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  1. Elsa, I am loving you explaining the visual chart with the psychology. Learned so much in the last couple of weeks!! thank you! Rebecca

  2. Thanks for the visual chart. Capricorn Rising, people see you as responsible and trustworthy. Neptune conjunct his Midheaven the public idealizes him and doesn’t see him for who he is. Scorpio/Libra like you said very magnetic, charming, sociable. So many sociopaths are like this just really charming and people don’t see you for who you really are underneath that charming veneer.

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Being a psychopath/sociopath comes from having had one parent absent/trauma in childhood up til 7yo. In his case it seems he had a double whammy from mother being a drug addict. Then these individuals live the rest of their lives desperately repeating the broken record of their childhood drama pattern.

      Having Neptune exactly conjunct his Medium Coeli and exactly squaring his Ascendant, all of his life is but a dream. Here you have quite strong Addiction, escapism to dream worlds, the square makes for a negative expression of such energy/patterns. I wouldn’t be surprised if his dad was an 🍷🍺🤖Alcoholic🤪🌀💦/drunkard, matching his mother’s escapism, both coming together to make a dream(er) child.

      Adding to this he’s got the exact Yod of •Pluto in 🦁Leo♌️ (adding to the exact New🌑Moon/🌔Moon-☀️Sun☀️ conjunction which is like 🌔Moon in 🦁Leo♌️, child 👑King, in •Pluto ruled 🦂Scorpio) and escapism dreamworld drunkards’ addicts’ 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 ruler Jupiter. Now Yods are said to be the Finger of God, people who have got Yods it’s like they have direct sponsorship of God, like people with Grand Trines, they are directly connected to the highest angelic realms — where they came/fallen from — which is why it is extremely easy for them to have other worldly/divine inspiration and Artistry, God’s 🎁gift. Because of this immense ✨Light✨ they are unfortunately intensely immensely attacked by the dark destroyers that rule upon Humanity’s 3D illusion 🌍World and many times they lose themselves. This one never stood a chance as he had no high moral guidance and only demons around him in his first formation years — the period of 0-7 years is the Unconscious where children, not having yet the 🧠brain Cortex formed and living only in the 🐊Reptilian🧠Brain, absorb everything like sponges and repeat it all automatically throughout their lives (so don’t give them a tablet!).

      Anyhow, he felt he was God and 👑King and he had the people’s support to validate that. And 👑Kings👑 in their days they showed up without warning and slipped inside the covers with anyone they pleased, whom were very grateful, honored and pleased to be deflowered by the 👑King. Many even had the habit and God given right to sleep with all brides turned wife on their wedding night. 👑Kings👑 were demigods i.e. children of the Gods with Humans. Inanna/💅Venus slept with all would be 👑Kings👑 as a mandatory requirement for them to become 👑King.

      He 👑King/God, having the people begging for him to unite with Elsa as the perfect couple, living in this alternate reality of a dream life, having the ☠️Capricorn🐐 Ascendant that is totally focused on what is popular and the norm, reputation and status, on what the majority of the people wants and does, was just doing what was natural to do and expected, fulfilling all those divine fate suppositions, not really with malice, not with ill intent, not even aware of the so many lines and rules of privacy, respect, law, etc. he was breaking. There’s a baffling innocence to it all from a certain point of view, from a certain level of ✨Consciousness✨ and lack there of. Because people are/have so many levels of being/understanding. All the Jupiter Neptune influence to the Ascendant meaning that is ✨Consciousness✨ wasn’t really Conscious in there here and now, not here and not now, somewhere else some other time.

      Now him being a 🦂Scorpio with •Pluto in 🦁Leo♌️, he wasn’t just a 👑King in Past Lives reliving them but also a wizard, a magician, maybe undiscerning maybe not, and thus he carried around a great deal of spirits/demons with him. What I mean by this is that it’s highly likely that before he arrived and got into Elsa’s sheets, she had many demons beforehand all over her, maybe making her have sexual dreams, anyway likely making her be highly open and accepting of this experience that was coming to her — because it was all prepared in the other dimensions so that it would happen!

      In all this there was also the entire society’s demons — so if anyone wants to talk about sociopathy and psychopathy it’s important to not forget to mention this society’s sociopathy and psychopathy, which is likely to have been huge and possibly highly ☢️toxic☠️ — and this entire collective wishing and demanding for such a union to happen. it is not common knowledge but such strong wishes from a big group of people act like 🧟‍♀️💀Curses💀🦇, huge thought forms/groups of demons/Spirits band together to make such wishes happen. In saying this I’m stating that this episode was not just this man’s doing but the entire society’s doing. He was just representing them as their elected 👑King, doing what everyone wished for. So how could anyone even think of condemning him?

