Punishing Good Deeds!

pluto the coolestThey were hooking up the fiber at my new house today. Imagine my surprise when my husband called to tell me that a detective from Aurora, called him looking for me.

“What for?”

“It’s about the Woman’s Club? You were the last President.”


“Some hijinks with some money.”


I came in the house. I have company so I told her about this and the fiber guys, by default. I am not really a secret-keeper, at least not of this kind. I couldn’t call the detective back right away because the phone was being installed. There’s a very poor connection to have this kind of conversation.

Now imagine my shock when the man we bought this house from called me.  Let that register, okay? I bought a house; I moved in yesterday. The is the seller of the house, called me up and said “Detective from Aurora called looking for you. Um…I didn’t tell him nothin’.”

“I hope he told you I didn’t do anything…”

For Godsakes!

I eventually called the detective back. He put me at ease right away. He said he already knew I hadn’t done anything but he wanted my input on the situation…

Long story short, the troublemaking member of this club went to the police saying we hijacked the money of this club.  In reality, we shut down the club due to aging membership and lack of interest….all money was donated to the Aurora Public Library. The Woman’s Club FOUNDED, back in the day. The detective had already verified this with one phone call. I mean, he could see the account was closed…and delivered to the library, the same day! Jeez Louise.

The gal who did this hates my guts. I don’t know why. It’s the same gal who BEGGED me to be President in the first place.

I gave everything I had to that club. There’s no end to the weirdness of people.

This from my 8th house. And wait’ll you hear the next insane tale of this type.

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  1. As a suggestion, a press release to the local media to “announce” the disbanding of the group, celebrate/recognize its history, and a mention of the donation of the funds to the library – if possible with a check passing photo – will put that matter to rest – very publicly…and a momento for your scrapbook that you can show off to your new neighbors, too!:)

    1. That’s a good idea…not only to make it very public, but who knows…maybe it would give someone would read about it the opportunity to take it into their own hands and start it up anew…

      But seriously Elsa, why does this not surprise me? It seems like unknowingly you have walked around most of your life with a target on your back!

  2. I can imagine how you feel. ‘Little mistakes’ like this drive me insane. Is there a way you can legally, by suing this person, make it officially known that it was done with a purpose to defame you?
    This is a form of character assassination that, in my opinion, should not go unpunished.

    1. I can imagine how you feel. ‘Little mistakes’ like this drive me insane. Is there a way you can legally, by suing this person, make it officially known that it was done with a purpose to defame you?
      This is a form of character assassination that, in my opinion, should not go unpunished.

  3. Elsa, Please continue to share your saga. You are not the only one with a packed 8th house or pluto type. There is a lot to be learned (saturn) here, wisdom (pluto). Many thanks for all your wisdom.

  4. I understand you, Elsa. I have an eighth house Aquarius Saturn opposing my Leo Sun and squaring my Scorpio Neptune apex T-square.

    I have been a scapegoat my entire life. First from my family, then the childhood neighborhood kids and later at the workplace and then by in laws and even now by my own grown child.

    Ironically, five years ago I quit caring what others thought and became self employed. My clients visit me in my home and for the most part, they love me. The most incredible person walked into my home all those years ago and has become the person who has loved me unconditionally and has given me the most support and encouragement of all. Probably because he has suffered unfair criticism and judgement himself before discovering his own self employment.

    What inspires me about you, Elsa is the fact that you are a self taught astrologer with the most widely read astrology blog on the web. That’s huge! You are against all the odds, a self made prodigy. And an inspiration to women like myself who faithfully read your forum and are grateful to comment.

    Unfortunately, as women we are often hated for no good reason by other men and women equally unfairly. I do not know why, but it is a sad fact. Thank goodness you had your proof to provide for this example, the accuser must leave you alone now. I understand your plight, as does my own boyfriend who has been subject to accusations by competitors and who had to spend a small fortune defending himself in court. You are not alone, and I am sure the stress of all this at this time is the last thing you need for your health.

    Best wishes to all out there who are struggling. May God answer your prayers and provide compassionate relief to all who are in need.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    That evil woman owes you a public apology! And the other former members should drive her out of town pronto!

    1. Warped, from my experience, highly unlikely to happen. Of course, that would be appropriate. And if life was like any kind of movie.. but no, it’s not.

  6. One more thing I forgot to mention,

    In June of 2005, I happened to be in Edinburgh Scotland. Despite the fact that I was visiting from the U.S. it was a very low point in my life.

    I saw an old gypsy caravan parked on the street, a woman inside was selling psychic readings. I paid her about 25 bucks and sat down, expecting a sham. I said nothing, just looked at her quietly. She immediately told me something that blew me away. She said, “People blame you for things you do not do…and it really hurts you.”

