Why Is The Progressed Chart Intriguing?

Sagittarius vintage womanDoes a person’s soul move along? It seems this is what the progressed chart describes.

Some years ago, I had my progressed Mars conjunct Neptune. I don’t remember ever being so confused around what to do. This condition lasted for several years and was downright disabling.

I’m currently a Progressed Taurus rising with my sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. It’s a show-stopper situation, for sure.  As of today, my Progressed moon is in “teenage boy”, I mean, Sagittarius.  It will progress into Capricorn this summer.

That sounds like a drag. An optimist about to become pessimistic, but as always, with astrology, you want to look a little deeper.  The fact is, the Capricorn moon  is compatible with all the Scorpio.  It’s a superior blending. I might actually feel more content.

One of the things I like about astrology, is you can see these things coming; they are inevitable. I will progress in  my life and so will you. It’s interesting to consider a progressed chart from this perspective. You start at one point – your birth.  You can look ahead, twenty or thirty or even forty or fifty years and see that your story and your circumstance are going to change.  If you have any affinity with Jupiter (the future) at all, you have to admit it’s intriguing.

Recently, someone asked me how often they needed a progressed chart report. Not that often!

These changes take place slowly.  The progressed chart is something to meditate on, deeply. It’s not a superficial, fleeting thing.

Consequently, I  recommend you get a new report when your progressed Moon changes signs (every 2.5 years).  If you’re curious and want to view your life through this lens, check out your Progressed Chart Report.

Do you track your Progressed Chart?

21 thoughts on “Why Is The Progressed Chart Intriguing?”

  1. My progressed Sun is at the end of Virgo, due to go into Libra next year. My current progressed chart has four planets in Virgo plus Gemini rising! This is going to be a big shift. I’m not sure what to expect after 30 years of such prominent Mercury energy.

  2. My progressed chart is something to behold, at least compared to my natal. I have a lot of Fixed energy in my progressed chart (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and AC), whereas I have very little natally. My progressed 3rd house is stuffed to the gills with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all as tenants. Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn has actually been pretty nice. I’ll be sad when my Sun moves on.

  3. I’m feeling a change coming. My progressed moon moved into Scorpio a few months ago, conjunct neptune and sextile pluto. In July, my progressed Sun moves into Scorpio as does Mercury in October. My progressed MC also from Libra to Scorpio–is that significant? They’ll all be together in the 12th house conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto immediately, 10 degrees from my Ascendant. Hmmmmm But I’m not a Scorpio Ascendant anymore, I’m Sagittarius…… It’s all interesting.

    1. Hi Virgolight, I’m curious what happened when your MC moved into Scorpio and the 12th house. I have that coming up myself in about two years. Did you retire or find a career in very different field? Thank you for any insights you can share.

  4. Hi Elsa, I’m re-reading my chart you did for me in February of last year. I’ve moved, same city, a few miles away. Should I have my chart re-done now?

  5. About one month ago, my Progressed Moon went into Capricorn. The Progressed Sun and Ascendant are in Capricorn already, so I’m pretty comfortable with that energy, and I did not notice a big change. However, almost to the day, my mother started asking me if I were tired, unhappy, why was I so quiet? I found that interesting.

  6. A few years back, I had two shifts into new progressions at once. I have a lot of water, fire and air natally already, so when my pr Sun went into Gemini 10 years ago, it was a doozy for me–all the planets lined up for some very bad years.

    So about three years ago when my pr Asc went to Scorpio (OK, more water), it was a bit of upleveling–I’d thought this time might make me more paranoid or clutchy, but it didn’t. But then, the great capper, my sun’s ruler, Mars went into Taurus from Aries.

    Now you’d think, given that Taurus is in detriment in Aries, that it would be bad, but it was the perfect, grounding antidote to all the air and fire. And it sort of boosted my Scorpio Asc progression, too. It felt like I finally grew up in a good way, I buckled down to do a few things that had been outstanding, and developed a more adult view of life. And lemme tell you, with that Scorpio, I don’t take as much crap from people anymore, though mainly, it’s made me just trust my instincts a lot more–like, they were always good, now I’m just working ’em (I’m 52).

    All this to say that I think people worry along the lines of “If my Mars progresses into Taurus, it’s not well placed! It’s gonna be bad!” but I found that a) it’s all really cumulative, and the progressions kick that off, and b) the progressions shouldn’t be feared or judged of their own, but should be considered as part of a bigger placement picture for one’s own chart, like a kind of Bigger Picture chart chemistry.

  7. My progressed Venus will conjunct my natal Sun later this year and I am so excited what this progression will bring me. I’ve been in highly unromantic circumstances that has taken a toll on my self worth and confidence over the last several years. My soul is dying for Venus to come and sleepover for a good two years, even if its just girl-talk and fun makeovers 🙂

  8. Your post yesterday spurred me to look at progressed chart again Elsa. But my Ur/Pl & Ju are all retrograde so won’t be changing signs. However if I look at the chart by itself, progressed Pluto has just reversed into a different house. Interesting.

