Client Testimonial: “Coddle-Free Advice With A Psychological Bent”

JS writes:

“There are so many things I appreciated about Elsa’s reading, I could write a small novel. First of all, her response time is phenomenal and will keep you updated with an ETA. The reading is a combination of astrology and her no-nonsense, coddle-free advice with a definite psychological bent. The reading was uncannily accurate and affected me profoundly, because she told me what no one else would! The wake-up call she provided was too loud to ignore and is having a huge impact on my life and future. I highly, highly recommend her services!!!!”

Thanks, JS!

1 thought on “Client Testimonial: “Coddle-Free Advice With A Psychological Bent””

  1. I must wholeheartedly agree with JS!! My consultation with you all those years ago led to a marvelous turning point in my life, all because you were honest with me in a way that clicked with my psyche.

    In short, Elsa, you rock!

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