Saturn In Sagittarius – Work Horse

I’m sorry I’ve disappeared! Mars is in Gemini is opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. I am working (Saturn) on writing (Gemini) my class – higher education (Sagittarius).

Saturn is transiting my 12th house now. I’m hidden!

I promised twenty charts. I’m working on the eighth. I’m not sure how long it will take me. I plowin’ through. Saturn in Sagittarius is a workhorse!

I’ve wrapped up all my other (outside) obligations now. So I’ve just got to get this log up the hill. It’s going well.

This going to be a significant body of work, Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Using Astrology To Solve Problems…


Part One – Where Do I Begin?

  • Contradictions

Part Two – What’s Next?

  • The Hidden, Real Problem
  • Sad Story vs Strong Story
  • Dead End
  • Get Up From The Grave

Part Three – Going Deeper

  • The End of Everything

Part Four

  • You vs Them

Part Five

  • Life Falls Short No Matter What

You can still join the class and catch up, submit your chart and such. But either way, I’ll be back posting as soon within a day or two. The newsletter, too. I will get back on this stuff. It’s just sometimes I have to do paid work. It’s how I maintain this site!

I think of my son, plowing his way through college and my husband, plowing his way through work each day.

What are you plowing through?

11 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius – Work Horse”

  1. Avatar

    Accepting that my youngest, prettiest years were wasted because even then, no one I wanted ever wanted me.

    1. ScottishFoldSoul – I’d recommend you doing a synastry chart with your sister; learn where she pushes your buttons. It will give you peace of mind. I did just this with one of my sisters – oh brother, the aspects are all right there. Only now have I been able to move on. Do it on Good luck!

  2. Trying to get rid of stuff, before it gets rid of me!
    But, it’s only me & my stuff, so can’t complain, nothing should get in the way – except me!

    Hey Scottish, sounds like you’re really down n’ out! What’s the transit???
    (Have you checked out the workshop for built-in problems?) You’re too smart to be in a pit like you are!

    1. Avatar

      Can relate to having trouble getting rid of stuff, Satsun. Even throwing out one little thing feels better sometimes. Saturn is in my first house, that’s all I know. Not enjoying it, but it was worse when it was transiting my 12th in Scorpio.

  3. I’m newish friends with a woman in her 70s. The other day she told me that she *used to be beautiful*. Yes, obviously, I said, because she is, now, beautiful. Objectively speaking, aesthetic perspective. Beauty in the second half of 8th decade is different from at 20-something… So?
    Yes, yes, yes, she’s beautiful on the inside too (imperfectly, as are we all).. that’s not what I’m talking about. She’s physically beautiful, 70-some version beautiful.

    Who cares, right? No one makes friends on the basis of looks – me neither. I’m just saying, because I’m getting to know someone who, despite her Scorpio Mercury, said a similar thing to what you said, ScottishFoldSoul. 🙂

  4. Hey, Strict Standards, youre hogging the thread. But seriously, Mars opp Saturn almost invariably mean arguements. So I dont blame you for ducking this – nice move.

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