Modern Day Villains vs The Devil

The Knight Death And The DevilI realize there is a segment of people who go insane when they hear words like God or religion. Being highly interested in 9th house matters (and a Teacher’s Pet), I’ve got a jump on this anyway. From a weird angle, of course.

I am changing out pictures on the blog for the reasons I mentioned here, Uranus Square Pluto – Personal Chaos.

I had a picture of a pelican on this post, Projection – Report From Under The Wire, End Of The Continuum.  It probably belongs to someone – I don’t have permission to use it, so I deleted it and went looking for a replacement.

The post is about how people need a villain. I have always liked to use paintings on my blog. Old paintings, by the masters.

I searched and turned up paintings of modern day villains. This is when it hit me.

Today’s villain is made up. In the past, the villain is what? The devil!

Isn’t that funny? What do you think it means?

ps – search “villain painting”. It’s pretty amazing.

22 thoughts on “Modern Day Villains vs The Devil”

  1. I was raised in a Catholic family, going to weekly CCD classes and church, being baptized when I was an infant, then having my First Holy Communion and later my Confirmation. But as my parent’s marriage fell apart, we completely stopped going and being a part of the church. As an adult, I tried going on my own to church, but found that it was really unwelcoming.

    My husband is a completely different religion than me, and through the years we tried exploring non denominational churches, but nothing ever seemed to feel right. I feel at a loss with this because even though I do not necessarily agree with much the Catholic church stands for, I do feel my children should have some type of religion…but I don’t know what. The point is, maybe my personal background colors my opinion on this.

    Just looking back at history, at the amount of bloodshed and strife tied to religion; it never goes away, it only comes back in a different form. Especially now…a person’s religion has become a public battleground. I don’t know if people have always been this devout to their Higher Power (in terms of those killing in the name of ___). It is really, really terrifying.

    But on the other side of it, I do think that wantonness and even ‘wickedness’ is becoming more prevalent. I feel like I sound like one of those revivalist preachers or something, but…it’s like there are these two sides that are both extreme in their behaviors (devout zealots of many different religions/morally corrupt or empty people) and it seems like the scale is tipping, pulling, on each side. What’s supposed to happen? Does the entire scale break?

  2. I don’t doubt the next couple years are going to be hard with Saturn in Sagittarius. But, I actually wonder a lot about how, down the line, transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is going to effect Capricorn Sun people – not to mention government and authority.

  3. The housekeeper at work was singing “Jesus” this morning–right when I walked by. And, not *^%$ Jesus, but “I love you Jesus” or something. Even the squirrel peering in the long walkway windows looked kinda perplexed. Lol. I guess Saturn in Sag has started…

  4. i already see it starting too! had a discussion on god/ evil today matter of fact. and i am totally obsessed with the i ching as of late. i am totally consumed with thoughts on faith, divine purpose, divine timing, inner wisdom and so forth. i think im going to feel very comfortable with saturn in sag. i also have 9th house planets. 🙂

  5. There are made up villains and real ones that are the devil incarnate. A recent example of made up villains are police. Since the Ferguson, MO riots, the media and many public officials and activists have villainized the police for several months resulting now in an assassination of two police officers in NYC in the past couple of days who were just sitting in their patrol car. Some people clapped and celebrated after it happened. Two innocent men executed because they are police.

    A good example of the devil incarnate is IS in Iraq and their followers all over the world. They call themselves Islamic, but in reality, they are just murderers in a death cult. Their crimes are incredibly brutal. The beheadings, cruxifictions, etc. Also, the purging of Christians. All of the Christians have had to flee Iraq or convert to the IS version of “Islam”.

    Now that Saturn in Sagittarius is here, I think a big part of the conversation will be about Islam and Christianity. Judaism. It really is a conversation that needs to take place.

    On a personal level, I don’t think I need my villains. I think they are thrust on me by circumstances beyond my control. I could do without them, but it doesn’t matter, they’re in my life anyway.

