Qualities Of People With A Strong Opposition In Their Chart

oppositionDoes an opposition dominate your chart?  My son was here for a visit; he’s got a strong opposition in his chart. It lies one the ascendant / descendant axis so it’s even more emphasized.

My husband has a Taurus sun and a Scorpio moon, but the degrees are far enough apart, I never think of it as a true opposition.

I’m sort of a “cluster” person so having one person come at me from two ways is bewildering on a certain level.

I understand it well enough. I can see the opposition in the chart, but I don’t think most people with a major opposition realize they’ve got two… ways of being or ways of presenting or ways of seeing things.

I’m not saying it’s better to not have an opposition. I’m more of a specialist. It’s narrow, truth be told.  But this on/off or back and forth quality is something to consider, if you have a strong opposition in your chart or if you’re dealing with someone who does.

When consulting, I work with pairs of charts frequently. It’s common to see strong opposition people partner with people who have charts like mine.  It’s less common to see charts of a couple, both with strong oppositions, maybe more than one; but it does happen.

I don’t see this as good or bad. It does seem easier if one person is stationary; they can just turn to face the version of their partner, they are dealing with in the moment. But there can also be an affinity if both people have a strong opposition.

Sorting a situation like this is not really a thirty minute thing, if you really want to understand the personal situations, as well as how the people interact. Because there is a lot of ping pong, going on.

I don’t see things like this discussed in popular astrology anymore, but they’re quite important.

Do you have a strong opposition in your chart? What can you tell us about it?
Are you partnered with someone with a dominant opposition in their chart? What’s your experience?

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49 thoughts on “Qualities Of People With A Strong Opposition In Their Chart”

  1. I have two. A Mars 23 Pisces opposite Pluto 22 Virgo and Mercury 2 Pisces opposite Jupiter 2 Virgo. Some say the Mercury/Jupiter aspect is mutual reception, some say no. Someone likened it as an ability to ‘see’ the details and bigger picture at the same time. I think this is true. But, the details stop me in my tracks, there are so many, it immobilizes my decision making and that darn Virgo makes perfect detail very important. I have a boss that just pushes everything off his desk, if it’s messed up, someone will tell him and he’ll fix it. I spend alot of time fixing his things, lol. I guess that’s why we’re a good team.

    1. I once had a boss who pushed everything off MY desk in one big sweep of his arm when he thought I’d been careless with something. He could be a hothead at times, but also a softie — he brought his tiny dog to work with him daily!

  2. Mercury and venus opposite pluto. The sun one is wide enough. I see it more and more that these are a part of my configuration and the saturn squares to them are important. Because it will stiffle both sides of my opposition. A bitter mediator that approves of none of planets involved. Try to be real- you’re a burden, uncouth and soul sucking. Try to keep it light and polite- you’re fake, self-serving and people pleasing. Can’t really win with saturn. I’m done.

      1. Separately the planets are still in close opposition but if it’s like a pure opposition then yes, I don’t have that. Still struggle to balance them either way.

        1. I understand. I just wanted to be clear for people who come behind you. If the T-square dominates your chart, it would be very different that a straight opposition.

  3. I have Pluto almost exactly opp my Pisces Asc. My Sun/Mercury midpoint opp my Saturn in Capricorn. With a Gemini Sun I often see both sides but these opps do add to indecision and worry over choices. Pushed and pulled by different factions in life!

  4. My closest opposition is Mercury (Gemini) op Neptune (Sag) and I also have the nodes in these signs, NN in Sag. I think the Gemini has dominated due to SN but I’m cultivating the Sag. Another layer is the houses, Gemini in 9th (Sag) and Sag in 3rd (gem) lol I wonder if oppositions lead to people being underestimated because of being identified more as one or the other and then not factoring in the other vehicle is working simultaneously. Also because of a lack of consistency. I would say expectations are involved somehow.

    1. Unless the owner of the opposition has learnt to play both sides simultaneously (rarely happens), what tends to happen is that recipients (depending on their own chart) get one end of the opposition or the other. Unlike with a person who planets are concentrated in a sector of the zodiac, the owner of oppositions are less “predictable.”