      ☄️Mars in Libra♎️ = make ⛓Marriage🔗🔒, he was just making one as per God and society’s wishes. Because the Yod’s spear tip is in his Ascendant meaning that (he feels that) all he does is God’s will. And that’s how he acted.

      Now his ☄️Mars in Libra♎️ may have saved Elsa’s life because, had he been shunned in his advances, he may have not understood or accepted it and maybe become violent. More so if he was drunk, which may have been highly possible given him repeating his mom and dad’s (hi)story. Heck, he likely was repeating what happened to his mother, who maybe can’t even recollect what happened and what man she did it with from likely having been completely drunk and drugged at the time, when he was conceived. You know, the 👶🏼baby’s Soul is possibly present at conception and, if not, he/she surely has that information/imagery stored in the 🧬DNA.

      PS: in no way in this text I’m defending him, whitewashing his actions or even taking anyone’s side. Just trying to understand yet another extraordinary recount of Elsa P’s life. Elsa should write a book of her extraordinary ✨Life✨, start a blog that will transform into a book, there are already quite a few stories on this page that may just be copy-pasted into it, so it’s already a few pages in… come on, with ☠️Capricorn🐐 rising at least once do something the people claim for 😅😺🤣

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        Miguel Melchizedek

        Oh my only now I noticed
        — the ☄️Mars in Libra♎️ L💘VE action squaring Jupiter enthusiasm overboard delusion => another Addiction red flag, actions in other Dimensions rather than here and now/absent minded/loony, also OCD towards L💘VE/relationships/affairs => CASANOVA!
        — 💅Venus almost exact square to Ascendant => loverboy/playboy, obsessed with l🤩ve, adding to Libra♎️ ☄️Mars pattern. Likely a very handsome persuasive smooth slick man, possibly a seducer;
        — Saturn🪐 square Saturn🪐 ruled Ascendant i.e. norm breaking to the square potency

        It very much fits in with CASANOVA (Past Life?) pattern!

  3. oh, that’s one way a jupiter mars can play. fascinating. gives me some insight on all the jupiter saturn types i’ve dealt with…

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    So what happened then, Elsa? You just left us all hanging in expectation… looking forward to knowing all the details 😅

    Now this just left me even more curious about your Astro chart. Being cap rising, you must have really strong ⚡️Uranus/⚡️Aquarius♒️ influence in your chart.

    It would interesting to understand how a person with a ☠️Capricorn🐐 Ascendant ends up living such an eventful ✨Life✨, I mean I have yet to know about anyone who lived such out-of-norm full of extraordinary excepcional events rich exciting ✨Life✨, you are one of a kind.

    I’m very ✨Grateful 🕊✨ to you for sharing it. Plus you’re so ✨💪🏼Courageous✨ for doing that. ✨💪🏼Power⚔️✨ to you!

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Also the spine breaking in several points also indicates ⚡️Uranus squaring the Ascendant or Saturn🪐, an ⚡️Aquarius♒️ Stellium or something of the kind… meaning that when Astro points have squares hitting them they become ‘negatived’ and may express opposite they would normally do…

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        Miguel Melchizedek

        As per my other comment, looking forward to your upcoming book — I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out! 😅🤣

  5. I loved looking at the chart while you spoke about him, it helps with the learning process a lot. I for one vote yes, more of this! 🙂

    I would love to hear the rest of the story as well. I can’t imagine that happening to me, I would scream and be terrified.

    There was a guy in the DC Metro area back in 2009 (had to look that up, thought it was the 90s, time is so weird) they called him the Georgetown Cuddler, he would sneak into peoples homes and get into bed and cuddle them….so strange and frightening.

  6. Love this! I’m a longtime reader of elsaelsa.com and have learned so much about astrology and myself through you. I’ve come to realize that my life and personality reflect in my chart so well, but I’ve never been able to discern other’s charts. I’ll follow these for sure.

  7. Yes, Elsa.

    I reached out for some help and got pretty badly burned by your response.

    Too intense.

    Scorpio stellium, moon in 8th, tons of Pluto all through the chart, including conjunct the ascendent.

    Would not book the appointment with me….no explanation.

    Still wondering about all that.

  8. I have a Scorpio stellium in third house.

    Currently there is a BIG MELODRAM occuring involving myself, 2 crackpot neighbors who gossip 24/7 and the authorities…the local cops.

    Yes, it is quite spectacular.

    Spectaculary stupid and Hollywood-like.

    I watch in utter amazment as one lie and misunderstanding hatches yet more lies nd misunderstandings all around me.

    Like cockroaches.

    I reach for the Plutonian can of RAID and smile to myself…

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