Shocked to Death, Uranus transiting my 8th

In addition to my Pluto square, Uranus is transiting my 8th house.

The washing machine is still broken, so I went to the laundromat the other night. I like to go to this particular laundromat because they are relatively clean and they have a Ms. Pacman machine.

I loaded the wash, counted out how many quarters I would need for the dryer and hid them from myself in my left pocket. I put the rest of the change in my right pocket and headed for the back room arcade with an odd premonition that the game would be off.

It was unplugged.

I shoved the machine over slightly, wedged behind it and fished out the cord. I looked at it, I looked at the outlet next to me. I looked back at the plug and heard the words “Uranus in the 8th – Shocked to Death” in my head. Was this really the way I was going to die? Plugging in an archaic arcade game during a risky transit?

I decided to tempt fate.

Snap. The screen crackled and then popped on. I dropped a coin in the slot and began to play.

dot dot dot dot dot dot DOT Ghost Ghost Cherry dot dot dot. Round one complete.

I am overcome by the smell of strong booze. I look over and there is a man I hadn’t noticed standing at the Galaga machine. He reeks. Suddenly he starts smashing it, as though he had been waiting for an audience to his madness. Over and over again, he grabs it by the joy stick and wiggles it furiously, grunting and slobbering.

I am momentarily stunned. Then I am put out that I must choose to loose my quarter investment. Damn second house planets, it’s a freakin’ quarter, get over it. I grab my keys which I had set down next to me and dash out.


It felt very final destination. Like I didn’t die from that plug like I was supposed to, so this freak was going to do me in by setting off some over the top Rube Goldberg reaction causing a whole line of classic games to domino me to death. Now I have narrowly escaped and it is a matter of time before some other odd spectacular fate befalls me.ย Well this is going to be a fun transit.

Where is Uranus transiting your chart?

32 thoughts on “Shocked to Death, Uranus transiting my 8th”

  1. no way! our super hero won’t die from a belligerent drunk! She’s too smart for that! Justice must live on!

    Myanus is in 4th house and with Merc & Jupiter I’m letting off some proverbial steam and going after the family jewls!!

  2. Wow.

    9th house with my sun. It’s like being in a very efficient twilight zone where I get a lot of things done. I’m also rebelling, but trying to keep it classy.

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    Someone dead woke me up four nights ago. I woke up to him staring at me… Uranus transiting the 12th, the other side has been trying to get my attention. That did it. I was awake for almost three hours with a nasty adrenaline rush…

    1. I was born with that Uranus in the 12th! Get used to it, enjoy it, revel in it! It is the best! Yes, the first time is frightening( as in, “Why me?”), but soon you lose track of all the wonderful, amazing, physical and aural manifestations that has you KNOWING that we are eternal, spiritual beings, and can call upon God and your paternal grandmother for help, when they aren’t there communicating things to you on their own. I could write a book on it…

  4. LOL. I don’t really think I’m going to be “Shocked to Death” (Just so no one worries.)

    It’s more of a description of the feeling of the time. It just “feels” like I’m going to be shocked to death. I’ve been feeling really en garde.

  5. Opps…last message was in response to 9th house sun with transiting Uranus/Jupiter and pretty soon the whole gang.

  6. It’s in my 5th house, just 4 degrees from hitting my Sun… I’ve recently piled on the creative work and am enjoying the heck out of it.

  7. Uranus transit to my 1st house! I have Aries rising. I will shock people with my body and how fat much weight I’ve gained over 5 years. ๐Ÿ™

    Anyways, I never knew Ms. Pac-man was soooo sexy!!

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    curious wanderer

    It’s going through my 8th house too, and will be opposing natal Pluto. I still don’t have a handle on what this means for me.

    I can’t help but think that if I end up shocked to death, it will have something to do with my cat. Like she’ll knock a plugged-in hairdryer into the tub while I’m taking a bath or something equally ridiculous. And the poor, furbrained thing will have no clue what she did. :\

  9. Your story reminded me of the time I was cleaning the stove, under the top thing and got shocked, having been a dumbass and not unplugging it first. I remember thinking, “Oh my god! I am NOT going out in a housecleaning accident. That is just SO wrong!”

    I made it, that time. But Uranus is in my 8th….

  10. It’s been transiting my 8th too, where my sun & mercury are. As it approaches Aires and my 9th, it will be hitting my Venus in the next couple of weeks or months. Oh joy. It has begun shaking things up deep within, unsettling any sense of complacency or stability.

  11. hahahaha
    this post is so funny to me!

