My 8th House On Loneliness – It’s A Hot Topic

There have been a lot of comments regarding loneliness, some of them directed at me.  For the record, I am not often lonely but circumstances do set up sometimes and this is what happened for a few days this last week.

I did just wrap up a Pluto transit through my 11th and I lost almost every friend I had in the process as I’ve reported. This has left me with a very small inner circle and sometimes they are just not available.

There is one kid here now, not two and Vid is gone a lot. He spends a lot of time with his dad which is fine with me as it is not his job to keep me company.

I have been doing a lot of consultations lately which I really enjoy. But I do immerse myself in the other person’s problem in order to be effective so at the end of the day I have absorbed a lot. I look around and there is no one to throw it off on if that makes sense.

I think the most difficult is my concern for my family right now. It is deep and it is wide and I don’t want to talk about it for a more reasons than I have time to count.

It is easy to see how something like this would contribute to feelings of loneliness and I am sure there are legions of people who would criticize but only because they project.

Some of us are meant to contain things. We are just supposed to do this and if you can’t understand then I guess you just can’t understand that.

15 thoughts on “My 8th House On Loneliness – It’s A Hot Topic”

  1. Loneliness is one of my favorite topics– although I’m not feeling insightful at 3am here

    And I think anyone in the helping professions who is good at what they do (including astrologers, all kinds of counselors, caretakers, hookers) — you take on so much, are confronted by so much energy

    Can’t explain the alchemy but I am in a caretaking job and at the end of the day, if there’s no one to push against. It’s like the batteries need reseting and they don’t get reset.

    Having the weight of the world on you is also a lonely feeling. This all seems obvious to me-

    There is also the loneliness of you in one corner and him in the other and you are together but separate for whatever reason

    Gonna try to sleep now…

  2. okay, but every container has a limit… otherwise it would not be a container… a big hug from across the pond. and a very happy unbirthday to you!!

  3. I totally understand….feeling lonely comes with the territory of caretaking, especially if there is no one around that is able and strong enough (not children or sometimes even significant others) to take what you have accumulated and help you dissipate it.

    Retreating is a way for me to gain strength and renew my vigor and very much a requirement for spirit and I have to do it on my own, at least that is the way I feel about it. My dogs and my cat are a tremendous help to me during those times of loneliness and feelings of desolation. They buoy me up and remind me that I am not alone…

  4. The concept of a container having limits is interesting. Logic states this is true but I am not sure how easy it is to hit the limit. Because people like me renew all the time. It is literally our function.

  5. aml – no, it doesn’t work like that. The energy is processed, transformed into something of value which I produce on this blog every single day.

  6. i have felt and do feel painfully lonely at times but i think it is my venus opposition to saturn sitting on ac/dc– then my aqua moon rationalizes everything…and i suck everything up and trod on

  7. it is more like throwing shit on a plant and watching it grow. It contains the shit and makes a flower of it.

  8. I have tried to cook my toast on that setting. I remember dad used to say a little charcoal was good for you. wink.

  9. I get it. Love the shit-flower-growth analogy. I’ve been thinking about heart-mind connection, and about the heart and how much it can be open, which is limitless. And the power it gives. Having a deja vu, something on the tip of my tongue…

    Burned toast YUMMY. LOL

  10. Like you, Elsa, Pluto left my friends, hopes and dreams as collateral damage when it transited my 11H. Now, I have a substantive new circle of friends and I’m pursuing a new course it my life. Tr Pluto is initially brutal and, coupled with hindsight, it is positively life transforming.

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