Punished For Being Ambitious!

Mars heroI have a client who is naturally competitive and high achieving.  She makes the most of every opportunity that comes her way.  With her Sun and Venus in Aries and a Scorpio Mars, this is no surprise.  It’s her nature!

She opted for a Mars-ruled profession. This was a great choice.  She’s meticulous in her work. She’s exacting in everything she does. She cuts like a hot knife through butter. I have worked with her over time and I’ve never heard of her acting without integrity.

I love people like this.  An  athlete  with focus, who can win the race without cheating. Unfortunately there are people in this modern age who believe she should be hobbled in the race, or better yet, made to sit on the sidelines so that others can win. After awhile, this can make a person wonder if something is wrong with them. I certainly don’t think so!

How do you feel about a person with driving ambition (and integrity)?

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    I support them… I support them all the way in whatever they choose to do and where their passions lie. I also remind them that there’s more than one way to go after your ambitions. Don’t settle, strive. A (few) set backs mean nothing, create a new strategy and go. I am a Scorp stellium with Mars in Aqua so I’m pretty fixed and have that Scorp strategy down to a science. Plus a water trine (if that is a trine with my Cancer MC??) between my Pisces Moon, Scorp Pluto and Venus/Mercury Scorp (I can’t remember which one). So I flow… Meander and try to support people to do the same.

  2. I look up to people like this. If you do the work and do it well, without stepping on anyone, you deserve the recognition for it.

    I have a guy in my course who is like this.
    He is a full grown man with a great family and a good steady job. He will graduate in a couple of weeks with top grades, the best in the class. He works hard and is always nice and polite to everyone.

    People in my class (especially the other guys) like to gossip and talk behind his back because of his high grades. I guess they feel threatened by his success.

    He doesn’t seem to care. I guess he is busy being good at what he does.

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    I’ve also got Sun and Venus in 5th house Aries, late Scorpio ascendant (with Pluto in 12th house Scorp), and Mars in Sag in the 2nd conjunct both Uranus and Neptune.

    Mars seems to be the boss of me in lots of ways, and I’m driven by love, travel, and really deep results. I love that about myself: I push really intensely (and from all possible angles) to get what I want, but always in a way that I can feel good about in the end.

    Sometimes I do worry about being too martial: if something goes against what I believe in, I will fight hard for what matters to me. But I’d like to believe that ambition and integrity are the one-two punch that offer the fuel for an extraordinary life.

  4. But but but . . . they say I make them look bad.

    In workin the cash flow thing for companies, money in and money out, and all that goes with that, they never thought about the possibility of losing their big ass paychecks and status positions.

    And taking care of my mother so she could live out her life as she so clearly made known to ALL OF US, you’d think I was some kind of criminal.

    I don’t mind workin hard, I can do it. It’s being whipped while doing it where I have limits. Small picture people can be very difficult for me. Like I said before, I have to work smarter.

    I learned in management class, that people’s heads work differently. Some people go step by step and see no further. And others need the overall concept and then work within it. And let’s face it some’s overall concept has nothing to do with the work at hand but what’ in it for me.

    Am presently considering the element the mercury is in as to how people go about their business.

  5. Oh I am not ambitious at all. I just like the challenge of working toward goal achievment. If I find the ambitious person ethically sound I will support them in their endeavors. But even then, as much as I want to steer them and warn them as I see them approaching the brick wall, I realize there is nothing I can do. I know alot of ambitious people personally, that I periodically have to scrape off the wall, serve them up a cup of tea, let them unwind, reorganize, and get going again.

  6. “…or better yet, made to sit on the sidelines so that others can win.”

    Completely relate & I agree that it’s unfortunate people feel this way. I’ve got a Scorpio Mars ruled chart & moon venus + more in Aries

  7. They will be derailed by vampires who feed on their energy.

    With integrity and driving ambition, you can afford to toss the vampires some blood once in a while because you can always create more.

    If they steal, it’s a compliment, mush on. Vampires will never catch up. I don’t know what my way of handling vampires has to do with the planets in my chart but I see their asses coming.

  8. Love it. They set the right example. These are the people teachers bring up in their classes, parents explain to their children, etc.

    That’s why all the cheating in baseball – the pure, American sport – is so frustrating. We want them to be heroes!