  5. Another interesting opposition in charts are full moons, which give the person the energy of a full moon – revealing, dramatic, a bit rocky, emotional, a bit much, loonie, etc just as we feel a lunation. And then there are people with full moon eclipses!

    1. Great point. I’m one of those loony people sophiab – born right after a Lunar Eclipse so my Sun (almost exactly conjunct Ceres) and SN are at 8 & 4° Capricorn and my moon and north node at 10 & 4° Cancer are right on my ASC/DSC axis (14° Capricorn/Cancer).

      I just had an aha moment reading about all this – no wonder my husband always accuses me of being different people in different situations. I never really got it before, but I can see how that would be the case. I do think I’m getting better at integrating the two signs with time/age, but who the heck knows lol

      I’ve definitely embraced my inner weirdo, but I do wonder if I’m far more intense than I realize. Probably *shrug*

      1. I don’t know why you are going into moderation, Kate. It’s not personal. I have a new plugin for spam. It will learn you’re okay, with time. I don’t know what’s taking it so long, outside of Saturn in Pisces, RX!

  6. I have no oppositions in my chart, I wish I had one. You feel like you know exactly who you are and that’s the problem. Because you don’t, you only Think that you do. People with oppositions don’t have that conviction. And so I think they mistake my conviction for confidence, which is attractive to them. So what you said seems to be true, I was partnered with someone who has a strong opposition in their chart. But I think the main reason we got together (among other reasons of course) was because he’s created an opposition which I lack with one of his planets opposing a cluster of mine. So you see, at that moment I no longer knew who I was and I liked it. Lasted many years.

    1. Yeah, feels like tug of war really. I think end of the day you want to play the game With someone, not against them.

  7. I have a sun Saturn/Pluto opposition, my moon in mars- mercury -chiron opposition and opposite my Taurus sun but not in aspect. I think i was born hours after the full moon.
    Oppositions are much easier to handle eventually. I ve learnt to find the middle ground of these energies instead of pulling me to each side from time to time. These oppositions tell my life story though. Mercury/chiron opposite moon and my mother was emotionally abusive, a disturbed personality. Mars to the mix and I would not tolerate her bs . It took time for me to balance my emotions and release that anger.

  8. I have oppositions several of them in my Progressed Chart: push pull is something I have wrestled with most of my life even without the Progressed movement of the planets at the later stage of life.
    To speak to that with looking at the chart, I’d wager a guess: my Progressed Sun is in Aquarius Natal Sun a Scorpion with intense square to an 8th House Mars-Saturn connection (to shine my Sun has had to be very respectful (Saturn) of my Ancestors(8th House) even with that Mars in dramatic Leo.
    Revolutionary Aquarius Elder Woman opposed by ? is a tough of war with old body but perhaps seasoned and hopefully humble savvy.
    Best case🤞

  9. I have Aries Jupiter on H10 Cusp (8 degrees) exactly opposite Libra Saturn (also at 8) on H4 Cusp
    conjunct Neptune. Opposition is right on the house cusps. Late Libra Sun also in H4. ASC is Cancer at 9.
    Sun square Moon.
    My parents were Mom Aries/Dad Libra. I was the eldest of 8 kids and obviously Mama’s little helper. The parents were an opposition. My friend always used to say they were either F***ing or Fighting. So true!
    Married a double Gemini and had two Capricorn kids.
    So it’s like my life is a grand cross!
    Elsa’s way of using your oppositions has really helped me to understand that the family is my healing! So if you have them, keep using the oppo poles. It works!
    Lastly, it’s interesting too that I Amy kids are cardinal and we each married Mutable people! Hope this helps some people. The moon eclipse on Friday has me battening down the hatches!

  10. I feel it’s super obvious with people with strong Libra/Aries opposition, because they are so seemingly different in nature… so it’s super interesting to watch. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes to mind.

    I know a lot of people with Leo Sun/Aqua moon opposition which is interesting also. Shiny Dramatic, then suddenly aloof ice queen.

    I have Taurus/Scorpio – Sun/Pluto ASC – I definitely probably oscillate btw harmonious patience to demanding intensity.

