Psychic Disturbance – Was The Woman Crying?

Mercury bronze godMy husband and I go to a class once a week. There’s a lot of lively discussion. We got home last week; he asked me if he should text a woman and apologize.

“Why?” I asked. The woman is a friend ours or rather, she’s a friend of mine and her husband is a friend of my husband.

“Because I made her cry,” he said.

“Cry? She wasn’t crying.”

“Yes she was. She was sitting right next to you and she burst into tears.”

“She burst into tears? I don’t think so. How could I not notice that? I didn’t see any tears and I was turned that way because they were talking a lot in class. I also talked to her after the class, I saw no sign of tears. Besides, you didn’t say anything that would make a person upset.  What were you talking about, when she burst into these tears?”

“About being married to someone thirty years, and then they die. Why would you want to get married to someone else..?”

“Oh, well if she cried over that, it might be because she’s been married thirty years and she’s worried about her husband. That’s possible. But if that’s the case, she was not crying because of something wrong that you said.”

Later, he texted her an apology…it was over the top. He said he would never intentionally say anything to hurt her…

She texted back saying she and her husband were going to accept our invitation to Thanksgiving. Or stop by anyway. There were some details to attend to so he asked I call her and work them out, rather than he try to converse with her  by text. I called her.

“Hey, were you crying during class?” I asked.

“Crying in class?” she asked. “Er…no.”

She said, er no, as if I was out of my mind, rather than hesitating to admit it.

“Well, that’s what I thought. I didn’t see you crying. I’d have said something if I did. He thinks you burst into tears.”

“Burst into tears!? Noooooooooooo…”

“Okay, well he thinks you did and that’s why you got that text.”

Off the phone, I told my husband he’s seen something that did not occur. If you’ve read around here, you know my husband is psychic / sensitive in unusual ways.  “I am afraid you saw the future,” I said.  He didn’t have much comment. I let it go, because there was nothing more to say.

Then this morning, it’s a few days later. My husband was just waking up, I walked into the room with his coffee. “She was crying,” he said, in his sleep.

Five minutes later, he was awake. “Do you remember saying the woman was crying?”


What happened here?

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    Maybe he connected with trauma your friend has blocked out of her own mind. He could have picked up the past as well as the future.

    1. Yes, possible. But I feel concerned for her husband, unfortunately. I think she is worried about him. He seems healthy, but he’s getting up there and has a birthday coming. A landmark birthday.

      She’s fifteen years younger and she’s told me she does not know how she’ll manage without him. They’re joined at the hip.

      Also, my husband said her husband was comforting her. He had his arm around her, as she cried, but he always has his arm around her. He’s a super touchy, ultra-sensitive person. He’s the kind of person who puts his hand on your arm and expresses his thoughts and emotion from a very deep place.

      Anyway, the class consists of twenty people sitting in a circle. If she burst into tears, SOMEONE would have seen this and addressed it.

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        Hopefully your husband picked up on just her fears about the guy’s well-being more than any actual problem related to his health. But if he’s fifteen years older it goes without saying most likely he’ll die before she does.

      2. Men often opt to die shortly before their birthday – yes, I know that makes no sense, on the face of it, but I know that Mercury – and Jupiter – plays a role, in *when, exactly* people die. I believe we have a little bit of decision in the moment.
        Not suggesting that man will die this year – no way of knowing. Only saying, odds are (statistically) it’ll be in the month before his birthday.
        PS Whenever we love someone, one will die before the other…

  2. Wow! I understand this, I don`t know how connected is my experience with this, but I sense a lot of things in people they do not express themselves in a visible way. And I can`t see the person without those things after that. This story reminds me of Neptune in play, I have similar situations where I saw things that didn`t happened. I can`t explain.

  3. Wow…. I am a little worried about her husband. Some people can see and feel things other don’t. And, that can certainly be things in the future.

    1. I am totally worried about him too. He looks good…nowhere near his age. And I realize people can live until 100, but…

      She’s planning a big party for his next birthday…in May, but the party is in July, so people can travel. Not a huge party, but rent a cabin so family can stay together for a long weekend.

