Scorpio Girl With Aries Boy: Compatible Or No?


Dear Elsa,

Last May, I was completely devastated by a breakup with a longtime boyfriend. The breakup came from out of nowhere–as far as I could see at the time–and it took me a very long time to stop feeling miserable. Every day was a struggle, and it’s only within the last four or five months that I’ve started feeling joy in my life again and have started to find interest in new men. I’m really pleased at this change, but am trying to be careful about choosing new partners since the last breakup was so awful for every aspect of my life.

Recently, I’ve become friends with a very nice guy who works in my building. He seems interested in getting to know me better, and I certainly would like to know him better. He’s an Aries. Aries guy and Scorpio girl? I’m kind of hesitant to get involved with someone who doesn’t seem immediately compatible and the reason is that my last boyfriend was a Gemini and the ending was so awful.

I remember reading on your blog once that it’s good to have chart compatibility, so what do you think? Should I give this cute Aries guy a chance, or should I wait for a nice Virgo or Cancer guy to come along?

A Cautious Scorpio
United States

Dear Scorp,

A little astrology is a dangerous thing and you are a perfect example of this. What makes you think Aries and Scorpio don’t get along? The fact is, they have a natural affinity because they are both Mars ruled. But take a larger lesson here, okay?

You are a Scorpio all right. That’s your Sun sign. But you have a Leo rising (compatible with Aries) and Jupiter in Aries to boot!

Now wherever you have Jupiter, people who have planets in the same sign are very beneficial to you. They expand you.

Further, your Mars and his Mars are conjunct in Cancer, making it very easy to hook up and join forces.

So based on this, obviously I think you should jump on this cute Aries guy. But even more importantly, don’t judge people by their Sun sign!!!

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Scorpio Girl With Aries Boy: Compatible Or No?”

  1. I say go for it – in my experience Scorpio=Ares resulted in, please pardon the expression, “the monster fuck of my young life.” Never forgot it. Have fun!

  2. I’ve seen this combination work out very, very well. They just seem to get each other. And in my own relationship, there is a lot of Aries/Scorpio energy involved (we both have Mars in Scorpio . . .)

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    ~A confused scorpion


    Im a scorpio girl and my boyfriend is gemini. Ive always read that these two sunsigns are the least compatible. But we love each other a lot! Since past year and a half in this 3and a half year relationship, we have been finding problems in between us. It’s only now that I realize that he just wasn’t as i had imagined him to be. he has totally lost his ability to be able to take up a decision and live it. He always leans on my decisions and endures them. Ive totally lost the feeling of emotional security with him. Can he change or are geminis this way and so I should just walk away ?

    ~A confused scorpion

  4. i’m a scorpio girl as well. let me tell you, for me there has been no greater connection then i have had with that of an aries. they are sharp, witty, and have a lot of angst in the bedroom. sure, there will be blowouts and jealousy, but thats with almost every relationship. i say go for it. since i was eight i knew who i was going to marry, and i just found out recently that he’s an aries as well! not to mention most of my best friends are. both of you will kink out eachothers flaws in the process. i say go for it. if it doesn’t work out, you can always get someone else with your mysterious and secretive sensuality. have fun!!

  5. I’m a Scorpio girl and my boyfriend is a Gemini and we to love each other a lot!!! we’ve been together for a month now and our relationship is very passionate. well ill say I’m the passionate one but he to is very passionate. i love his emotional status. he isn’t afraid to express his feelings. hes…very open. and chatty. something ill get use to because i observe him more than anything. i no what turns him on makes him mad and everything i need to no to keep our relationship strong. so the best thing do do is try and understand them and make them wonder about you if ur the seductive Scorpio. its all in the eyes. it really gets him lol. if anyone needs help im an expert on love!!

    1. Wow awesome so nice to read 😊

      As for the topic…indeed astrology can be dangerous especially for beginners. I know so many couples with mixmatch sun signs before getting into astrology too deeply …but are happy.. then to find out their personal planets and houses all makes sense.

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