Popularity: Venus, Mars And The Ascendant

Kermit the Frog“Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senate.”
                                                                  –Orson Welles

What makes a person popular? You don’t have to be nice to be popular. You don’t have to physically attractive to be popular. To my mind, popularity is when the majority of people in your sphere want to be associated with you. There are lots of roads to the same destination, but one I’ve noticed has to do the Venus, Mars and the ascendant.

The ascendant/descendant axis is associated with Venus and Mars, Venus ruling the 7th and Mars ruling the 1st. Venus and the 7th house have to do with your aesthetic and what attracts you. Mars and the 1st house is associated with the way you act and how you go about getting what you want. The ascendant itself, the 1st house cusp, represents one’s appearance, both physical and that of the personality, how we’re seen on the surface.

Popularity is broad appeal. This broad appeal can be apparent in the chart. Venus trine, sextile or conjunct the ascendant is one indicator. Mars trine, sextile or conjunct the ascendant is another, although less strong. The stronger indicator, however, is both Venus and Mars in these aspects to the ascendant. Venus or Mars in the 1st and 7th houses also has play here.

When Venus and Mars agree with the ascendant/descendant axis, what one wants and how they act is in outward accord with how they appear. They’re easy to subconsciously categorize, pleasant, congruous, safe. People with this combination don’t set off internal anomaly detectors. They slide easily into “oh, he’s/she’s okay!” That makes for general popularity.

Popularity on an individual level, relating one on one, will have more to do with how that person’s chart interacts with the other individual’s chart. Being popular does not mean being truly liked by each person in the group.

Sometimes transiting aspects to the ascendant, Mars or Venus can result in temporary, “transitory,” popularity. Have you ever experienced this?

What is your take on popularity? What is it in the chart that you think makes a person popular?

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  1. Saturn tops my chart and my Virgo ascendant quincunxes my sun and Venus, trines my Mars and Jupiter. Never been popular but am often respected.

  2. On a sadder note I am not popular with my family at all, and it is actually quite hostile, my manners and ways about me make some believe I may have a great family background which isn’t true in the slightest. I guess having these aspects make up for the loneliness in my life and the positive spirituality and moral grounds my family see only as weakness. It’s rough to put it lightly.

  3. Thank u for the welcome! I liked your post. Just one more question. How would it be if Pluto is added with Venus and Mars, where Pluto is conjunct Venus? All of them in Sag,Scorpio Asc. I guess it would be Fiery Scorpio with charm. The temperament would be aggressive, sporty but looks calm, pleasing, powerful and magnetic since, Scorpio ascendant won’t reveal much.

  4. Whoa! I have all the aspects given above.
    Aries Ascendant
    Leo Venus trine Aries Ascendant
    Leo Mars trine Aries Ascendant
    Moon trine Venus
    Mars in 5th house
    Venus in 5th house
    Undeviated chart (Aries Rising)
    Libra Sun
    Aries Moon

  5. My best friend has sun and mercury in 11th house and she is really popular. She has so many friendship groups. She sees her friends like family. She also has uranus and jupiter(both aquarius) 7th. So i think 7th and 11th houses are important for being popular. Also my another friend has uranus(capricorn) conj venus(sagittarius) and even she is not so popular in real life she is so popular in internet. Uranus and venus with good aspects maybe not always make people popular but they are making friends easily. They don’t like ordinary people and maybe thats why they are not popular in real life.

  6. My mom has Venus conjunct Mars in Leo in her Asc and she is quite stunning. She is popular , but her Sun conjuncts Pluto. Like you said, not everybody likes her. But she definitely gets noticed.

    I have Mars trine Asc trine Ur/Jup- grand trine. Venus (wide 7-8°) trine Asc. I’m probably popular. Def not famous (my Ur/Jup is in the 4th), but probably popular. Uranus rules my 7th house.

    Interesting topic. 🙂

  7. Aqua asc Mars conj Venus, I think people know me well, at work or social circles, but not sure if they like me much, most think I am very proud…

  8. I didn’t want to be friend popular. I want to have the choice and ease you have when you’re pretty rather than the wretchedness and the being cast off when you look so bad. And in my case do nothing about it. I’m sure once I got a certain popularity with men I would ruin it but… After every night of only gray haired homeless creeps leering at me, I wonder if I’ll ever get a date again or have someone interested in me who isn’t twenty plus years older than me. And I cry and whine in self pity and don’t slather creams or try

  9. I tend to obsess about things and spin my wheels until they go away. Especially during my Pluto transit when I yell and listen to no one’s advice and run from destiny. People sometimes tell me it’s vain and shallow to obsess about being attractive to men you like or wish your phone was blowin up with texts like it used to. But I see women who claim to be mature and wise get older and just stay single.
    I tend to white knuckle grip life and notice every change. People usually redirect my attention when I start whining about this or give me advice. I have Pallas in Leo the seventh and don’t tend to learn until someone gives me a push. My Leo stellium friend said it best

  10. I’m through my SR. What am I doing wasting my youth on this. I also have sixth house and believe some deep health problems are the culprits of my faces crappiness. I have leaky gut I guess and no way to heal it

  11. My Ascendant is in Aries,my Descendant is in Libra, Mars is in opposition to Ascendant.Mars in Scorpio in the 7th house trines Venus in Pieces in the 11th house. Am I popular? I would say, mainly men like me, but females don’t.Those, who hate me, are very active. The more I am popular the more they hate me.