      We’ll be invited to this and I’m just….ugh. Scared. They’ve worked together for the last thirty years. She can’t do it alone – he’s needed in every way imaginable. And irreplaceable.

      So if something does happen to him, she WILL be in the class and she WILL be bursting into tears and her husband (in spirit) WILL be there to assist, I’m sure.

      I took this as a total “get ready”. 🙁

  4. I once first met this girl. She was super fit and pretty. But on initial glance, instaneously, my mind saw her as a big woman. I couldn’t understand why my mind saw this because it was obvious she was very thin! I told my friends about it later, and apparently the girl once weighed triple her size, and is now a fitness buff because of it.

    Maybe this is similar to what happened with your husband. He saw something not in this physical realm, but picked up on it energetically.

  5. Even if he’s fit and healthy, there are things that just can’t be known. Not by our ordinary senses, anyway. I believe your husband had a waking dream, and then was dreaming it again when you brought him his coffee. I feel for your husband, it is a blessing and a curse to have these visions. I think you’ve mentioned his Scorpio Moon… I don’t know how it’s aspected but I have a Scorp Moon, square Uranus. I get “flashes” of stuff I really don’t want to know. Always seems it’s stuff you can’t do anything about anyway, so what’s the point?

  6. Echos. This has happened to me. I just think it’s a “bounce back” from the universe. You’re husband’s just an antenna.

  7. Yes, I agree your husband is picking up signals. If I remember his Scorpio moon is in his 8th house? Maybe this is a window that has opened for your friend through your husband… is there any way you can talk to her about preparing – do they have a plan in case either of them passes?

  8. What she could do is starting to make sure how to deal with the company and all that, IF her husband dies.

    Maybe that’s why your husband picked it up? Because he could/could not have a role in this?

    Anyhow, it’s really important to make sure you always know how to do business, or decide WHAT you should do if the other person isn’t there. Have they talked about that/made plans/secured their home/company if things like that happen? Maybe you could ask them what their plans are if ever anything should happen to one of them…?

  9. I don’t know what happened but it doesn’t mean that something bad will happened within a short period of time. None of the men in my family have died near their birthday so let’s have faith that everything is as it should be. Thanks for sharing the story.

  10. your hubby is a scorpio moon that correct from my memory… my guess its one of two things..either a past life visual in the form of dream lucidity past scene or hurt caused by the souls involved or the latter, which has you worried and is a premonition that something will befall the husband of your friend.. both sides or options or this idea can be attuned to the Scorp moon in his chart, im sure.. as you noted Veil is super thin this time of year between the ‘worlds’ or dimensions…i advise a meditation or quiet time by the both you and your hubby and maybe one together..maybe it will ‘connect’ via higher self and show which one of the two this was….just snowballing thoughts out here haha

  11. When someone is psychic (not psychotic) and sees things that are not real but seem real, that is not uncommon. Sometimes this happens, the actual view is replaced with a clear visual experience, sometimes it’s superimposed over the person’s actual view and disappears when they look away or disturb it by deliberate thought then actuality continues in normal, that is clairvoyance or clear seeing. These scenes can be seen and heard and sometimes there is interaction. Sounds nuts but it does happen. If anyone is geared that way and not familiar with it, they should study it, but not all the things on the internet are helpful and some explanations are far out and extremely misleading. This type of thing can come and go, although some have it as a constant. The timeframe being picked up does not have to be in the present. There are other kinds of psychic things, but seeing and hearing are called clairvoyance and clairaudence. If this has happened often he has probably already linked his own symbols to the occurrence and does know what he saw and why.

    1. Well he doesn’t know what he’s seeing. He thinks what he is seeing is real.

      On more than one occasion, I have had to tell him the conversation he had was with a dead person. He’s disturbed when this happens because they are *right there* and he converses with them. At first he argues, the person was *not* dead, but then he comes to see this has to be the explanation. At that point, he’d mildly embarrassed.

  12. Elsa, maybe your husband was sensing the soon-to-come outpouring of tears by a lot of women that wanted HRC to win the election.

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