    Yep, I was impressed. She proceeded to tell me about my “home” which was not to come true until 2007-8 and had me quite puzzled at the description. She told me I would “inherit the most money ever in my life”. Which turned out to be completely true despite the fact that the will in which it was to come from was not yet drawn, but the person who willed it to me was the person who had brought me there to Scotland in the first place.

    Anyway, it hurts to be wrongfully accused when your intentions are anything but. Those simple words she spoke, I definitely needed to hear. It was cathartic, and it was the truth. Just wanted to share for this topic.

    Thanks, Elsa!

  7. Elsa, I guess I’ll fall under the category of being a weirdo today. Natally my 8th House has no planets but my Libra 2nd house is packed and stacked. I’m all about relating and living. But since 2013 I’ve had Moon and Uranus in my progressed 8th house. I had a heart attack that summer and since then have considered death and more specifically how I want to be buried. I don’t care to be embalmed, and put on display and risk poluting the earth. I was pretty set on cremation until last night I read about a green burial in which your body is placed in fetal position (our original position at creation), wrapped in a bio-degradable pod and lowered into the earth with a tree seed or sapling and its root above. As we naturally decompose we feed the tree and a cemetery, such as this, becomes a forest. I’m sure I can have a plaque at the base of my tree and my children will have a place to come and remember me if they want.
    Just an 8th house thought.

  8. any tales of this type – pretty please? My 8th house Sun is but one factor of why such – real life experiences – stories are so very, very valuable to me.
    E.g. “Poppy, this beggars belief, this is so inconceivable… (subtext, you’re lying- and a stupid liar)”. BTW, I quit a job because of a supervisor transfering to me, the blame for his own Neptune-fog workday – he didn’t know that I’d said, “No, thanks,” to someone else who wanted to hire me, earlier in the day. (And yes, that was my next employer.)
    So, here’s another reason I need your “insane tales of this type.” For me relationships are what matter – currency, fuel, meaning in life, and more. I’m struggling through keeping things moving ahead, with integrity on both sides, with another 8th house Sun (and Moon, in his case – yes, conjunct).

    I have difficulty with those who think that anyone’s life is “a (i.e. one, and coherent) story”. One story? In real life? What planet do think this iis? At the same time, I do know, and feel, that we’re most of us trying our best, with what we perceive possible.

    So, Elsa, please, anytime you have stories that jar, please share them. I’ll do my best to put mine here, too. Whatever you write, or don’t, my deepest thanks.

    1. Me again.. as much as imperfections annoy me, I cherish them : equal amount. Really. So, I can’t fix the beginning of that post.. ohhhkaay. Good! (I know, it’s weird, oh well. Sorry, I guess.) :)/

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Wila, the Green Burial sounds like the best possible thing to do. But being my paranoid self, I’m wondering — how safe is the body from potential grave robbers? Is there any security? Of course, after organ donation, not sure what any grave robbers would expect to harvest, but there are a lot of Real Weirdos out there…

  10. Dear Warped by Wuthering Heights,I will donate anything anyone needs before I’m put to earth and I do hope my body is left to its best use of fertilizing the earth but geez, if anyone wants to go to such trouble to dig me and my pod up then their welcome to me. By that time I will have gotten all the use out of this little body I personally needed.

  11. Geeeeeez Louise is right. That is one fine example of being punished for good deeds.I just absolutely hate it that this was aimed at you. Those who try the hardest to do right suffer the wrath of people who hate them for being good.My mother always told me they feel threatened by those who remind them how horrible they are by their example of true virtue. I am not sure

  12. wonder if it’s the pluto/uranus square still active. actually you’re out of the woods, it will blow over and people won’t believe her story. it happened to me a year ago during a pluto sun opposition on top of the crazy cardinal cross energy and the person who rang up ever person she could think of and slandered me. I’d never had this happen before in my life, and they thought she was nuts so it backfired on her. you are honorable on all counts and you get fired upon. float above it and it’s already in the rear view window.

    1. Yeah, I’m not worried about it. People have been talking shit about me my whole life. Join the crowd!

      The fiber guys didn’t seem to mind. They were a bit curious why a detective was wasting time on a Ladies Lunch Club, over this small bit of money. But they think Coloradans are nuts anyway, so this just proved it. 🙂

  13. Ya know, you can try to explain this away. But I think you may now have an aura of mystery in your new environs. The seed has been planted. And there may be speculation. You may not get to be Lupus Lady, you may be the Colorado Outlaw. It’s a much juicier story.

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