    Here is a humourous look at the ultimate villain

  6. …”They’re going to be in big trouble, with Saturn in Sagittarius ”…

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!! But who will be in trouble???

    We must keep in mind the irony in that Good O’l Father Saturn happens to go into Sagittarius on the eve day of Christmas…and we do know that Father Christmas is just one big lie, a massive charade that has been going on for a very long time… all not true …and just a fictitious character.

    I hope they will survive too!!! But who is the real question!! And in good old fashion Saturn, only time will tell.

    Let’s all catch up in two years shall we!


    1. I just meant that people who try to escape hearing about religion are going to find it very hard to do.

      Whether it’s at the movies, news of beheadings due religious reasons, reality series like “Sisterhood”, statues of the devil being erected here or there.

      Religious freedom in the courts and on and on and on and on.

      It’s not like I expect this to be resolved or anything. 😉

  7. A slightly odd guy approached me today, told me I fascinated him, he was rich, and insinuated he might be an angel in disguise. Riiigggght.

  8. But isn’t it the god people who are always pointing fingers and calling other people bad or chastizing them for not being the way they think they should be. I guess I am more interested in how people manifest rather than the blah blah blah god words. I don’t think they are really god words. Some people just made them up.

    1. I don’t know. I don’t even know what a “god people” is. But what you say about them sure sounds prejudiced.

      Am I a god people? I’m just curious.

  9. My husband’s caregiver has no use for organized religion, and has told him that he believes in fairy tales. (The caregiver is ex-Catholic, and is either atheist or agnostic at this point.) Wonder how he’ll do.

    Meanwhile, hubby and I will continue to raise money for a mobility van, so we can travel and go to church and do various Saggie….things. 🙂

  10. Saturn in its last complete Earth-view day in Scopio, or Scorpius; as star date describes of most visible stars “”M6 is farther than M7, so it doesn’t look as big or bright, so you need dark skies to see it without optical aid. Through binoculars or a telescope, the cluster’s colorful stars form a pattern that resembles the outline of a butterfly””; and again of a Sagittarius image once described as Half-goat/man in a Greek origin instead of Half-horse, and that the most visible Stars have appeared described Constelation as a Tea Pot.
    Leaning more towards some pleasnt aspects of a Butterfly, and leaving it be free, and , a good Tea Party expressing more of a calm soothe in respect to freedom ; those could be subtle aspects or inerpretatations that have been less focused on , to add a more balanced discern to pragmatic expectation.
    Marvel comics has a god PBS documentary mentioning I era of their literature they felt had just become overwhelmed with monsters and creatures ( and possibly lak of enough public interest) that they had to bring in a new character to destroy those and start a new era; so, they created the Marvel THOR with his Hammer(classified as Horror Comics), although the mythology has been around for ages, and the Marvel Comic charcter eventually turned things back around to what we see today in modern Marvel Movie adventures

    1. Edit typo error correction : “”a good PBS documentary””
      ( not ..””god PBS” ….) ( although the character part Thor is as a god)

  11. Sometimes I react to a certain kind of religious talk in the way that a vampire might react to being splashed with holy water. Does this make me a bad person? Honestly I have no clue. But it’s my reaction: it’s about me, not about them. So Sat in Sag looks to be interesting at least!

  12. You’re not going to believe this- Archangel Michael appeared to me today. I was feeling despair and asked aloud for a sign this morning because I felt extremely doomed in a fatalistic sort of apathetic way. I was seriously doubting whether anything i used to believe was real and a series of incidences happened that blew my mind. I wanted to share this here because well its saturn in sag. i feel like crying. . I mean i thought i switched to a more realistic or pragmatic spiritual view and now my faith is soaring. Now i sound crazy- oh lord. .

  13. I had already decided. I have been procrastinating it though. I made plans last week to go to mass and didn’t because my husband wants to save our marriage through it. im undecided on that but i do want to be catholic.

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