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whirling dervishThis may be provocative which is a positive thing. I say this based on all my years of consulting but also on my years of consulting others.

Case in point, I had a therapist tell me that my IQ dropped 50 points, as soon as I got involved with a man.  Or how about the Capricorn who had the unmitigated gall to tell me, I was nothing but a mother looking for kids?

I did not enjoy these remarks but they were true in both cases. Point being these observations were not part of the story I would have told about myself at that time.  If you want to learn and grow and improve; another’s person’s eyes on your story can be invaluable.

So lately, I’ve been extra aware of how people frame a story. This has come up because I’ve working with the gal, going through a crisis in her marriage.  I’ve known her since she was a teenager; she is now in her thirties and I care about her, a lot. Almost like “astro mom” on the other side of the world.

As she works through the issues in her marriage, a lot of my time is spent, speaking for husband.  I have some things in common with him, but I also have Libra. I’m always aware there is another side to the story.  Like most people, this gal has friends and family that will side with her.

I’ve got nothing against supporting your loved ones but it easily create more problems as your friends side with you while criticizing your partner.  This is a common result of that:

Why Are So Many Unhappily Partnered

But this post is about the way we spin our stories.  I tell stories so I some experience with this.

We tell stories from our perspective and the way we frame our stories is telling. I’ll give you an example.

I write about my sister, smoking all the time.  She was a heavy smoker and I would write her drags on her cigarettes into the story.  This was part of her character. She used to put her cigarettes out in ketchup on a plate, which made me heave.

So anyway, she is this wise-cracking, super smart gal, chain-smoking in my stories. I saw no problem with this until someone who knows us; someone who was there, asked me how come she was always smoking but I wasn’t?  Because was a heavy smoker too, back then!

Obviously, I had no answer for this. It was alarming!  Did it mean, I did not want to be seen as a smoker. Probably. Maybe.

Subconsciously, that may be the case but there may be other angles. I’ve just derived how I write these stories.  I go to the scene of the scene.

Psychological Dissociation With Saturn In Pisces

So I’m actually watching her talk and smoke. I am typing (the dialogue) so my hands are busy in real time. I am not smoking and this explains why she is smoking and I am not, in all these stories.  Because I report her inhales, even when we’re on the phone!

Point here is the way a person spins a story is very revealing as to their own character.

What do you leave out of the stories you tell?

5 thoughts on “Your Spin On A Story”

  1. “Point here is the way a person spins a story is very revealing as to their own character”

    OH GOODNESS…if only/don’t get me started….i feel some are more apt at telling the story but mostly believing the story they create. A story always evolves and i have a sister that creates her story in some far away land and creates layers upon layers, it detaches and evolves into something unrecognizable.

    ‘White lies’ is that the term.

    I leave out the story i guess. I tuck in and stay low in the family…really low – all fours to the damp, cool ground kinda low. Funny I am a water sign.

  2. A lot of our stories flow from the perspective of the Ascendent – the first house and persona – and then the vantage point of the Descendent becomes what is left out.
    But if we have an emphasis on the 7h – its also possible to join persona and shadow.

  3. I’m reviewing that question: looking back at the stories I’ve published over the past decades of years.
    I took the cover ground from many angles approach using words, until 2022 when the hand began drawing images out.
    Astrology Cultural Mythology and Everyday Grittology. I’m scared and excited to see what stories unfold as my son calls me on my shit and his son (a baby) calls him on his.

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