Possessiveness, Culture & Delusion = Venus In Leo, Square Neptune – Life Is A Movie

godfather movie“For some reason I am a possessive freak around you. And I have myself mixed up with a Mafia guy too,” I said.

‘What do you mean?”

“Well, when we go somewhere, like when we went to that Italian restaurant in Albuquerque? There was a lot of people in there so we go in the first thing I do is look around for anyone who thinks they are going to bother you,” I said. “Okay, who in here thinks they are going to give me a problem?”

He laughed.

“Yeah, I know. I scan the whole perimeter. And I try to make people see that we are going to go eat. And I am going to smile and we are going to enjoy ourselves.”


“Yeah. So they may see some dimples. I have them but this does not preclude me from burning the place to the ground if someone thinks they are going to come over and try to flirt with you or bother us in anyway.”

He laughed deeply.

“Yeah, so I try to make sure everyone sees me in my biggest way to ward off these problems. It’s sort of like walking in somewhere and waving a gun around first, so you can eat in peace.”

“Well I’m flattered, P, but you’re crazy. Nobody even sees me when we go out. They’re all looking at you.”

“Yeah? Well I don’t think you’re right about that. You think nobody is interested in you, but you’re the kind of man nobody wants until somebody wants you and as soon as someone wants you, then everybody wants you. This leaves me with a problem. I have to ward them off and this is how I do it. I smile at everyone with a dirty look. No one in here get any ideas. I look around like that and then we sit down and have great time, thanks to my protection of you.”

He roared.

“Yeah, I’m just not sure you Special Forces soldiers can take care of yourselves but don’t worry because I am watching around you at all times. And if anyone wants to cause some trouble, they’ll have some trouble all right.”


Will anyone else cop to scanning the perimeter? What are you looking for? What do you attribute this to?

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  1. Oh absolutely I scan. I also seat myself in the best seat in the house, 1)for vision of who’s coming and going, plus what’s happening in the room and 2)so if necessary I can beat my own hasty retreat! 3)All possible entrances and exits are scoped out. 4) Acute awareness to have my back to some kind of wall or fortification so no one can sneak up on me.

    I’d attribute it to Aries warrior moon, w/HEAVY Scorpion suspicions.

    I bet Soldier does too! I snorted halfway thru this because I thought it was him telling YOU this – and I thought – “He’s guarding the Queen.” Hahahahaha!! Turns out you’re the King’s Guardian!!! Wahooooo!

  2. dreamsAreality – you’re right and it goes way beyond that. He has a whole list of people he is going to “have to kill”. Like my coffee date from days of olde for example. There are others he is just going to punch and another list of people he is going to talk to, LOL.

    Honestly we are two of a kind. You don’t think there is another like him until you meet me and vice versa.

    Let’s face it, we are both out of our minds but still pretty likable because we smile so much. 😀

  3. Elsa,

    My life is like a Fellini movie,I have Venus in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio.
    My friends have me down to saying almost everyday, that I feel my life is a Fellini movie.
    In wikipdia I saw that “”Felliniesque” is used to describe any scene in which a hallucinatory image invades an otherwise ordinary situation.”

    My daily life is so full of the MOST BIZARRE, every day incredibly bizarre, mundane situations.

    I’m thinking, you said above, “Will anyone else cop to scanning…” Well, that is Scorpio Neptune stuff, (do you have a Scorpio emphasis in your chart?)

    As a Leo this might emphasize the Leo Venus side of the square, not the Scorpio/Neptune side, but the bizzare dramatic…So no scanning…just like writing a script for a Fellini movie.

  4. Will anyone else cop to scanning the perimeter? What are you looking for? What do you attribute this to?

    The technical (psychological) term is hypervigilance. I have this some. I couldn’t suggest an astrological signature for it, because I don’t know what that would be. I do know it is a reaction to high-threat enviroments, which carries over to low-threat enviroments.

