Use Your Mars…Or Suffer The Consequences

Astrology-marsI’ve written about living your sun and satisfying your moon. To that, I would add “use your Mars.”

Mars is a yang energy. It’s raw and male and thrusting. If you deny this energy expression, it becomes twisted and perverted and bad things happen.

Disowning your Mars energy is one of the worst things you can do. Nothing good comes of it, that’s for sure.

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘It’s eating at him?” That’s Mars energy that’s turned in when it should be expressed outwardly.

Do you know that anger is frequently the root cause of depression that is not chemical? A person is pissed off, but their anger is turned in. This is not pretty but it is common. “I hate myself!” many depressed people say.

Some people are brought up to repress their anger, which raises their odds of being a victim of another person’s violent impulse (Mars).

This has been proven time and time again by various studies. Researchers have shown film of people walking in the city to violent attackers. Then they ask who they would select as a victim, and invariably they all choose the woman who looks the least likely to fight back. Obviously they are not going to choose the woman with a big, black Rottweiler, who looks like she might have a gun in her purse!

You simply have to offer your Mars an outlet of expression. For example, with Mars conjunct Mercury (writing) in the 9th house (international), I write this letter and send it around the world. It’s a bold show of daring. I hate to think what my life would be without this vehicle.

To learn about your Mars, check out my natal report. Mars is covered in Chapter 6: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals. No one wants to lack drive. Find out what (naturally) gets you up and ready to go!

26 thoughts on “Use Your Mars…Or Suffer The Consequences”

  1. Countdown to the day you write “Satisfy your Venus” — All of these guides, i.e., Sun, Moon, & Mars + my Natal chart have provided invaluable self-guidance & understanding. BRAVO Elsa!

  2. What if your mars is bang on opposite your Saturn? How do you use it without incurring the displeasure of the authorities?

      1. I’ve just followed the tags for your past posts on Mars in aspect to Saturn. There are gems that really help my Mars-Saturn conjunction. When I feel and see my Mars ‘leaking’ it is a sure sign that I’m stinging myself (Scorpio squares this conjunction) because I’m not expressing through action what Mars needs. The disability I live with challenges me to find different ways to get that exercise, with discipline and consistency rather than a one punch and deflate approach. I needed these posts to get me clear.

  3. Mars is trine mercury and the sun but square moon and neptune. This is Leo Mars to Libra sun/mercury to Scorpio moon/neptune.

    I wish I knew how to express this better than I do. The best I’ve been able to accomplish is to write dramatically about all the emotional crap that bugs me in a deeply analytical fashion 🙂

  4. this is interesting. my friend has his mars in cancer and after his marriage began to fail, and he went through the process of a divorce, it was devestating to him to the point of causing a lot of severe destruction in his life. his idea of family had been shattered… he became cynical… i can see how this part applies – If you deny this energy expression, it becomes twisted and perverted and bad things happen.
    i will say it feels like the healing process began for him last year while jupiter was in his sign (hes gemini sun) and with the retrograde mercury in cancer it seems to be giving him a chance to heal and move past it. maybe during his mars natal return when mars moves into cancer, it will help him with starting over again.

  5. Vic….Saturn gives us the opportunity to experience patience. Mars gives us a opportunity to use this patience. When Mars and Saturn work together they can manifest our hearts and minds desires.

  6. I haven’t the faintest idea how to “use my Mars.”
    I am angry at myself 24-7, but since I still haven’t figured out what I could do to make me not angry at me for wasting my life, beats me there. It doesn’t seem to fuel me enough to do…whatever.

    “The best I’ve been able to accomplish is to write dramatically about all the emotional crap that bugs me in a deeply analytical fashion”

    Seconded. All I ever do is whine, really.

  7. WOW its funny because I felt depressed for most of today and yesterday and I knew it wasn’t chemical it was situational but I wasn’t sure why. Im well versed in the many shades of depression at this point. My 12th H Leo mars squares my 3rd H Pluto and expressing my anger or frustration isn’t an option in my home <–Mars sesisquare saturn in the 4th. Mars also squares my 8th H jupiter.

    I was actually thinking I need to force myself to get to kickboxing class and yoga today but I wasn't sure if it would help anything. Honestly reading this post today convinced me its possibly the most important thing I can do for myself today.

    Music and various exercise is usually how I release my mars if writing isn't enough. Lately I've been feeling so boxed in because my workout space has been taken over and my knees have been hurting because I need new shoes if I'm going to run outside. Sorry that ran long, just needed to vent a bit. Venus on my mars which is currently squared by transiting saturn too! No wonder I'm feeling oppressed and repressed lately!

  8. I have Mars Chiron opposite Saturn, & I have been abused a lot. But, I’ll be damned if I appear as someone who won’t fight back… I don’t know about that one, cause I definitely will.

  9. My Mars is in the 9th house and its Virgo then, trines my 1st house Venus (Cappy).

    I feel like I’m running around demanding to do things right. People think this is weird and stressful. But really I am happy to do this, working hard. Its gives me strength especially if I accomplish the impossible. I love it. LOL!