    Uranus in 4th. No idea what to think. My sense of security is getting jolted, just trying to ride it out.

  12. I am arguing with myself about being paranoid. Saturn is on my uranus in the 5th. Uranus is in a natal yod to sun 16pisces in the 11th(house of the ruler of uranus) and mars 16 taurus in the 12th(the house of the ruler of my sun and taurus ruled by libra the sign on the cusp of my 5th)

    Thing is today jupiter is on my chiron in 12th. Mars is on my sun at 16 pisces. Venus is at 16 aqua trining my uranus that has saturn sitting on it and squaring my mars.

    Moon just entering my 4th house in leo and I want to stay home and hide… mars in pisces ? but keep thinking hiding doesn’t work.. the energy comes and we make do with it?

  13. @ Read_em ๐Ÿ˜‰ Me too!!! in the 12th, but fortunately, I dont have any dead people wanting an audience…..was he trying to communicate with you??

    I’ve had a lot of animals coming to me in my dreams…. When I look them up in my animal spirit guide book the next day, the message is ALWAYS spot on and helpful;-) The last new Moon and this coming new Moon will also be in my 12th.

  14. Uranus is transiting the last 5 degrees of my 7th house and the Aries stellium will be in my 8th house – don’t know what to expect or look out for – in the meantime I have to contend with Pluto opposition Sun AND Mercury AND Pluto conjunct Moon transits!!
    Somedays I think I just want to hide under the covers for the next few years!!

  15. Where is Uranus transiting in my chart?

    Over my 00 Aries Sun/North Node and opposite my Jupiter/Uranus/South Node in Libra.

    Doing my best to — as I put it — get myself out in that field of opportunity so the lightning bolt of “good luck” knows where to find me.

  16. Wow, Read_em, that’s freaky!

    If I use equal, it is just about to enter my 3rd house, trining my natal Uranus. I definitely feel the change when it went into Uranus. Some freaky things going on with it there. I have been pming with Xenia about the fact that not only Ra, the one who channeled Human Design decided to pass when Uranus hit 0 degrees Aries, but also Owsley, the LSD chemist from SF in the 60s who was responsible for the shifting of consciousness of so many of my generation. I gotta think there is some sort of link….

  17. @Nota: “en garde”? Tous chez! Prog. Ur. through 12th, almost 1st: 0 Aries. It’s bananas. And nuts!

    In short, through using mass transit, I’m finding who I was making way for who I am. From my inner voice saying, “Yo. Obviously, you don’t want that man talking to you. Reel it in. Your energy is yours.”: boundaries being redrawn from the inside out.

    The drunkard at Galaga! HA! I couldn’t help myself today after class but to pop into the local pizza spot and splurge. That is my game!

  18. Uranus has been transiting my 8th as well, since 2007 when it opposed my 2nd house Sun. Had a totally unexpected death in my family that year. Since then lots of upheavals monetarily as I’ve been renting out my condo so I can live near my job. My tenants left, I fixed the place up to sell, didn’t sell, finally found new tenants. And today I found out my tenant may lose her job because her company is moving. It never ends. Of course at the same time Saturn was moving opposite through my 2nd and has since moved into my 3rd (well, depends on your house system – may dip back into my 2nd, grrr).

  19. Thanks for the feedback. Uranus conj Jupiter are in my SR 12th house and I saw my dead father staring at me one evening while I was returning home, also the whole family has dreams and gets messages from him; We are all positive though, that he is ok. Your comment “the other side is trying to catch my attention” really helped me. Uranus is about to enter the 8th, money is coming back, I cannot make any compromise in my social encounters any more, I see more clearly the pattern behind the situation. Also I feel that my body cannot support the new frequency and I often get ill, I have to work it out!

  20. It’s about to enter my 8th- I have to worry about someone being shocked to death or dying unexpectedly? Geez I’d like a break please!!

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    Aline Martins

    Uranus is transiting my 8th house (sun, venus, mars and mercury – Aries).
    The most valuable thing has been discovering astrology in depth… it has given me self-knowledge, spirituality… fucking amazing.
    Just waiting for the conjunction with my sun (opposite pluto).

  22. Great story!! Lol. I remember Uranus transiting my 8th. Do not wish to repeat. But Uranus in the 9th has been very enlightening. Won’t be long before it leaves for the 10th… ??

  23. Uranus is transiting my 8th now and will be for most of Taurus as well. I’m concerned with all the posts that connect it to sudden deaths – does this always happen or just one possible negative effect? Is there any way this transit can be a positive influence without the negative?

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