    It is interesting that you see it in terms of somebody stealing your guy away from you; I would see in terms of making sure no one is packing any heat, since I am not the jealous type.

    [‘Not like that, anyhoo.’]

  5. Scene 2: Inside Restaraunt. Music playing low in the back ground is “I Only Have Eyes for You!” Soldier & Elsa back to back, guns waving, ease into the entrance, scanning the room for possible threats to their romance!

    (The irony of the song is for comedic effect – eyes away from each other in order to only have eyes for each other — And ByGawd, they better be the only eyes watching themselves!! )

    Elsa: All Clear over here. How about you?

    Soldier: All Clear here as well, now how about that steak?

  6. The other day when I was writing about the clogged drain and the phone rang?

    Well, we were in that room, see. OUR room. So as soon as the phone rang, it’s like an intrusion because we have to stop what we are doing and mobilize against the threat. The intruder, see? Now, what the hell?!! Who do we have to beat back this time?

    All of this is instinctual. The 8th house is the 8th house, I don’t know what to say. It is not rational, it just is.

  7. Think back to when the one guy penetrated your relationship w/Soldier (warning you off SF guys) and it took you apart for so many years. You have good reason to be leary of anything coming between you again! Sounds perfectly rational to me.

  8. I’ll cop to it. Venus and Uranus in Scorpio in the 8th. See my b/f has Venus in Scorpio as well, but he doesn’t manifest this way at all, even with Pluto in the 8th.

  9. I am very, very picky about what seat I sit in at a restaurant, but that’s mostly because I just like to look at people. And if I get a seat next to the kitchen door or elbow-to-elbow with some other couple I am not going to be happy. But that has nothing to do with “scanning the perimeter.” I just want the best in everything.

    I’m so non-combative it’s sort of scary. I don’t know if it’s because we just don’t attract shit-talkers and flirters or if it’s because we just kind of shut off into our own shiny bubble. We can see everybody through it, but they don’t have anything to do with us … they’re just interesting to look at.

    We both have Aquarius so we like talking to all sorts of people but at the end of the day we are going to go off together and nobody can follow us.

  10. Oh, interesting topic. I don’t do any scanning. Just about everyone interests me and there is something I pick up mood, energy, etc. I can almost sense what the’re thinking. Just nosy and need to watch just for the sake of watching. My venus is in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio.

  11. Unless I’m in a really crowded, loud, close-in situation pretty much to where I can’t move, I tend to know a lot of what’s going on around me. If I don’t see it out of the corner of my eye, then I can probably hear or feel it. I’m really good at walking fast through crowds, avoiding bumping into people, but that has more to do with trying to be efficient than scanning. People have told me that when I’m in a car, I seem to look at everything on the road, because my eyes are super busy.

    I assume it has to do with my gemini-ness. Can’t discount the scorpio moon for being effective rather than scattered, though.

  12. OH MY GOD that’s funny! I love when I feel like I’m at the table with you (even though you wouldn’t want me there LOL!!)

    As for scanning the perimeter–no bloody way. This is something I have been thinking about a lot. Planning in anyway has me breaking out into hives. It terrifies me. I would start to sweat just thinking about having to look at all those people.

    My lover is Gemini ASC with Scorpio Moon/Venus. Trust me, he scans all day long, he calls himself ‘Crow Eyes.’ He’s told me every other gal he was with would freak about it (assuming he’s looking at other women, which I’m sure he is, but I honestly don’t mind). Within two minutes of entering a room he knows where everything is, exits and all (Sag Mars).

    So he scans and I benefit. It’s nice!

  13. a lot of Feng Shui principles here: awareness, scooping out situation/people, protected back, good seat/best view, exit/entrances check, flowing motions. Optimized strategies for survival & primal comfort?

  14. Yes, because Im insecure and monitor how others will react or interact with me in the moment and judge my worth or trends of my worth accordingly. Men check women out and approve or disapprove of them all the time. I didnt used to be quite this bad, but things didnt used to be quite this bad

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