The World Has Gone Crazy

I keep hearing the world has gone crazy. I bet you’re hearing something similar.  People  don’t necessarily agree on who or what is crazy, but most of us are having to deal with something that makes no sense to us at all.

I’m sorry I’m not writing as much. I’ve definitely had a lot of work but it’s also due to the newsletter editor. I can no longer just write a newsletter. I have to “build” them. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been messing with the new editor for months and while I understand how it works now, it’s no less time-consuming.

They are preparing to install a similar editor in WordPress (which I use for this site).  In spite of the horrible reviews!  If it takes three or four times as long to write something, obviously there will be less content. Crazy to make a product for writers that makes writing excruciating but this is the deal at this time.

Now back on the topic I wanted to cover today, I met with someone yesterday who told me all kinds of things about myself that I thought were bizarre. The person was calm and kindly insulting. I didn’t get angry for a few reasons.  The main reason was that I could see his logic.

The man drew conclusions based on his observations and a lot of life experience. But what he observed was misleading.

As an example, you might see someone out there, with shabby clothing, driving an old car.  You might think they are poor and you may be freakishly wrong about that.

A person like me, with Neptune on the midheaven (square Venus) is going to have some kind of public illusion or what I call, a “hologram”.   The actual “me” was sitting there but the “imagined me” was also sitting there. Both people were being addressed.

I stayed in this conversation for more than an hour, even though it was risky. I hoped to learn and to come away with something useful. I wanted that little piece of gold, buried in the murky water.

It’s all so impossible. Take the example of the rich person in the shabby clothing.  We can assume that he/she has their reasons for their dress.  Are they supposed to explain themselves to everyone they encounter so they won’t draw wrong conclusions?  And who is to judge which conclusion is wrong?

I spoke with a friend yesterday, who pointed out that people used to know, when they met someone new, that they were a full person, who it would take time to get to know. Now a person looks at your Instagram and pegs you in a minute or less, in many cases.

When Saturn was in Virgo, I went on and on about learning to discern, information. With Saturn in Capricorn, think about limits; yours and theirs and also what’s realistic. Are you really old and wise?

How does an old and wise person navigate this crazy world? Anyone?


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    1. The stories that sword could tell, if it could speak! The scientists are all going to make their pronouncements, but how close to the *true* story will they, can they, get?

  1. * ‘…people used to know, when they met someone new, that they were a full person, who it would take time to get to know. Now a person looks at your Instagram and pegs you in a minute or less, in many cases.’

    I so agree with this.

    * ‘How does an old and wise person navigate this crazy world? Anyone?’

    I wonder if one accepts that we all have limits, and one decides to try to do the best one can to the best of one’s ability and within the limits of one’s situations (e.g. wordpress; dealing with one’s hologram and how others perceive the hologram whilst still doing one’s thing/destiny.)

    * ‘We can assume that he/she has their reasons for their dress. Are they supposed to explain themselves to everyone they encounter so they won’t draw wrong conclusions?’

    One doesn’t need to go explaining themselves or their hologram all the time. I think only when we deem it fit to perhaps clarify our intentions in certain key situations so that others might perceive us a bit better.

    I have neptune square my sun and opposite my moon, and I’m a pisces. Going through transiting neptune square my neptune again after having squared my moon twice this year. Transiting neptune will square again my moon in the next months before starting the first of many conjunctions to my natal sun.

    So I’m really getting a better sense of what you name as a hologram, Elsa, in your blog for so many years.

    I reach people in my work and have an impact on them. I try to be ethical and honest yet every now and then I realise people were seeing my hologram (their phantasies of me) or I was dealing with someone’s hologram (my phantasies of them, or in the case of those who deceive themselves emotionally in the work I do, I am dealing with what they want me to think of them.)

    There are real limits in relating to others at times and I’m more and more thinking that I have to accept these limits, be realistic, and carry on trying to do my part without getting too disappointment or frustrated.

    In this crazy world at the moment the best is to connect with myself so I don’t lose sight of my path, needs and values and don’t lose sight of what I’m trying to offer the world. Blockages, delays, limits, holograms, false starts, and all…I eventually dust off my clothes and carry on with my path even if it’s a slower pace (like the goat going up the mountain image you often share – capricorn.)

    Old and wise people are very grounded so grounding is what I need as a neptunian type in this crazy world.

    Don’t know if I’m making sense of myself to myself and others yet the parts I indicated with an * in this post have got me thinking a lot.

    Thank you, Elsa.

    1. People who make this software see only the task at hand. It leads to losing the big picture or the reality of a writer using this system. It’s the myopic world thing that seems to be everywhere due to technology. Minds are shrinking…heads up!