    Scorpio and Taurus I think have more in common though… so more like a natural pair within my own personality

      1. “I don’t see things like this discussed in popular astrology anymore, but they’re quite important.”

        And yes to this. Very true unfortunately which is why I emphasize I love your content that breaks down astrology like this. You have a unique perspective and you sure as hell know astrology!

  11. Two or maybe three? Aries Sun in 3rd opp Libra Neptune in 9th. Taurus Venus at IC opp Scorpio Saturn at MC. And Uranus/SN at Desc opp NN at Asc if that counts.
    Perhaps I am a mystery or contradiction to others — independent, blunt, possessive, with a vast inner life.

  12. I have one: my ruling planet Saturn in Pisces opposes Uranus in Virgo. Very often I will do the right thing but in my (innovative) way. I get it that other people do not understand this process

  13. I have Mars in Sagittarius in the 10th, opposite Saturn in Gemini in the 4th. I think I must harness this energy well, as I am able to work tenaciously. I’m good at working towards goals despite obstacles; blood, sweat and tears.

  14. I have a few

    Near the midheaven at 27Cap, there’s 10th house Sun/Venus in Aq, opposing 4th house Moon in Leo

    Then near the ascendant at 27deg Aries, with 1st house Saturn in Taurus, opposing 7th house Jupiter and PartFortune in Scorpio

    11th house Mars in Pisces and 12th house Chiron in Aries, both opposing 5th house Pluto in Virgo, but only Chiron is opposite 6th house Uranus in Libra.

    Sigh. I fit in everywhere, and also nowhere. So I usually stick to the liminals and inbetweens. I can pull some bloody great things out of my arse, but it costs dearly. Capability does not correlate to capacity, and is my biggest internal fight.

    1. having said that, there’s also Neptune 0deg Sag in 8th house that trines the Moon, Mars and Chiron, of which I feel is a bit of a blursing in the flavours.

    2. “I fit in everywhere, and also nowhere. So I usually stick to the liminals and inbetweens.”

      That’s a great description. Thank you!

  15. My closest friend had 3 oppositions in her chart, 1 at the relational axis. All of them seem to be in conflict with each other; Jupiter on AC opposite Moon Pluto (brought a lot of money, but also many family complications), Mars in Gem, chart ruler, opposite Neptune (interest in and comparisons with celebrities), which was no good for the Jupiter on AC; Jupiter demanded philosophy, learning, mental expansion…Mars in Gemini is invested in the trivial.
    Most restrictive of the 3 oppositions was a combust Merc in Aquarius opposite a debilitated, anaretic Saturn. By virtue of her 10th being occupied by her Sun, she wanted what the house had to offer but due to the Sun being detrimented, was denied it.

    I speak of her in past tense because as the owner of the energy described on her DC, we had a relationship that spanned almost 15 years. I was her only friend for much of this time and knew of her struggles as much as she knew of mine.

    I suppose for much of our relationship, I downplayed the fact that I had many other friendships (I have a lot of Leo) so as to spare her feelings and/or resentment. I allowed her to forcefully correct me re: astrology (our shared language) even when I knew contrary to what she was claiming, even after I realised I had overtaken her learning, by that point. I muted the joy I found at being able to do certain things because I knew that with her Aries rising, it was always “ What about me? How does this apply to me?”

    She struggled with the oppositions in her chart, as did I, the one with a bowl formation. I couldn’t just be curious about world, things I was discovering each and every day, without that opposition on her relational axis redirecting attention back to her.

  16. My husband has Venus Mars conjunct, opposite Uranus. And I have Sun opposite Ascendant, plus I’m very mutable and have Mercury conjunct Uranus. I think with his Venus Uranus opposition, it works well with someone like me, who is more or less predictably unpredictable.

  17. I have natal 7 RX Mars in Cap in first (direct now by progression) opposite 8 Mercury in 7th with a Cancer stellium. Honestly I don’t understand how it works – is there a swing between ambition and sacrifice? Or it makes me too impatient with others in communication. Not sure.
    Have 15 cap NNode opposite 16 Venus Cancer in that same stellium.

