Note For Capricorn (Rising) With Saturn In Libra

A Capricorn rising client asked about love during the year ahead…

“It totally depends on what you do / your free will. If you present yourself as a solid and reliable partner, you’ll have no trouble finding someone. If you’re a flake at this point you can ward off commitment on that front, so you see you’re in control…”

I thought others might benefit by realizing this.

Do you feel you have at least some control when it comes to your love life?

7 thoughts on “Note For Capricorn (Rising) With Saturn In Libra”

  1. Cap rising here with mars going through 8th Sun house and pluto forcing me to grow up..I guess I need to be solid and dependable, more true to me anyway, thanks!

  2. Hmmm Yes, I believe in that statement. And I do think that, how you present yourself to the world does effect how you attract others.

    I do think, I do have some control over my love life, if I don’t want it, it won’t happen. Thats control. And if I do want it, it can happen.

  3. Not right now, despite my best efforts.
    Saturn’s 2 degrees passed squaring my moon, so hopefully that will change soon enough.

  4. Well…I don’t know if I’m a Capricorn Rising or not. But I plan to utterly Flake, now and in the future.

    I used to sacrifice my substantial ability to be deeply resourceful to other people so that I could be loved. It seems there’s no compromise; one person’s livelihood, dreams and ambitions take precedence over someone else’s and to date I have always been the Else.

    It’s either love or survival and I have to sleep, eat and work. I’m not giving an inch away anymore, no matter what, ever. I’m not afraid of death, it’s the Suffering that really, really sucks.

    Now honestly. Who the hell is going to date *that*?

  5. Not in my market. I can be solid as can be and attract lots of men, but, you see, they’re not presenting anything I would consider. I have standards. The best man presented to me in the last year wouldn’t allow me into his car for some reason. I looked up court records and found that he had an interlock device installed in his car for his second DUI early this year. I am not living in a great dating pool.

  6. And I won’t consider anyone in another state because I am committed to having my daughter being raised by her mother and her father. We don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but we’ve worked a lot of stuff out in eight years, and we’re good. I can’t imagine starting something up on eHarmony or whatever with someone up in Anchorage, and hey, I’m taking your kid away from you. It has to be here. And so far, here sucks.

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