Mind Tricks & Defensive Mental Blocks

new headacheI’m driven to think but it’s hard to do at this time due to the firehose spray of misinformation that we’re inundated with hour by hour, day in and day out.  I’ve looked for tricky ways to help me discern. See: Truth Floating In A Sea Of Lies.

I’ve been successful but it’s nowhere near sufficient, meaning the clarity I can achieve is limited. This sounds like Saturn Neptune / Saturn in Pisces to me!

One way people deal with the tsunami of lies and utterly ridiculous made-up stuff, is they split it up, roughly, into two “seas”. It’s a logical thing to do.  No one case parse everything. Reduce the pile you have to sort by half seems an intelligent thing to do.

The criteria an individual uses to sort information may have some unique features but for most people there is a hard line (block) in place.  For example, some people believe the news. Other people believe absolutely nothing put forth by the known news outlets.

Regardless of what you think of either position, you can see the method is effective in reducing the work load.  “I am not listening to anyone who *insert description here*.

This might work if not for the fact, people mix lies with truth.
It might work if the “independent reporter” was not actually funded by the side you’re not going to listen to.
It might work if we hadn’t seen large numbers of people we’ve trusted, revealed to be untrustworthy.

My sorting criteria is unusual. I know it’s flawed so I adapt it nearly every day based on what I learned the day before. This may sound crazy to Fixed signs but I’m Mutable as is the sky at this time. Mars in Gemini. Yes, I thought that but it’s forty minutes later and I’ve adapted and updated.

This is related: Why Some People Can Figure Things Out And Other People Never Will

I’m posting this to ask people how they are coping with the current state of facts.

Do you have sorting criteria? Do you feel it’s effective? Do you have tips for others?  Or have you perhaps, simply given up?

12 thoughts on “Mind Tricks & Defensive Mental Blocks”

  1. Fixed grand cross but Cardinal Mercury Venus n Jupiter. Saturn in Mutable Sagittarius. I have my rules but I can break them too!

  2. Ah yes what a fantastic topic!!!

    Discernment doesn’t have to be on the spot – as in right here and now. It can be something you sit with and see how it sorts itself out within you. I am still assessing certain situations and people from years ago. It changes depending on the information and the actions. People forget that trust has to be earned, at least that’s my motto. Whether public person or situation or someone personal or a personal situation -TRUST must be earned and by-god it can be lost in a second or drastically reduce.

    I am dealing with that right now. Just when you think you know someone and years of trust are a foundation *BOOM*…your ‘T’friend just side tossed you & trampled over you like a bull for personal gain.

  3. Great post Elsa thank you. I thought about the same thing, my criteria, because I’ve commented on a thread about the gender discussion where people were hacking at each other. I hesitated to post my comment because I knew I’ll potentially trigger all of them by taking a wide perspective that includes history and future possibilities.

    Sure enough I was told it’s a personal issue and has to be taken personal, so why do I hide behind a broad view? It was meant to trigger me to respond but I didn’t.

    If bits and pieces are flying around seemingly opposed and random I let my mind rise up above the personal and look at the big picture. I’m a Sag, it feels natural, part of me is living in the wide open of the universe and doesn’t have a home anywhere here on earth.
    It annoys some people and inspires others. It keeps me sane. I’m not in for throwing stones at anyone nor do I take every word people say personal. It works for me.

    Occasionally I can’t rise high enough to get perspective, then I sleep or do something creative or let all the emotions come and go in private space without bothering anyone else. Other than asking to be left alone for a while.
    (Sleep and/or creativity is a great way to get clarity and focus, btw)

  4. I have Merc in Capricorn, have sometimes lamented this placement as am Aqua Sun, Moon, Venus, Aries rising – the Merc in Cap is like a lead weight- so serious and realistic, let me imagine, dream…let me go with the silly flow for awhile – but no, not to be – and that Merc is trine Pluto in Virgo, so my BS barometer is high. I love to watch others with, for example Merc in Pisces who waft past harsh realities, and by the fact that they don’t really see or dwell on things – problems soon fade! Oh, how lovely! I have learned from others to be more gracious in my thinking, we are all works in progress.

    1. I relate to the Cap Mercury being a burden of seriousness, I often thought I’m not a real Sag as I watch other Saggies happily aiming their arrows at the moon ….
      But that Mercury in Cap (conjunct the Nadir, I was a raised by old people) has also saved my butt many times, I have a sterling memory that I can rely on and endurance/ patience, I can also be quiet and just observe. Can’t have it all…it’s ok.

  5. Pluto is transiting my asc, I’m Mercury 4 degreesTaurus exact square Pluto in Leo and like my old Granny, I comfort myself with little grumbles. In 2017 it was ” We’re in Sodom and Gommorah waiting for the flash”. Then by 2019 it was “We’re lemmings poised above a sea full of plastic”. Now I avoid the news completely. The other day, a well meaning young Chinese man born one day before Tienanmin Square assured me that it didn’t happen and that I’ve been brain washed by propaganda, that the Holocaust didn’t happen either, that Queen Elizabeth ll ate a baby every year in order to live a long life and that all the strange weather worldwide is caused by the military in America. Not only am I a dinosaur left behind in the digital age, but the desire to laugh with hysteria is strong. : )

  6. I guess my sorting criteria would be first, take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt, I suppose that’s the saying. Then review it from as many sides as you can (I like A LOT of options). As your looking at it from all these sides, decide how you feel about it, where do you stand, no matter what eventually is revealed as the “truth”. How can you live with this “fact” as it is right now? And how will that change when the “facts” change?

  7. Distractions. There’s no getting rid of them, not for me at least. But I’ve gotten better at discerning distractions, and doing whatever is necessary to avoid wasting my energy on them, and stay on course.

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