  12. Venus and mars are currently transiting my ascendent in Aquarious. Man! People are treating me like the princess of Burma! Yeas, I would say that conjunction makes someone popular! I have never experienced anything like that in my life…
    I wish it would stick around forever lol !

  13. My husband was extremely popular in jr. high/highschool. Uranus in Scorpio conjunct Scorpio Asc, Scorpio Sun, Libra stellium of pluto/jupiter/mercury/Saturn in the 11th. He was a powerhouse, admired by everyone. He’s still a powerhouse, just more reclusive now.

  14. I have Venus conjunct Mars in Leo and both square my ascendant in Taurus. I don’t think “popular” is a word that could ever truly have been used to describe me. People have to break through the wall first (which is thankfully Venus-ruled, at least) to get to the good stuff. So this explains a lot.

  15. Aquarius on the ascendant.


    I am popular when around quirky people. Uranus even sextile my Asc, so that’s double whammy of the same energy. I have come to terms with that. I excel at being another spice and that my success and recognition comes from other sources than the bigger crowd. I am not actively seeking it but I am always somehow drawn in from this energy. It seems like a subconscious thing I am naturally inclined towards.

    My Scorpio Venus is conjunct Jupiter in the 10th opposite Chiron though, so a lot of charm and with it – empathy and depth of feelings – gives charisma but not necessarily popularity……

  16. Not really, more like the opposite. Cap rising, excess saturn, mars square ascendant, planets in water houses (But even so, there are moments when all the attention is in my direction, guess all that moon/neptune/uranus on the rising is not dormant forever) and it’s overwhelming altough nice to be honest because it happens rarely! I like fresh, positive, popular, charismatic people, in small doses. Most people I know that are like that fall under aquarius suns also pisces suns with sagittarius moons. Leo moons too. I like their vibe (especially with a pisces or gemini, virgo sun).

  17. Interesting.
    I feel as if a caveat is required.
    For example, I have Mercury semi square Uranus. Makes me”pop balloons”, by speaking truthfully and openly, right? I’m trying to pick my moments but usually I appear offensive, but I like getting to the bone of a matter.
    Then there’s Mercury semisextile Neptune. Sometimes, I cannot say what makes sense to others.
    These factors do NOT make me popular, but it’s another reason why I’m studying psychology, philosophy and religion.

    1. Oddly, I do have a 7th house Venus opposite my ascendant. I attract but repel once I reveal what’s beneath the surface

  18. Avatar
    Hildegardes Girl

    Im well liked but over the top sometimes. Im well liked except by certain people because Im so out there. You know, the kind that thinks if youre not serious (which I completely am Virgo Sun, Scorpio Venus, Saturn in 5th house) and miserable, youre a complete goofball because you remember how to have fun..
    But north node in Leo makes me fun, full of joy and very open hearted. I make people laugh all the time and love to do so. But Im very Mercurial.(Mercury in 1st) so I can switch up real quick if need be and be VEEERY serious… and quite fierce when the occasion requires it.
    I love to make people feel good about themselves. Encourage and empassion them. And to hug and encourage them when they hurt.and defend them when bullied. Ill stand up to whoever no matter how big.
    Sigh! Sometimes I wish I was more soft, quiet, demure…feminine. I admire other women who are like that.
    But born year of tiger with a Leo North Node, dont see that happening soon…do you? Lol!

  19. I have my asc moon and venus in SAg. I am not popular. The few friends I have had were popular. It must be all that 12th house scorpio.

  20. Mars and Venus conjoin at 4°Vir in 2019. Are their any politicians up for re-election this year, with natal Asc at 3°to 6°Vir, other than Justin Trudeau?

    1. Came upon this thread while Googling a random aspect.
      Sun, Venus and Mars will all trine my natal Ascendent at 3,39 Virgo this August, bang around the new moon. I wonder what will happen. 🙂 My natal Venus (in Capricorn) is already trine my Ascendent. Should I look for any elections to stand in?

  21. I have mars and Venus on my ascendant … they both form conjunctions and I’ve always been popular even when I don’t want to be. I have Venus on the 12th house cusp so I like to be hidden somewhat… but I have a sun in the 1st house so I’m always seen regardless

  22. For someone so closed off, I appeared on tv four times now, which is hilarious given my scorp mc, saturn in 1st, eight planets bellow the horizon and many more. I wasn’t popular but a few people recognised me on the street as a kid. Also not popular in school but I got along nicely with a lot of my peers in hs and college, as opposed to middle school where everybody was so hostile. On the internet, with groups it feels like when I start to say something, make a thread, no one buts in, but when I leave that thread gets a lot of traction and attention. So I am not popular at all but my words are- without me needing to be there, if that makes sense. Also not sure what it’s my synastry with this site but I feel very self centered in here and just saying empty words lol. As opposed to different places where I actually had things to say, to inquire and create. If remembering correctly this site has aries rising, my mars in this site’s 1st house makes a lot of sense then. -.-

  23. I’ll have Mars conjunct Venus on my ascendant for my solar return next year. Does that mean I’ll be popular all year? 🙂

    1. With mars you will probably feel very energetic *and more passionate, able to to do a lot of things and with venus you’ll be seen in a positive, sweet light and paying attention to your personal style for example. A venus mars conjunction on the rising sounds like it can be good for a romantic relationship, as the conjunction will be on the axis of asc/desc. Mars is a bit more feisty but an opposition (to the desc) is still attraction. Doesn’t sound bad at all. 🙂

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