    The CGC didn’t hit my natal chart that directly and I was wondering why I felt it so, then I noticed a while back that my progressed MC and AC have been exactly conjunct the CGC points of Pluto and Uranus respectively. Tr Pluto and progressed MC are still conjoint. progressed AC is conj Eris. Upheaval.

    Progressed Mars and tr Neptune kept apace for a while over my AC; I was very confused and very anxious, ugh. Progressed moon is about to slip into Leo soon. It’s been great in Cancer; with tr Jupiter transiting there too, I’ve come to terms with a lot of feelings.

  9. Sun Saturn Neptune pluto and nodal axis all changed signs at the same. It was unusual alright. I think the Neptune move to scorpio was the most intense. Neptune in libra listened to what was being said, but with the move into scorpio I was hearing in stereo. Very confusing. I never imagined that people were so complex. Mercury will be moving to scorpio in the next few years so I have some time yet to learn how to deal with all this. But I am down to the wire and merc rx-es are killer for me.

  10. At 58years old it is interesting to look back at the progressed journey.
    My natal chart has a fire grand trine and kite, then in my forties I had a progressed fixed grand cross, now it’s 2 Tsquares. I really noticed the change when Mars progressed from Capricorn to Aquarius and I became more content when my Sun progressed from Aries to Taurus. I am looking forward to Venus progression into Cancer from Gemini in a few years time, as I have been very fickle and flirty for too long it seems and I am kind of over it….

  11. My progressed sun is moving in to Sag later this year currently poised at 29 degrees. I’m a Libra sun but since I was 5 I’ve had my progressed sun in Scorpio ( lots of scorpio in my chart too), so really looking forward to the change, and I’m already getting itchy feet,feeling less inward, as if I’m ready for new adventures, not so much intense introspection.

  12. Will just add that I felt a weight was lifted when the progressed fixed Grand cross shifted to a tsquare..

  13. I’m currently in wait and see mode on my newly progressed ascendant in Pisces. Pisces is on the cusp of the 3rd house in my natal chart.

    It progressed this past week. So far, people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me how much they really like me. They are expressing much fondness for me (people who don’t really know me, but are acquainted with me. It wasn’t like that when my progressed ascendant was in Aquarius.

    Strangely, I had several encounters in the past week where even strangers are making deep eye contact with me. I find that amusing. It’s like whatever truth they are seeking they seem to be under the impression I’ve got what they want. Very strange and hard to explain.

    I’m not sure I like all these “warm fuzzy-wuzzy” feelings people are sending my way. I’m not a fuzzy-wuzzy type of person. But for some reason everyone I’ve met or talked to in the last week seems to think so…they will be mightily stunned if they mistake my smile for weakness. Bless their hearts.

  14. I can relate to Soup. My progressed Sun and Venus are also in Capricorn (though my natal Venus is in Capricorn anyway, it is now in my first house vs. my second) and interestingly my natal house holds Saturn and intercepts my second house. I have gone through many burdens too. Losing my mother, Care taking for my now widowed father, taking on a new job and has been a learning curve for me (climbing steadily like a goat and is panning out great so far)bringing a little more stress on top of my other stresses. Plus I am really working on myself mind, body and soul.

  15. ha! I have Mars conj Neptune natally. I live confused. My kids think I fake it to get help, because I am fairly intelligent, but no, I’m really that foggy about what/how to DO. I’m sure it doesn’t help that my progressed Sun has been in Pisces for 20 years lol. At least prog Mercury finally crossed over into Aries. Man, I was living underwater!!

  16. I do.

    As soon as my progr. Ascendant moved into Taurus, ai gained a lot of weight, became more lazy and … More calm 😉

    When in Aries, I was very upbeat, had a loot of temperament, was very physically active.
    Now,these days I couldn’t give a dime. My weight seems to be stuck, no matter what I do, so I have accepted that for some years I am going to be like a female version of Disney’s Ferdinand movie …

    Instead I enjoy the potential for harmony, Venusian pursuits being affected by the Uranus genius vibe from his transit through the sign, and enjoy more appreciation for art… Curiously I developed a fondness for art galleries as well during this time.

    My progressed Moon is in Pisces too, so even more focus on artsy stuff!
    My BF’s progr. Moon is in Taurus so we are well matched in the compability department as well!

    I am loving this Taurus thing, even if the Uranus shocks can be so personal …

  17. I’ll be a progressed pisces rising and moon soon, my sun will change to cancer even faster. I’m already a progressed venus, mercury in cancer. I’m looking out for the big guys as well. Pluto is gonna be progressed in my 8th house for more than two decades. 🌊 I only have mc and pluto in water signs natally. That’s a lot of water influence.

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