The Flavor Of Your Disenchantment

disillusionedMany are disillusioned at this time. It could be you’re disillusioned with your job, your country, your family, friends, spouse, the world, the internet, certain professions, or even your entire life in general. You probably have a good reason! I wondered if it might help to vent.

What has you disillusioned? I wonder if the things that upset us are universal or more personal?  There is so much disillusion, I suspect it’s both! Things we have a common and things that are more specific.

It may also be, you’re disillusioned with all kinds of things… but specific things bother you particularly.

As an an example, I am broadly disillusioned. With the internet, for sure. With the court system. With the lack of respect for privacy.  But the most tragic loss, for me is, is the loss of relating to others.  It’s so very hard and rare to have a forthright conversation. If you do have one, it better be brief!

What has you disillusioned?  Can you tie it to your chart?

14 thoughts on “The Flavor Of Your Disenchantment”

  1. In my case, I can’t have conversations with four of my closest friends.  One died, one is trying to recover from a stroke. One has dementia of all things and the other is in a deep life crisis an needs to isolate.

  2. Specifically, people (7th house people). I think it is correlated with a huge 7th house emphasis that I’m currently facing, & also, a Neptune square Mars transit. I don’t know if culture is also playing a role in what I faced, but I’m more inclined to attribute this to specific people than call out culture(s).

  3. If there is disillusionment, it may suggest that previously there has been an excess of illusion. So the question would be, what was the purpose/function of the illusion? What does it hide or conceal? What are we sacrificing of ourselves to live so fully in illusion?

    Then, in the process of becoming dis-illusioned, what do we feel, what emotions arise, and can these shed light on what/why we may have been hiding certain things from ourselves? Can we tolerate these emotions, this knowledge?

    If we bear the discomfort and the new information, what is the experience on the other side, when we do face things, face ourselves, each other, with clarity, is there a new way to be, anew existence which is beneficial?

    In the long-run, being dis-illusioned can be understood as a healthy process, albeit an uncomfortable one to transition through.

    1. I’m thinking about the timing of things; the problem and the solution. Are we required to be more patient? Or to go inwardly? It’s all frustrating, I hate ruminating. Can we keep taking a step forward?

  4. much of the world was locked and the ripples are still settling but masses are still slipping through the cracks of society a society that is in constant shock that those we voted for to manage our society have destroyed with a subtle glee and a fat paycheck. who wouldnt be disenchanted?

    1. I just can’t bring myself to vote this year. I am praying that a man with a good footing will step forward.

  5. I’m disenchanted by the general lack of interest in forgiving others for being human. I guess it’s called cancel culture – but even beyond that, there seems to be a more general refusal to recognize the humanity in others and find a way to acceptance and love. Whether its public figures or work acquaintances or familial relations, I think many people are missing out on the sense of peace that can be gained by relating to others through our own flaws. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for holding this space for us to vent.

  6. I’m tired of never being perfect enough to get another job, and I’ve been so beat up by my job that it’s literally disabled me.

  7. It’s my life in general but most specifically work life thanks to Pluto transiting my 6H and Uranus in my 10H for over a decade.. it affected every aspect of my life..I can say I don’t like working anymore after this hellish decade..

  8. It’s gaining traction. Hitting the mark I set so I get on. I want to get on with it. I know what it is I need to be doing. I’m doing it. It’s not the same as checking off a chore list. You do the chore and then move on to the next. I’m hovering, waiting for the course to catch up to the direction I’ve changed to.

  9. Have been disenchanted with the world at large. My personal life is something I work on all the time, and manage to keep it as calm, interesting , and beautiful as my Soul needs it to be (after a hellacious 2021-2023.) But I am disenchanted with how fast everyone appears to be moving.. maybe it’s me, I am 70, I am retired, I don’t have to hurry or “achieve” anymore..and I quite like it that way.. but the rest of the world appears too busy, superficial, robotic, no one wants to slow down, pay attention, to go deep..

    The banality of the world wide web,social media.

    I find myself wanting to make some new friends. The 3 women I love and hang out with are now all over 80 years old and each of them are now having some rough health issues, conversations are often about medical appointments and problems.. I love them and am devoted to helping, , but I am relatively healthy and active and I need some women friends my age who are still very engaged in Life nature, ,taking walks, going to library,movies,etc… I still travel and enjoy talking about and planning that…

    I have always been a very FAITHFUL person and with Saturn in Pisces, and on my Ascendant soon, I continue to ply my faith.I pray rosaries in a group daily. I meditate.

    Recently,I signed up to volunteer at a local hospice thrift store.. hoping to be of service, and also to meet some new friends.I joined a ladies’ group of women age 55+ who do fun stuff and volunteer stuff in my town..Living a REAL LIFE out there with REAL PEOPLE doing REAL THINGS appears to be the antidote for the “lack of humanity” and social media coma.

    I am seeking to make 1-2 new friends I can talk with about alllll my interests.. and find some connection.

    I have been disenchanted before, and I usually find ways out of it. I have Faith. I will count on that.

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