  2. Maybe the crazy is the unleashed shadow in the USA. It would align with the astrology dating back to the 1960’s (Uranus/Pluto conjunction). Of course many other aspects since then have helped the unleashed shadow along. For example, Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio this year. Perhaps the Capricorn explosion of 2019/2020 will be the end and the beginning. Who knows, earth time is about to show us.

  3. anonymoushermit

    I thought a guy with an old car and shabby clothes was poor, once. Oops! Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.

  4. My MC is @2 Aquarius using Equal and @28 Capricorn using Placidus.

    Neptune and Uranus @ 20 and 22 Capricorn, respectively.

    Should I consider them to be conjunct my MC? I do feel I have some sort of “reputation” that precedes me. People say behind my back that I’m a lesbian or that I have Asperger’s syndrome. There’s nothing wrong with either, it’s just that I am not that. It’s not my reality. Some people are put off by my “weirdness” even though I’m relatively normal.

  5. “People don’t necessarily agree on who or what is crazy…”

    I think people are polarized in a different way than before.

    In the past, communities or countries were also polarized, but you might have had (I’m making these numbers up to paint a picture) let’s say 80% of the members of a community in agreement of something, and the other 20% not. That had its own downside, but it did make for a large segment of the population “feeling good”, and in good company (living in a world of “kindred spirits”). (Talking about values, goals, perspectives, etc., not just politics.)

    Now, we see more and more a polarization of nearly 50/50 (again, in all aspects of life). This is good in that if you were previously in the 20%, you now have more “kindred spirits” and that feels good. But neither side is ever in a true majority (and by true majority, I mean 60-70%) and for the most part, neither side is willing to give an inch. This does not make for a “feel good” world. Everybody is preaching *their* “truth” and very few are willing to create a *new* truth that is a blend of some of both sides. It makes for feeling like the world has ‘gone crazy’ for sure. There is much strife, in all aspects of life.

    “…but most of us are having to deal with something that makes no sense to us at all.”


  6. I thought the world was insane when I was born. Not like “people used to be sane and now they arent”. People havent been sane for millennia. But there is a level of absurdity thats come up recently that I almost have to laugh at.

    As far as making assumptions about people, using your example of the rich guy in shabby clothes. I dont think anything of that guy. I dont form people in my mind like that. Its hard to explain but basically, it just is what it is. If I form a judgement about someone, its based on “are they going to hurt me or not?”, so its instictual, not analytical and its based on energy, not appearance. They are going to be what they are, no matter my perception of them.

    And the truth is that peoples personalities are ever changing, depending on a lot of factors. The persona is the least solid thing about us, but somehow its become the most important thing! Thats insanity.

    But if you cant look deeply at yourself, then you cant look deeply at others.

    1. “People havent been sane for millennia. But there is a level of absurdity thats come up recently………. ”

      As a historian who has studied other epochs in various places, I concur: people have never been “sane” but absurdity has sure amped up.

      Our current “gone crazy-ness” is disturbing to me because today we have access to so much more knowledge, but what have we got to show for it?

      1. Good point, and one I hadn’t realized. Everyone is an expert/critic now because of access to information. But anyone can gain knowledge. Wisdom is the practical application of that knowledge and its kinda rare in my experience.

        1. Here’s how I see it all coming together…

          We have access to knowledge but it doesn’t mean most people actually ACCESS it.

          Also, or because (and here I must backtrack), knowledge does not come ready-served. You have to search for, find, evaluate, parse, toss out, keep, blend… a million tidbits of INFORMATION.

          Information is not the same as knowledge.

          Info = the tidbits that need to be 1) accessed, then 2) assessed

          Knowledge = the end result

          So, we now have access to a lot of info that if we know what to do with it (how to aSSess it) can lead to access to knowledge.

          And you are right. The final step is What do you DO with it? That’s where wisdom and action come in.

          * INFO is useless if not assembled and digested into KNOWLEDGE.

          * And KNOWLEDGE is useless if not WISELY pressed into ACTION.

          Myself, right now, I am working on that last step.

          I need to get *out of my head* and figure out how to WISELY press my KNOWLEDGE into ACTION. Not easy for someone like me (I live inside myself more than in the world.)

  7. About “the rich person in shabby clothing”…

    I was with someone for 5 years once upon a time (a long long time ago). And until I was told by various people, and began seeing the evidence for myself, and got to know them personally, I would never have known her parents were “filthy rich”.

    They looked and dressed like “the poor side of the tracks”, lived in a non-descript house, ate poorly, had no education and ‘spoke poorly’ … yet they were quite intelligent (and FUNNY and FUN as all hell)… and… they were MULTI-millionaires back in a time where being a millionaire was rare and “something else”, especially in a medium-sized town.

    I was quite young and just starting out in life and those 5 years mingling with that family were an eye-opener for me.

