tracks. Hopefully, this can be the catalyst for him to go and get help, but the last conjunction is separating by almost 3 degrees, now. Time always tells…

  9. You cannot move into your new life expecting the worst to happen! (from Brenda, a friend).
    My Sun in Taurus is at the 1st degree. Uranus had briefly gone into Taurus in the Fall of 2018, and that was when I “could feel it”. The woman I loved died in 2019. It’s good to know this is just a once in a lifetime transit. These past 5 years, for me, have been brutal. And the attending financial difficulties have not been helpful.
    I do have Venus @ 16 Gemini, and Uranus @ 23 Gemini, so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  10. Uranus has now gone through natal Mercury at 12 Taurus, Mars at 21 Taurus and now Sun con NN at 26 Taurus. It’s gonna happen as I go through my second Saturn return!!! Been unemployed and unhoused for 11 years now. Anyone had Uranus transit their Sun/NN conjunction? Badly need a positive break in my life.

  11. I had this in 2019. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease linked to my thyroid. I started to taking care of myself and was taking all kinds of supplements. I left a toxic 5 year relationship. I was brand new. I was vibrating and very anxious… but brand new 😁

  12. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was straight opposite my Sun-Venus-Jupiter stellium this April-May.
    It was my 9th+10th house.

    So, I realized thatball my work related stress was due to the fact that I need to leave my profession behind and go liberate myself fromt he chains.

    Thenonly trouble is: I dont know where to go instead, and what to do.

    In a short time Uranus will oppose himself in Sag. In my 10th house. He will then pass my MC. They are 4 degrees apart.

    … I guess this is an ongping development in several stages!

    1. That’s a very difficult transit indeed, Uranus hit my mc back in 2015 until now and it’s been a decade of true struggle in terms of employment. My then job ended which was to an extent liberating as it was so boring and exhausting but it left me without alternatives as to how do I make a living.. Pluto transiting my 6H from 2008 till now with the final retrograde does not make it easy.. what I realised is I don’t want to do exhausting manual jobs for breadcrumbs however finding a different type of job is very challenging.. Uranus liberates you from a dead end situation indeed but doesn’t give you any other options..it would make more sense if abundance followed.. I am still on and off in the same rut, the jobs I am trying to escape from.. by 2025 they all leave my vocational houses for good so I am hoping for more clarity the following year..

      1. Dang, that sounds really hard, Sophie!

        I have had Pluto transitting my 12th in Cap, ans it’s only now coming out of its hiatus here… I have not too optimistic an outlook for this transit, but I do feel sort og liberated. Even if natal Uranus is sextile my Ascendant, and in a sign often associated with luck, I haven’t had a lot of that the past years either.

        I guess what Sag is also about, is learning. So, going into some educationally related would probably be benefitting. Plus – I guess it’s also about learning some hard lessons as well.
        Uranus close to the MC also is related to having commitment difficulties.

        I do think though, that Pluto sorta ‘killed’ a dead end career, due to 4 personal planets being in my 10th house of Scorpio. So, Uranus opposing my Jupiter and coming of his own planetary opposition, would or could be related to a silver lining – or more harsh lessons, to expand my life wisdom… dunno which is better, tbh LOL.

        It could also just mean that I go into menipause tobbe honest. Since he rules my 1st house.

        Anyhow, I will be very happy when it’s over. When Satuen transitted these points, I quit a stable job and left everything I knew. I have not recovered from that transit – and, since my chosen career is now pretty much a dead end, I guess it’s Saturn’s waybof showing me the (financial) consequences of my choice in Pisces, my 2nd house.

        1. I know exactly what you mean I have been through similar issues, I did go back to uni once Uranus hit my mc but it didn’t give the desired results.. to some extent I feel it’s the consequences of our own choices.. the Pluto transit was so traumatic for many of us especially through the difficult houses.. add to the mix the eclipses that have hit hard my planets in 10-4 axis and you are left dealing with a big mess.. I don’t know what comes next.. I am worried about Neptune Saturn at 0 aries as this point activates through a grand trine my asc and my Uranus Jupiter conjunction in fire signs..

          1. Ouch. I can easily understand what you mean. Sometimes we are the reaults of of our own choices, and the if’s and if not’s can drive us mad!

            Sometimes we are just dealing with sh*tty circumstances, doing our best. The harsh thing about wisdom is, that it’s seldom if ever easy to gain, because it comes from the worst and harshest experiences a human being can have.

            From what I know, our souls all have a blueprint we are devekoping towards fullfilling. How we go about it though, is not always easy and can be very individually hard and difficult.

            I never had any issues with words or writing for example – they just comes naturally to me – and then I met my partner with a Cancer Mercury and natal Venus retrograde in Gemini, int he 6th house of Virgo even, and the term “word salad” suddenly got a whole new meaning. Everyone is struggling in their own way. But we were all meant to be here, right now, at this time, going through our individual jorneys.

            1. Yes an afflicted mercury can give bad results but never thought of word salad! I don’t like much a strong mercury either because they can talk endlessly but mine is conjunct chiron in the apex of a yod.. only through astrology did I understand better myself.. I learn many things from other people’s posts in the comments!

              1. And it was Uranus going over my sun that gave me wisdom and spiritual depth. I am greatful for that transit..

              2. I know what you mean, I think a heavy Mercury placement can be of really disadvantage sometimes – it’s not easy to be a blabbermouth.

                To make matters worse, my own Mercury is straight opposite my partner’s Chiron … that can really give some hefty results! I have to be very careful of what I say, due to his Cancer Sun, and that can sometimes bring some very heavy talks. But in the end, they are healing too… just takes a lot of work from both of us.

                I guess Chiron conjunct Mercury can be a bit like the same …. and yes, there is much gold from others here, too!

          2. Remember too what Elsa says about Saturn: It can maximize our own worst fears. When the time comes, you are a different person and you are not the person you are today. Thus, you will probably have a whole different look at it when the time comes. (For good or bad, but – a different look for sure)

  13. I was looking forward to Uranus going over my Sun since my Sun is in the second house sextile my natal Uranus. I was expecting a windfall….well I had a fall…fell and broke two knuckles on my right hand. What a nightmare that has been. But then again, and I always put this out of my mind. I have a grand fixed cross which my sun is involved in so this nightmare might not be over…but the good news is, my hand is on the mend.

  14. I´ve been having the conjunction in my 12th house for a while now, and can´t help but think of my psychologist seeking to hammer me out from isolation, from being seated at the PC all day, to socialize, to physically contact with people, but to also do other activities to get me out from the screen, so I´ve been taking up painting, drawing comics, by hand, for some reason the process of a digital artwork is not interesting to me, it´s just more screen and screen

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