  9. Now I get it.
    Things clear up in the shower.
    Like when mom took my good crayons and coloring book away and gave them to the girl sitting next to me that had been multiple raped by her father so she could be ensured to do a good coloring job. That miffed me as a kid but years later when the girl wound up in an asylum, I understood.

    Sometimes, there’s an angelic reason for getting put on-the-bench but it takes time to be able to see in the rear view mirror. Sometimes 50 years.

    My brother was special-needs and he always got the attention.
    I got zip most of the time, although I was a good achiever. It took literally decades to figure that one out and now I understand and watch over him like he’s my kitten. He will never want for anything. Everything I do is for him.

    Thanks for this post that caused some deep thinking and clarity.

  10. I support people like this-provided they have integrity. Sometimes they tend to alienate people by being so concerned with their performance though. Don’t forget to include others by being supportive of them too.

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    Yep..know all about this..

    Iv been Drummer..in a heavy metal band. I am a female..so i cop/copped it ALL the time! I had a driving passion for my ambition as a drummer..& have so since i were just 8 years old.

    A lot of guys out there were..& still are, not very accepting of this. They would rather see me rot on the sidelines. & quite a few woman out there thought there was/is something inherently wrong with me.. :-/

    But i never cared..& still dont! After being involved in a string of folk rock, funk, & punk bands (& fundraising charity big bands!) I decided to completed an album with a heavy metal band. & 2 singles with another progressive rock band (& besides me..they were all male members..)

    & i hope to do more in the future! bring it on i say! 😉

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    LOVE your comment!!! 😀

    Its a blessing to be able to see vampires coming. Most of the time these blood sucking vermin have no idea your one step ahead of them!

    Truly a gift ;-)!

  13. I am a bit ambitious w/ integrity I’d say. But I haven’t moved an inch I must be doing something wrong. It always comes down to money I don’t have or a job I didn’t land. I do not hustle maybe that’s my problem. I am too calculating with my baby steps so when I get there, I get there but then lose. So who knows maybe eventually I’ll win. Takes time and effort. I am just worried about not having any security (mars/saturn in scorpio) that would be horrid. Its one of my worst fears, and for a scorpio influenced people it seems.

  14. 😀 According to the dictionary ambition is “a strong desire to achieve something.” 😀

    I always thought it meant using whatever means to get what is wanted. It implied short cutting by schmoozing and scamming. And certainly not an emphasis on doing work. Surprise!!

    It is also defined as “the object or goal desired.” That would be the difference I have experienced. Hmmmm. I am muddled. Will have to take a time out on this one.

  15. 😀 According to the dictionary ambition is “a strong desire to achieve something.” 😀

    I always thought it meant using whatever means to get what is wanted. It implied short cutting by schmoozing and scamming. And certainly not an emphasis on doing work. Surprise!!

    It is also defined as “the object or goal desired.” That would be the difference I have experienced. Hmmmm. I am muddled. Will have to take a time out on this one.

  16. I am in favor of letting someone else play, sometimes–if the game is not on the line.

    And maybe that is just Saturn’s way of making her sit down sometimes, since nothing else will! 🙂

  17. This is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to shine at anything anymore. It can alienate and demonize an individual. Not saying I’m doing the right thing but it can be depressing to have to defend your right to succeed. I’d rather have nothing to lose at this point. I have no status.

  18. As far as what I think of when I encounter people like this. As long as I’m not being bothered I don’t really have an opinion either way as far as others actions go. I’m kind of self involved in that way.

  19. As long as the ambitious person don’t judge me or PITY me (ugh) just because I want to go at a slower pace, or not play the game at all.

  20. Thx for this post…. all the comments SPOKE DIRECTLY to me as I emerge from my 2nd gut wrenching Saturn Return.
    With a Stellium in Scorpio in my 4th ( Sun Moon Merc), Mars + Saturn in Virgo 2nd Hse & a Leo rising…I have had my idealistic/ambitious butt pulverized by friends & family…..All Gone!

    But finally I comprehend both the Vampire & “showing them up” concept. I cried RIVERS of tears but understanding brings the ability to forgive, then spread your wings and fly even higher.

    As I finalize the last lap on this amazing journey, I have evolved spiritually and look forward to the BEST YEARS of my Life @ 65….To Do List…crammed to capacity…all new FRIENDS under 45…yoga & meditation EVERY day….CANNOT STOP SMILING….
    PS: To anyone feeling sad or depressed….put your MUSIC ON & DANCE until U feel better!!

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