  10. That’s for this Mars insight Elsa. Given your suggestion@Vic I went back and reread a lot of the Mars-Saturn posts. Very helpful.

    I have Mars-Saturn-Pluto in conjunction in Leo, in the 7th and 8th Houses. My anger is vulcanic and with Pluto involved (in the 7thH) I can melt the opposition down. All this Mars opposes a Scorpio stellium in the 10th House, so doing the right thing and doing it over and over is a life-time assignment. Eva said it well in her comment above, as I too am a writer and without that outlet the vulcanism turned on myself would have no vent. That is not a good thing!

    On my second Saturn return I began experiencing the harsh reality of looking at my family ‘cruelty’ and dealt with it one-last-time. Leaving home meant getting the distance needed to deal with family legacy (8th House issues) without getting burned. I write it out with a voice deep and with power. It’s uncomfortable to some. I accept that, and then, retreat to the cave where my Capricorn Moon can refuel.

    It’s a full life.

  11. Mars in Leo squaring Saturn in Scorpio. 0* applying aspect. When my exact return happens, Jupiter will be conjunct Mars. I bury so much anger at times, and I refuse to direct it towards another living thing… I sometimes wonder if it’ll kill me. If I make it out alive past my return, I’m throwing a party.

  12. Very interesting theory…I totally approve. When my Ex robbed me blind of EVERYTHING, EVERYONE told me to shut up & stuff my vexation and move on!
    I REFUSED and started praying and writingabout my feelings & pain….a book is under construction.
    Then the Universe stepped in and gave me a publisher ( waiting for me to finish!)and the amazingly simple text ANGER by Thich Nat Hanh.
    This book can save every depressed/angry person on the planet!
    He urges us to treat our ANGER like a crying baby…pick it up,comfort it, see what’s causing the crying and make every effort to comfort & care for it….but NEVER EVER IGNORE OR STUFF IT!

    That did it for me…I have Mars in Virgo conjunct Saturn in Virgo with a fierce vengeful Scorpio Moon….”If Mama ain’t happy, nobody can ever be happy again”.
    Hard work pays off.
    Sincerely hope & pray that I have been able to help someone with this info!

  13. I actually find I can deny my Mars (in scorpio) a lot, especially because I understand that people can be scared shitless of me. Plus having a Pluto square Ascendant and Pluto Mars in the 10th…apparently its VERY obvious to others how ‘INTENSE’ I can be.

    Man, the amount of SELF DSABOTAGE that comes to a Mars in Scorpio turned inward. Oy.

    So, does that mean I SHOULD startusing the male thrusting energy?

  14. My Mars (the ruler of Sun, Mercury and MC) sits in 6th house Capricorn.

    If I am not physically active, I become untolerably snappy and short-fused. Thus I run daily, have been running for the past 30 years.

    I also try to avoid sitting for extended periods of time because that stiffens not only my body but also my mind. The brain seems to stop functioning.

    People ask my: how do you manage to keep on running when it’s winter, dark and cold, often icy roads. I tell them I don’t have a choice. Without physical activity I become so agressive that I cannot stand myself.

    But hey: things balance out nicely because Mars is in trine with Venus. She is in Taurus enjoying the pleasures of life like dark chocolate and wine. Perfect co-operation!

  15. I over extend my mars in pisces, sometimes to the exclusion of all else. Have been short changing myself. Am reelin it in. Trines saturn and venus.

  16. I love my mars in capricorn conjunct moon in sag in the 10th house.
    About a year ago I learnt that my mars is my Lord of Geniture (like a trump card). I am a chef and I have met another chef who has mars and moon conjunct in the 10th house! With mars in cap I am a strong finisher and often help pull everything and everyone together at the end of the day when others are tiring….my mars trines venus, sextiles neptune, trines pluto, sextiles Ceres, quintiles sun.
    Thanks Elsa

  17. Oy, my Mars is in Gemini. I’ve been trying to NOT do a million things at once and just focus on one objective at a time.

    Here’s the quote that was on another post from 7/2:

    “There’s no value in digging shallow wells in a hundred places. Decide on one place and dig deep. Even if you encounter a rock, use dynamite and keep going down. If you leave that to dig another well, all the first effort is wasted and there is no proof you won’t hit rock again.”
    ― Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras

    Great. So I have to use my mars which is naturally scattered AND somehow dip deep into one goal. gahhhhhh

  18. I use to want to murder everyone being that I harbored seething anger with Taurus Mars in 8th house and Mars inconjunct Libra Pluto. It never got to that stage as I never want my freedom cut (Mars trine Libra Jupiter) nor would I ever lose self control (Mars trine Libra Saturn). I always look so sweet and docile (Mars trine AC and Mars sextile Pisces Moon) which really shocks people when I lose my temper and turn into the Tasmanian devil (Mars opposite Scorpio Uranus)- which is highly rare.

    Needless to say, yeah, I express my Mars quite well LOL

  19. Mars in Cancer conjuncts my Sun/Moon midpoint 2nd house cusp Aries conjunct MC – I seem to either attract violence or pick fights but can’t stand arguing…i avoid it like the plague.I do wish I could have a good argument with someone who I trusted enuf to not reach out and punch me for it!

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