  18. Like your son I have an ascendant descendant opposition; Saturn on the former, and Mars on the latter. My Sun+Venus moderate the debate by trining Saturn and sextiling Mars. As the years have gone by, and often when transit-activated, I’ve learned to accept
    conflict inside and outside. That’s opened massive doors of healing, and I now think of this aspect as my super-power.

  19. With my sun opposing my moon, I’ll say it’s a strong opposition. I’m not currently partnered, but in three out of four of my most significant relationships, I’ve been the only one with the opposition. My partners tend to have grand trines with Mr. Leo/Libra being the exception, he had a bowl (or if you count chiron, bucket pattern); of them all we lasted the longest.

    But what’s not surprising is that my grown children tell me that I communicate in a way that can be interpreted in one of two ways. I also do have a home life vs a public life. Meaning I get up, get dressed go to work, be social, etc. But then I come home, put my sweats on, and relax back into my natural introverted & quiet self. The first is a defense mechanism that I still deal with from how I was raised (not heard or seen for who I am) the second is just a defense mechanism to how you are supposed to be ‘normal’ and do things in a ‘normal’ way. The older I get, the more of that crap goes by the wayside, thankfully.

  20. My Gemini Sun (in near cazimi with Chiron) is opposite my Rising in Sag which I feel emphasizes the famed twin duality. Also my Taurus Venus is opposite my Scorpio Pluto which I’m only now beginning to understand. My husband’s Scorpio Venus is opposite mine and we are wonderful together, celebrating 5 years married tomorrow, 12 years together overall.

  21. I was hoping there would be someone else with MANY oppositions like myself. I guess I win the prize! 😂

    1. Sun, Moon, Chiron conj 10H Pisces opp Pluto 4H Virgo
    2. Jupiter, Mars conj 9H Aquarius opp Uranus 3H Leo
    3. Mercury 9H Aquarius opp
    NN 3H Leo

    Saturn conj MC and part of Aquarius stellium, but gratefully not in opposition and Venus part of Pisces stellium, but also not in opposition. Gemini rising.
    Whew! Constant changes. Quick and often unexpected. Overwhelming. Both good and bad.
    Any comments, advise, on having this much opposition would be appreciated!

    1. Perhaps you get to share the prize with me, for who’s the most conflicted among us 🙂
      1) Venus conjunct Black Moon in Libra in 12th, ~2 degrees before my ASC opposite Eris & Part of Fortune ~2 degrees from my DSC in Aries
      2) Mars (loosely conjunct Pallas) in Gemini close to MC Opposite Galactic Center in Sag close to IC
      3) Mercury conjunct Pluto in Virgo in 11th opposite Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Pisces in 5th
      4) Saturn conjunct Ketu in Aqua in 4th opposite Rahu conjunct Vesta/Ceres/Juno in Leo in 11th
      5) Sun in Leo in 11th opposite Moon (loosely conjunct Pholus) in Aqua in 5th. Oh, and it was not just a full moon, there was a penumbral lunar eclipse the day I was born too 🙂

      1. Needless to say, with all of the above, I can be a rather intense mess at times 🙂 I feel like if I am able to properly get control of all that raw power, I could become a formidable mage…. What I’m working towards, anyways. At 60, I just hope I can get there before I get too old and feeble to enjoy it 🙂

  22. I have Venus opposite Mars, Moon opposite Saturn and Sun opposite Pluto. Used to be in a relationship with someone who also had Moon opposite Saturn.

  23. My mother had oppositions from her Sun, Moon, Merc & Saturn in Scorpio to her Mars in Taurus. She also had a Gemini ASC. She would go from the perfect mother/hostess/homemaker to raging bull fury if you opposed her, especially intellectually.
    I live with someone who has oppositions from his Pisces Moon, Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn (Aquarius) to his Virgo Pluto. He takes a really, really long time to think about the details before making any move and goes from kind and peaceful to angry, sharp tongued and dictatorial. Of course he blames me for that…lol

  24. i have two. aries/libra and scorpio/taurus. both with generational connected to personal planets. they’re like the leads actors in the themes of my life. everything else is supporting cast…

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