  8. Old doesn’t automatically imply wise. Not by a long shot. More often stuck in the same old ways. Wisdom is very hard to come by these days. The old are just as crazy as everyone else, sometimes more so.

  9. The world does seem to be crazy when different people would describe you in multiple ways when you feel you have a definite character that’s easy to read! You do question your own perspective until someone who loves you sees you the same way you do! Thank heavens for that.

  10. I’m confident you’ll conquer the techno side of things. What REALLY caught me in your post were the insights (as always) and conclusions. NAILED. IT. One of your most personally valuable posts for me, to date. MANY thanks Elsa. Mostly, for being authentically “you”. That’s what cuts the mustard.

  11. “How does an old and wise person navigate this crazy world?”

    I dunno. I am older and wiser than I used to be. But I don’t think I qualify yet for “wise” and don’t know if I ever will.

    The older me who ~is~ wiser than the younger me is having a helluva time navigating the current version of crazy world that I find myself in.

    I would go as far as saying I am having a HARDER time navigating the world today than when I was young and less wise.

    I have to work real hard at it. Every so often I have aha moments or breakthroughs, then it feels like I lose them.

    Like another wave of craziness ‘tsunamis’ (verb) me and I have to fight for my life all over again.

    I have a few key phrases or concepts that see me through. (These have changed as ‘wisdom’ sinks in, replaced with new ones with every tsunami or tornado.)

    Yah. Clearly I have a long way to go in the wisdom department (despite having crossed my 2nd Saturn Return).

    All I know is it’s exhausting. Despite attempting to practice “surrender” and focusing on “control the controllables”, etc.

    When the tornado or the wave hits, you need to do what needs to be done to survive.

    But you (I) start wondering whether “surviving” is all it’s cracked up to be.

  12. Yes yes crazytown,I can only say
    Hit them where it hurts; no shopping
    Food , gas only ,be slow paying the big guys.No we are not angry
    I wish I could say their not
    Greedy corrupt pigs.just turned on news feel nauseous

  13. *sighs* you tell me

    I have Neptune transiting my 10th house, making a conjunction with my Midheaven and natal Jupiter, the things and people I encounter…Jesus.

  14. I can’t tell everything about a person in 15 minutes, but I can definitely determine whether they are spiritual (good) or crazy, by which I mean have beliefs that are dangerously out of whack with the real world…..BTW, I dress very plainly, like a common person, though I am quite well off–Uranus on the Asc.

  15. I can relate to Neptune on the 10th and Neptune on the 7th has a similar effect. I have no idea where a lot people’s opinions of me originate. And at the same time, that seems to cloud me as well as I try to use logic to unravel their rationale.

    The newsletter – not having used it or confronted with it’s user-unfriendly features, I can only commiserate with how a lot of websites/forums and particularly help and (lack of) support sites operate. When I encounter input areas, I find it’s a lot easier to open one of my own text programs, type out what I want and paste that rather than using the poor tools offered. And when things go awry as they can do with these sites, I don’t have to start all over again. Don’t know if that will help or not… Another route might be to simply use your own text programs, save it as a PDF and allow people to download it, if that’s an option.

  16. “Now a person looks at your Instagram and pegs you in a minute or less, in many cases.
    How does an old and wise person navigate this crazy world? Anyone?”

    In that sense, you can’t directly navigate what technology has wrought and for many, replaced ‘common sense’ or self-reliance in people in a culture that’s in a hurry to get to the next red light or stop sign, or the finish line.

    At my age (71) my new ‘finish line’ is when I die and I’m doing a lot to avoid that, if possible 🙂 so I’m not in a hurry to get there. I no longer live in a neighbourhood – that’s been replaced in many placed with the cell phone.

    You’re only in charge of yourself. There’s that old Internet saying, “you can’t fix stupid”. Or Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    My one guess, is that it seems to me that people who delve into the occult like astrology,or intellectual paths like philosophy, history, science and so on, etc, tend to be more analytical and thought oriented than others; they usually aren’t easily swayed by the opinions of others.

  17. One of the richest people I’ve ever known (worth double-digit millions) wore shabby clothes and they drove around in an old banger (kept the Bugatti in the garage). He likes to observe others without himself being observed. So he makes himself a non-entity, the sort everyone walks straight past. (As an over-50s woman I am able to experience this same level of invisibility regardless of what I do, or do not, wear).

  18. Everything is compartmentalized, so the software developers don’t talk to the writers, or don’t listen, thinking they are the experts at software. It’s the same with other fields, they do their things affecting one another but never integrating, thinking they know best at their separate little thing. Think medical, agriculture, tech, etc etc. We could use some collaboration between disciplines. As in, it’s all connected! Hopefully that will begin to happen more.

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